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  1. Btw is not Gwen Stefani collaborating with Mon Laferte? I remember reading about this. NOW she is a GOOD latin singer, artistically and personality. she's amazing, If M had good taste nowadays.. Sadly gwen cant make good music, so she will probably waste Mon . Natalia Lafourcade made one of the best albums of the last years as well, So no, it' not racism to say what Anita is. Same with Migos and the likes
  2. Who the hell is screaming racism for not liking this trash Anita? lmao Anita SUCKSSS, and it's a fucking trash. Fortunately no ones care about her here (Colombia), despite having collaborated with Maluma (a bigger trash) and other awful reggetoneros. So you can cut the crap about her being huge in Latin America.. Latin America is not a country. You can fool some US people here, but you're not going to fool the rest. Now come and call me racist. Racism is what I've seen in threads like the beyonce one, for example. And in some other threads from that section where you are always dragging any women who is having some success. And funny how exactly certain members who were dragging Shakira by her last projects (M is now doing the same), are now making excuses for the mess that M is doing. It makes me laugh their hypocrisy,
  3. It's just getting worse and worse with her trend-hopping mess, the lack of taste is truly something else. Such a shame
  4. Where is the original interview? https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2018/10/25/madonna-introducing-a-new-sound-to-pop-music-with-her-upcoming-album/ I dont trust DM, they've exaggerated and twisted interviews before.
  5. Btw is this the same awful rapper who said homophobic stuff ? They're probably on M album too, she follows all the Migos
  6. She's on migos new album.... yikes at least it's not maluma i guess, for now.
  7. Bro check the scrrencaps in the next post, and check his IG Stories. He's in the London studio where M has been spotted before, More obvious impossible.
  8. Kanye WAS great. It's a shame that he and M never did anything great. He and Kendrick Lamar have made some of the greatest albums of the last decade. I like great hip-hop. This Edgar Barrera guy will never be remotely close to Kanye level. The fact that he worked with silvestre dnagong alone, yikes
  9. That's not reggeton sweety, not even close Urban sounds =/= reggeton
  10. She's working with this Regueton producer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Barrera some Maluma/Shakira duet probably ?¿. https://www.instagram.com/edgar_barrera1/following/ https://www.instagram.com/mirwais.official/following/ And Mirawis is finally following Billboard. I don't know what is worse now A few years ago I could never have imagined her working with reggeton "artists". Like NEVER. I'm from Latin America and I hate this "music" with passion But that's the trend now, so it's not a shock i guess. And Michael's sister already did too, so she's late again
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