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  1. Whenever i hear Piss Morgan speak or see his smug face i want to throw up in my mouth! He's been dining out on Madonna's name for years. He should have been locked up for phone hacking, faking those pictures of captured soldiers and other scummy things he's been involved in for decades.
  2. Madonna at UFC205 in NYC Nov. 11

    Posted that pic to show how the DailyFail created a story to insult both Madonna and women in general, based on a poorly-lit doctored photograph. They used the headline "Wrinkled Mitts" ffs. That line alone is offensive! Lets just say the DailyFail is not noted for its honest reporting - and the less said about its views on women, the elderly, minorities, etc the better! Go look at the hand image on the DMs article again: notice the blocky compression artifacts. The picture was taken with long zoom lens in high-contrast enviroment of the area next to the rings overhead lighting (flattened looking appearance of face/hand and blurred background are giveaways). If Madonna had worn gloves, for instance, the tabloids would make-up a story about how she was covering her "terribly deformed claws"! Body shaming is digusting and the DailyFail are masters of it. The trouble is people believe what tabloids show and that is the image that will stick - even if untrue. Thats why they should be called out.
  3. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    Speaking of social media being evil.......Can someone explain what the f@*k that #RIPMadonna hashtag that was trending on Twitter last night was all about? Honestly, its sick!