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  1. here we go again.. where were all these men when that hispanic kid was dragged thru court? ..and poor MJ, HE DIDN'T HAVE A CHILDHOOOD
  2. Like2Watch

    Róisín Murphy

    Loving the new single!
  3. Dummy is an awesome album. Pure 90s moment. Other Portishead albums are crap more or less.
  4. Like2Watch

    songs with a KILLER beat

    was obsessed with this song as a kid.. still love it. And the video is pure 80s bliss
  5. Like2Watch

    Bjork thread

    Adore Björk and her visual Art but musically the Utopia album is crap.
  6. Silver Eye album is great. Just sayin.
  7. Like2Watch

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    Goldfrapp are kind of predictable but they never disappoint really. Glad they r back with electronic sound.