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  1. The Best BAT VIDEO BOOTLEG ever! (Toronto)

    see i loved that - but i also thought this was very good:
  2. Madonna needs to take back her mole from Janet . Thanks
  3. Blond Ambition and Girlie Show on Spotify

    Well it must be a mixed track show cos, it’s scrolling Japan for the Girlie Show
  4. Girlie Show Philly Special

    Download via Chrome
  5. Madonna: European & WORLDWIDE sales

    What’s Rebel Heart album standing at sales wise?
  6. Icons? God, this word is being flung around so easily nowadays. They have no idea.
  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Copy write? side note, is anyone else feeling the sound on this release (CD/MP3) Is muffled and not as clear as her previous live releases? Her voice is lost in the background ...
  8. i would be interested to find out what Steven Klein thinks about this copy cat business - he's directed a few of LGs videos that have been called in to comparison ...and he's Ms close friend
  9. what an arrogant cunt. she talks like she's the one who's delivering the 'fame' message first. she just regurgitating every message Madonna has given in a very reductive manner. can't stand people who bring race in to the equation every time.
  10. was M the first or one of the first to have large video screen as part of her show? nowadays - everyone is doing it
  11. Where is the full uncensored video?
  12. RHT The Hottest Dancers On Tour EVA #gangbang

    Nah, Girlie Show Dancers all the way. Kindest Regards
  13. I know shits going down in her private life , but Still no pix of M in Australsia?
  14. Apparently Kylie Minogue has just landed in Australia... UB of the eve? I hope soo... would be the first time they've been pictured together!