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  1. Red dress is the champ hands down
  2. The chemistry between Frank and Rebecca was insane..
  3. What is your favourite Madonna quality?

    her confidence of course
  4. Her EP Lotion will be included exclusively in the MDNA Skin Gift Set for christmas. It's all ambient music for relaxation and pampering
  5. Poppy

    obsessed w/her
  6. i want her to work with Max Martin on her next album. a solid mainstream pop hit song.. there i said it
  7. Madonna-I'll Remember [Orbit Remix]. M got awesome remixes but the original versions have stood the test of time better in most cases.
  8. poor Katty.. even her friend Madonna abandoned her
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    is that Tina Turner in Lourdes' pit..?
  10. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    Only Madonna. Love that dancer Cloud as well.
  11. What about: Vanessa Paradis???

    every pretty girl copied her style in the early 90s
  12. Life of an addict.. tragic. Endless source for awesome gifs for sure
  13. Santa Baby turns 30

    Her one and only holiday themed offering of her entire career. So random. I find the song quite annoying but it was a perfect fit for her 80s image.
  14. such a lovely song, makes me nostalgic every time. A moment of calm before the storm that was Erotica. It's an end of an era really.