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  1. Hector should be watching u from very close...one good stumble and u'll be flushed as well no but seriously, feeling sorry for a psycho in action? a psycho who was just reaping what she sowed and showing her true colors for once? .........nah
  2. Ke$ha

    As someone who has enjoyed some of Kesha's past music I give her a big Bravo for the the new song and video. It's obviously not "lead single" material but I understand where she comes from. We all felt like that at some point so here's hoping she continues making music and living her dreams.

    Pop perrrfektion!!
  4. Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    just now?...you mean, with as much pervert shyt going on in clubs etc, they haven't ruled same sex marriage as of yet? Das shitten!
  5. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    You mean big classics such as....Super Bass and Anaconda and Starships...and...and..all of the others?
  6. Happy 30 years Who s that girl

    one of her overrated hits...this was number 1 in the US and its predecessor La isla Bonita wasn't...bitch please! Thank God LIB became a bigger classic.
  7. Madonna and Cynthia McFadden

    may be true, but Madonna navigates through it with feminine bravery, charm and wit
  8. Katy Perry thread

    Diamond? meaning 10 million each? RIAA? just the US or global?
  9. song of life! cheerful and happy, makes my day every fucking day! genius! not really, I pretend it never happened
  10. Katy Perry thread

    oh come on, give the woman a break, she's just having fun with Ellen and maybe she doesn't have a filter for her "weirdness"...at least it's not posed or fake