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  1. The thing about Million Reasons is that its grandiosity does not only lie on the subtle aura of a song which asks for million repetitions, but the very core of it being the type of song one would undoubtedly want to hear a million times. And let's not forget the complex method of using words and rhymes which reaches a higher pinnacle in terms of songwriting technique and the very ability to emote a million emotions which added to its natural sensitivity, makes of this not a song among millions, but a million songs together in one. It's a jewel.
  2. bitch's still getting one of the biggest updates on Radio, +2m again and still hanging in the top 30 on itunes. Seems like the downfall has slowed down. Once it's top 10 on radio this will be discounted again and voila back to the highest positions on Billboard so we just better brace ourselves but genuflect
  3. how could they get a hold of those texts? aren't they supposed to be private between the two parties involved?....were they hacking Kesha's phone?...did the Gargoyle lend those texts to Luke's people?...cause if so then that would put her even in a lower level....and why did this never hit the news, blinds etc?....maybe it's not true? oh well MR is rising on itunes, back to top 5 and not discounted! jk
  4. lol...bitch barely sings here! she's so "I don't give two shyts"
  5. Nicki released 3 songs, one shot to number one and top 5 with the other two. MR out of the top 10 already. Think their "strategy" will be to start discounting the song again as soon as it hits top 10 on radio which will happen in a week and a half or 2 if it keeps rising on a 2-3 millions daily basis. They'll be buying like crazy their own music and little turdsters too...these r crazy
  6. yes yes Queen! without stupid unpretentious fuckery, love this performance so much!
  7. and streaming too...ask this to Bruno, Weekend, Sheeran: Hits Daily Double Building sales for next week at 69%: Sheeran 206k sole album sales- 250k with streaming and single sales Bruno 12k sole albums- 23k with the other shyt Weekend 3k sole albums-15k blah blah It's all fucked up babes, but it's the Era we're living in. All that glitters, ain't Gold.
  8. well, let's put this in perspective. In the USA in the last few weeks MR discount sales has been giving the album twice as much sales than its pure album sales this means that 1million worldwide could easily be half pure physical sales (500k) or at least 3/4 (750k). She's not getting much streaming so her best way of adding album sales is through discounting her "hit singles". Currently there's like 4 other major current acts with discounting singles + Nicki's new singles and Pink's soon which should see MR go out of the top 10 soon, and then the way downhill. Cause if Clean Bandit rose to top 3 from the mid top 20's once it was discounted, then MR is fucked for now...but I assume the higher it gets on Radio the discounted it will be again.
  9. ask Bill and Jazzyjan where's our lust slaughter and come join us
  10. exactly! now bend over
  11. and ur location pretty much defines who the fuck u are so just chill out and get some fucking humor! please?
  12. As for't know you fags hated her so much...maybe it's because she's more of a man than all of us combined? And LittleGuzman shouldn't be putting all his faith on Pinky, cause Katy failed in destroying Gaga in the US with her new's true that it charted one place higher than MR in the US so far but people were expecting a number 1 for various weeks. Maybe Pinky goes anti establishment with her new single and fails to connect with the same audience that hasn't been buying CTTR.
  13. uhm u all faggots moaning about Caca's awful art covers....hum do I need to say more?