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  1. is there a list someehwhere for all the demos that leaked that are available to listen to? i can't keep up!
  2. Not a fan of BIM ... Much prefer Unapologetic Bitch as a single.... But I support Madonna whatever her decision
  3. "why are yo avoiding singing all your Who's that Girl tracks?" "Why haven't you released the blond ambition tour yet?"
  4. is there anyway of downloading these performances and interview please? I can't find the interview anywhere... :-(
  5. no. no, its all about Body Shop - soo different to anything she's done!!!
  6. The rope is in the shape of the illuminati symbol ...
  7. Is it just a coincidence that the string / rope forms an illuminati symbol on her face (around her nose... Just in case u r wondering)? #justasking
  8. that sounds really really cool - i hope this get people associating Madonna with the edginess that she has always been known for...i think in recent years people are saying she's lost her savvyness towards new experimental sounds
  9. thats exactly what i'd like to know - i just hope its not Euro-poppy :-/ found this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italo_disco
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