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  1. Early 90s was a different time. Fat chick getting raped was considered kind of funny back then.. times have changed. Back to MJ.. what should be done? Reopen the abuse case? Can't try a dead guy so not gonna happen. Ban his music like he never existed? Not likely either. Oh Wade, too bad your shallow momma whored her kid for a bracelet
  2. the way i see it MJ was mentally ill. So he wasn't really accountable for his crimes. Now after years of supporting MJ Wade and Jimmy are going for a stake of his estate. They tried before but their case was thrown out of court. Wade, Jimmy, Jordan, Jason, Gavin et al. wish them well but MJ's been in his grave for a decade.. bringing up this scandal all over again is pointless imo. Especially when there's no new evidence to back up their story. I'm sure there's a video tape and Macaulay's probably got it.
  3. Bravo Babs! Jimmy and Wade should move on with their lives. Jacko's long gone. Defended him until the checks weren't coming in. Still waiting for that videotape to unearth. It's there. Just sayin
  4. haven't seen the documentary yet but don't think i'm going to be shocked about any revelation. In the 80s MJ was dragging little boys with him around the world and people though it was adorable. I was like 13 and thought it was disturbing. Hell even Madonna (her management probably) hired that boy to star in her videos and tour. Oh well, 80s was a different world.. Funny i still do enjoy some of MJ hits and videos. He was just that great a pop star.
  5. i'm surprised how shocked people are about these stories of MJ abuse. They've been everywhere since 1993. Now just recycled for 2019. MJ was the one who got away, though finally paying the ultimate price.. Only in fame & money worshipping America, bitches!
  6. here we go again.. where were all these men when that hispanic kid was dragged thru court? ..and poor MJ, HE DIDN'T HAVE A CHILDHOOOD
  7. Dummy is an awesome album. Pure 90s moment. Other Portishead albums are crap more or less.
  8. was obsessed with this song as a kid.. still love it. And the video is pure 80s bliss
  9. Adore Björk and her visual Art but musically the Utopia album is crap.
  10. Goldfrapp are kind of predictable but they never disappoint really. Glad they r back with electronic sound.
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