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  1. Even that boxer could not use Like A Prayer as his entrance song because Madonna refused. We may not know specifics as to who owns what, but it is safe to say you can not use Madonna's music unless she allows it. Also I don't know why she deleted that IG post with the script. It is clear her bandstand thing was a joke because she ended it with, don't believe everything they say or you hear. She should have simply posted the bandstand interview and clarified what is obviously not obvious to the dense who have never understood this womans sense of humour.
  2. Loic just posted a pic
  3. She looks great. I love it. That is Madonna. End of.
  4. We agree to disagree. The march was very much a combination of both and to diminish HRC's impact and influence on that march is just being partisan IMHO. London. Paris. NYC. I know many who organized for those marches. I know a few who went to DC. All were motivated to because the most qualified person to ever run for the office lost to the most unqualified because misogyny and white supremacy. These are facts backed up with stats that many HRC haters like to cover up with, but people didn't like her. Well people always never like her allegedly but she always wins the popular vote of whatever election she competes in. Even against Obama in 2008. She continued that trend against Trump. So, That is how women around the world saw it and they identified. There goes a man taking a womans job and no matter how bad HRC was, Trump was worse. Nothing whatsoever to do with Bernie Sanders and that is why Ashley Judd cut off Michael Moore when he wanted to start ranting about taking over the DNC and that delusion he and Sanders share where two old white men, one a 40 year career politician are somehow anti establishment and the new young face of the DNC. I return to discussing Madonna. We agree to disagree. Huffpost entertainment just instagrammed a nice picture of M with one of the quotes from her speech.
  5. @jazzyjan We agree to disagree. The organizers were mad at HRC for going to the inauguration. They were actually going to honour her at the March. The idea that anyone thinks this was just some random march that had nothing to do with HRC and this election is hilarious. They called on her from the minute it was confirmed she was going with her husband, not to attend. When it was clear she was going to attend, they cancelled the honour. This started a twitter campaign that trended worldwide called #addhername. Telling the organisers to still honor her because without her many of the women would not have felt this passion to march. Through out the march, there were posters of HRC everywhere in every state more than any other female. All over the world. A lot of the speakers used her campaign slogan of stronger together. Infact the march advertised quote was HRC's womens rights are human rights quote from Beijing decades ago which had many accusing the organisers of hoodwinking people only for them to disrespect HRC. You may not like Hillary but to claim that this march was just a result of years of built up anger and anger at Trump is to be naive. People marched for many many reasons but a clear motivating factor for many was HRC. That's just a fact.
  6. The organizing team have not said anything negative about Madonna. I personally have no respect for the organizing team. Whether they like it or not most of the women who marched were motivated to do so because HILLARY CLINTON lost. That's just a fact. The idea that she was a non factor and women just woke up and got angry this season is naive. Love or hate her it really was about Hillary losing to a MAN who is not her equal in any way and that feeds into the way women feel marginalized. Hence, all the many issues that lots added to their reasons to march. I am not a Michael Moore fan and I hope Madonna does not let him rope her into another mess. He is an opportunist. Finally, I must be living in a cocoon of sorts because I truly have not seen this negative press or whatever about this matter. Obviously the usuals but there has not been general hatred on the issue so I am confused by this thread.
  7. It seems if Madonna has an opinion you disagree with then she is struggling to communicate and is way more insightful when talking about her life than politics. How about it is just an opinion you disagree with? Just saying. I thought she was brilliant and came across as the intelligent, insightful ,well read woman she is.
  8. Last time I said it some did not like it but Imma say it again. When Madonna speaks of these people in her industry who play it safe and have no opinions for fear of losing popularity and instagram followers, she knows those she speaks of and so do we.
  9. I don't even know how anyone is a Guy Ritchie defender. Defending him based on what? The mind boggles.
  10. I hope that's her new music. Love the track.
  11. I think Jon Kortajarena just joined them. Little MDNA reunion since Adrian Galo is there as well.
  12. If new music I hope she goes back to Patrick Leonard. A good chunk of her timeless songs are with him. They write beautiful music together.
  13. This just gets funnier. This mess started because you and your friends failed to see the word IF. IF. LOL. YOU guys misunderstood a post. Not ME. YOU and your friends. Then you proceeded to mock me based on your misunderstanding. What were you expecting? That I would just take it on the chin so I can get readers and friends? No. You get the attitude you came to me with. I joined this board as a Madonna fan to interact with fellow Madonna fans. Not ALL Madonna fans. I don't care who reads and who is friendly with me. Who are the Madonna fans I have argued with except you and your friends on this thread? The only other fracas I got involved in was defending another newbie from BULLYING by the oldies. You want to call people newbies but they can not call you oldies? I have not noticed I was receiving the cold treatment. Really? From who? Burning what bridges? Are you sure you are talking to the right person? ROTFLOL. I do not care what I am known as. I am sorry you are taking it so hard that a newbie is not kissing your ass and letting you mock and bully your way through other peoples opinions even when the mistake was yours. I feel like we are clogging up the instagram thread. Keep your opinion of me and ignore me and you and yours can know me as a troll. I can not tell you how irrelevant that is to me. Words can not describe it. Let's stick to Madonna. That is what we are here for afterall. Not to gain a following.
  14. Was not going to start 2017 with mess but since you insist,,,, 1) That you think the length of my Madonna fangirling depends on the date of my joining this site says more about you than it does about me. If you really think all Madonna fans or stans are registered on here then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. I do not care to compete with anyone on who knows Madonna best or not. If you wish to believe that you do, then good for you. 2) Why would Hector block me when I didnt break any rules? Just because oldies do not like me? Do you think that is really something to brag about on a Madonna fan site or any site? That because you are a longtime member the admin can throw out a newbie just because? You are proud of that? Again, you are exposing yourself, not me. 3) Finally if you find my posts worthless, then do not read them. Do not even rush through them. You were caught going off having not fully understood a post and instead of accepting it and putting on your big boy panties, you decide to threaten me and attempt to belittle my fangirling of Madonna. Does that make you feel better about yourself? I hope so. Let me leave you with one thing, you are but a random name on a Madonna public forum. That insignificant. It is never that serious. Happy New year.