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  1. That speeded up dance fitted in with the music quite well, indeed! Pity they cut out those scenes with the whole crew dancing with her wearing a corset and a Re-Invention-like mask.
  2. Yep, the first one was Calvin Harris with Not Alone (which she then sampled for Frozen 2009). The trend was indeed at its very start.
  3. Well, she was among the first ones to bring 90's Eurotrance back before it became THE trend in early '2010s.
  4. A bit late to the party (I know), but my English adaptation of a piece I wrote about both Erotica and Sex has finally been released by the webzine I often collaborate with! I discussed the 1992/1993 era by focusing on the social and political climate that surrounded Madonna's album and book at the time (and also turned them into some sort of Antirepublican manifesto). Here's the link to read the full article (I have to thank Mattress for providing that precious Erotica video planetary premiere clip). Hope you like it! ;)
  5. DON’T STOP Appreciation Thread

    I'm still curious to hear what the early Dallas Austin version sounded like before Daniel Abraham's involvement.
  6. The official album press release from Sire/Warner Bros.
  7. That's what I've been reading on several threads...that's why I would like to know more about that disclaimer.
  8. Weird phrasing though...''among those people who FINDS...''? I mean, is that grammatically correct?
  9. Never saw this advisory before, was it shown on MTV before airing the already censored video?
  10. Could Melody_Maker = Martin Solveig? Could Melody_Maker = Madonna? Ok, trolling too muck now, gotta go out. ;)
  11. Excuse me? What a weird netiquette....you should read carefully what I've said about GMAYL. Madonna reworked some of the lyrics.
  12. Well, try to ask further infos to the SoundCloud user that has uploaded that clip then. He also uploaded a clip from Pharrell's original draft for what later became Incredible with Madonna. As far as I know (and it's not speculation), that GMAYL snippet comes from a real writer's demo.
  13. Some M fans are really the worst when it comes to accepting the fact a song has not been conceived by her from scratch. Again, that writer’s demo is real, it was pitched to M by Solveig and it was recorded by Sunday Girl. It features different lyrics like ''M-A-D Madonna'' instead of ''L-U-V Madonna'' and ''I see you coming and it's never gonna be the same'' instead of ''you're gonna have to change the game''.