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  1. Blond Ambition and Girlie Show on Spotify

    Well it must be a mixed track show cos, it’s scrolling Japan for the Girlie Show
  2. So... the Netflix thing is with David Letterman :-) discuss
  3. She’s at the Barbican... it’s in London
  4. Love how Rose McGowan has used Madonna lyrics to Diss Kevin Spacey ... “bye bye spacey goodbye, it’s your turn to cry, that’s why we gotta say goodbye”
  5. Girlie Show Philly Special

    Download via Chrome
  6. chris didn't mention why - just said that there were soo many things didn't happen in the end
  7. Yes - all true, Christopher, one of the dancers on the tour confirmed it on his instagram
  8. Did you know that the initial idea was for Madonna to come down that pole? Not sure why it changed
  9. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    The look she’s been rocking in recent months is very Edwina - AB-Fab? No? Not sure what to think...
  10. your most favourite madonna interview

    Esquire Magazine, 1994/95? Norman Mailer interview
  11. is there anywhere to read this article in english ?
  12. Icons? God, this word is being flung around so easily nowadays. They have no idea.
  13. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Copy write? side note, is anyone else feeling the sound on this release (CD/MP3) Is muffled and not as clear as her previous live releases? Her voice is lost in the background ...
  14. i would be interested to find out what Steven Klein thinks about this copy cat business - he's directed a few of LGs videos that have been called in to comparison ...and he's Ms close friend
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Trevor Nelson 1st aug?