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  1. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Both are great songs, but Masterpiece is so underrated imo, so it's time to show some love to it 😁
  2. You are surely not the only one! It takes from a few seconds to sometimes a minute for me to figure out some initials Impressive Instant would be so great as a single!
  3. Such an amazing cover! It is one of her most underrated songs
  4. Jimmy Jimmy and LMTWGR sure changed the world
  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! I don't think the album crafted pop music as we know it. You can argue this for the first two singles, but the whole album? Angel, Scooby Be Doo , Stay and Pretender sound like fillers to me. Sorry, just my opinion.
  6. How do you rank M's albums?

    Ok, so here's my ranking: 13. Hard Candy 12. Like A Virgin 11. MDNA 10. Music 09. Madonna 08. Rebel Heart 07. True Blue 06. Bedtime Stories 05. American Life 04. Confessions on A Dance Floor 03. Like A Prayer 02. Erotica 01. Ray of Light
  7. I like MDNA much more than I like Hard Candy and Like A Virgin. I love Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, I Don't Give A, Love Spent, I'm A Sinner, Masterpiece and Falling Free. So it makes a perfect EP for me!
  8. Living for Love

    This is such a great song! Madonna's best lead single since Hung Up imo
  9. BEST 7th TRACK

    That was difficult. But Intervention is one of my favourite songs and it has wonderful lyrics. I know the road looks lonely But that's just Satan's game
  10. Such an amazing interview! And we got a mention of the Dita nickname a year before the storm
  11. I believe that all artists should follow their instincts and shouldn't regret some minor mistakes. But I think Madonna's worst decision was that she didn't release the American Life video. It was a decision based on fear and was against her "express yourself" and "be fearless" messages.
  12. I was torn between More and Sooner or Later... But More it is