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  1. your most favourite madonna interview

    Esquire Magazine, 1994/95? Norman Mailer interview
  2. is there anywhere to read this article in english ?
  3. Icons? God, this word is being flung around so easily nowadays. They have no idea.
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Copy write? side note, is anyone else feeling the sound on this release (CD/MP3) Is muffled and not as clear as her previous live releases? Her voice is lost in the background ...
  5. i would be interested to find out what Steven Klein thinks about this copy cat business - he's directed a few of LGs videos that have been called in to comparison ...and he's Ms close friend
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Trevor Nelson 1st aug?
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Thank you!! oooooh people magazine interview!! 10th Aug!
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Can someone screen shot that schedule time table????
  9. what an arrogant cunt. she talks like she's the one who's delivering the 'fame' message first. she just regurgitating every message Madonna has given in a very reductive manner. can't stand people who bring race in to the equation every time.
  10. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    I used to go to a club owned by Massive Attack - 3D (Robert) called Nocturne in Bristol.. used to see 3D all the time, had a few drinks with him... many years ago... so strange that he is supposedly Banksy ... and that he recorded with Madonna
  11. Similar to the Woman of the year award outifit
  12. was M the first or one of the first to have large video screen as part of her show? nowadays - everyone is doing it
  13. Madonna NOT at OneLoveManchester concert

    havent a clue. i guess, id just be happy to see her.
  14. Madonna NOT at OneLoveManchester concert

    i agree thinking about it - i just love the version she sang on the BA tour - and she (for me - personally ) has never topped it since - hence, i guess I'm always going to be slightly mehhh about any versions after it. but lets get back to the subject i don't thinks she going
  15. Madonna NOT at OneLoveManchester concert

    cos frankly im bored of hearing her sing this song as a fan (selfishly), but i know its apt for the audience and what the event is about - but i'd be surprised if she goes as she's just flown back to the US.