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  1. BoogieWoogie

    Where there 2 cone bras??

    One style corset in ‘satin rose pink ‘ several made. depending on how the light hits it, the perceived colour altered . i met JPG in turkey and I actually asked him about that corset .
  2. I think Perez Hilton did a 'searching for Madonna' type segment for his site during the SS tour and towards the end met M and went through a list of songs including CAC ...and she said that she could never remember the lyrics / beat to that song
  3. BoogieWoogie

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Copy write? side note, is anyone else feeling the sound on this release (CD/MP3) Is muffled and not as clear as her previous live releases? Her voice is lost in the background ...
  4. was M the first or one of the first to have large video screen as part of her show? nowadays - everyone is doing it
  5. BoogieWoogie

    M's live vocals.

    was listening to the GS tour - and her voice was incredible I know we've discussed this before - since Evita voice training - her voice changed - i tend to agree that it was not for the better... do you think its possible to reverse the voice coaching? or is the change in live vocals correlating to age?
  6. BoogieWoogie

    Pete Burns R.I.P.

    he was due to release an album in a week time i heard :-(
  7. BoogieWoogie

    2016 MTV VMAs

    Not showing in UK tonight... Showing next day :-/ it's sooo shit nowadays , contrived, fake , forgetful
  8. Where is the full uncensored video?
  9. BoogieWoogie

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    Maybe there won't be a DVD/BLURAY Maybe it will be a VHS/betaMAX 'cos she don't like to repeat herself, remember?
  10. BoogieWoogie

    Amsterdam - 5 December

    Bruno Carvalho
  11. BoogieWoogie

    Herning, Denmark - 16 November 2015

    I'm assuming WTG is no longer ... :-(
  12. BoogieWoogie

    Prague November 8

    Wonder what's going on with the dropping segments and songs I hope to god that she performs WTG when she gets to London!!!
  13. BoogieWoogie

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    No need to get picky! :-p Still Madonna related - regardless!
  14. BoogieWoogie

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    I'm sorry, but I disagree - he didn't choose to go up, he was chosen. I understand that he could have been a little bit more tactful in his words. He wouldn't have been at that concert, worn a Madonna related tee-shirt if he wasn't a fan of Madonna at some level.
  15. BoogieWoogie

    Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

    get a grip - there are people who attend Madonna's concert that aren't necessarily number one M fans...so what if he prefers Celion Dion? Good for him.