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  1. LOVE. Can't wait for full video. When was she lying on the floor? So a pic of that on IG. I love when M gets to the floor which she loves to do. Why hasn't she posted a pic with that dress? Beautiful dress. Maybe I won't cry about all this weight I am gaining after all. If it is good enough for my Queen, it is good enough for me.
  2. Does not seem like she is though she tweeted at M a couple of times citing the whole lookalike thing but I do not think M responded. I don't know why she is not following M to be honest.
  3. Did I miss a Madonna IG post? How do we know Lola is there?
  4. Hopefully we get more pics. Hasn't Noel come round to being a Madonna fan because his wife is a stan? Meanwhile, am I the only one that rolled eyes when I saw the mini movie thing Gaga is doing with Stephen Klein on his instagram page? That girl exhausts me. If she can only own up to her obsession and admiration of Madonna, I would cut her some slack but she keeps behaving like she is original and different and so talented but stays stalking every artistic thought Madonna has. She's a fucking fraud.
  5. I honestly think that Ivorien guy is David's manny. I do not think that's Madonna's new man.
  6. Okay. Maybe it's this guy. That's how boring my life is at the moment. I am trying to find out who Madonna is sleeping with. LOL
  7. Am I the only one that remembers that snippet we got of Lola speaking to Madonna, and M was chatting to her about some guy. Was he Portuguese or Puertorican?
  8. So this is not one of the twins. Who is this? I certainly like his thighs in those jeans.
  9. Why are they interviewing Mark Lester? What is he promoting? I do not believe this story either. Just another idiot dropping Madonna's name so he gets more coverage. Plus this will be spun negatively as we all know, and I am already tired. Not here to laugh at this people who just use Madonna every damn time to get Press. I am really getting tired of it.
  10. I don't care what Patrick says. I need Madonna to call him up. I bet if she calls he will agree.
  11. Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thank you. So has she been seen with him recently? Are we suspecting anything?
  13. Who did not think she could sing? Quincy or Michael? And I don't like Nile spilling unnecessary tea to be honest.
  14. When and where is this picture from please? I kinda remember her in this outfit but I must have thought this guy was a bodyguard or something.