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  1. Avicii has died!

    sad news. He was so young.
  2. i don't think M and GV were that close even, it was not like M and JPG. M was friends with Donatella of course
  3. Madonna is working on new music.

    i'm all for new music but no more the clown, okay
  4. he's one vengeful gaylord but that is the best book written about Madonna. Like it or not.
  5. an Anthem for the 80s Working Girl. Relevant still today.
  6. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    why does she say that she never smoked when she clearly did? oh well.. the lady is fickle
  7. a David Bowie song.. any Bowie song really would be cool
  8. lost of words here, totally
  9. Dummy is an awesome album. Pure 90s moment. Other Portishead albums are crap more or less.
  10. The Lady Is A Tramp

    she was kind of obsessed with Sharon Stone in the early 90s.. weren't we all
  11. That was amazing. Could watch that all day long.
  12. she'll do a good job for sure, but a very safe choice. A Lifetime movie really.. suppose M wants to be the Good Girl now
  13. songs with a KILLER beat

    was obsessed with this song as a kid.. still love it. And the video is pure 80s bliss
  14. there's def a parallel to M's own adoption here
  15. Favorite '80s Album Cover?

    True Blue for sure. Like a Prayer cover was a total wtf moment for me back in '89