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  1. Loving the Meltdown cos I don't like the hideous suit! LMAO
  2. Loving the Meltdown cos I don't like the hideous suit! LMAO
  3. A big fat LOL to all those of you treating me like I'm a Gaga loon Bitches I'm a Madonna fan since the blonde ambition tour when she was on her peak artistically. I know her career form A to Z some don't give me that shit cos I don't like her hideous suit *sigh* the core problem with Madonna these days is she dont have a management team . just a bunch of enables around her who buy into her shit! if she only have a REAL manager how differently everything would be. When is Freddy Demann when you need him?
  4. Even worst than the tacky suit and the flat hair is the Christmas item hanging from her neck. who the hell do that to a petite woman making her look like she got not neck. hideous!
  5. The hair look like those ladies who go to the church on Sundays. unflattering The hair during the rebel heart section looked perfection. Young and beautiful.
  6. And a real bad one... Hope she change for the award show. she look so beautiful during the charity gala specially the golden sexy dress.
  7. Really hate it! do nothing for her body. do not fit her well. scream granny and tacky. she starting to dress like Cher. She need to learn from Jlo. when you go the red carpet is to kill it! dress like the Queen goddess that you are
  8. Sorry but she look horrendous. she better change into something hot and sexy. Wanna see her legs boobs and ass not a tacky man suit
  9. Does she really putting that hideous clown make up on when she just like perfection now?
  10. She don't look nervous at all. more than ever she look relax and having fun onstage.
  11. Late performing again? some things never changes Lol
  12. Just wondering how many people from the forum are in the event?
  13. How much love Chappelle he's a comedy genius!