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  1. What is going on? What are these for?
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This from instagram. So is it me or is Beyonce morphing into Madonna. Also there might be some Beyonce fans here that may correct me, but I do believe this thousand necklaces thing with the name tag is a Madonna thing.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I have been waiting for someone in the Press, especially the British Press or the NYDaily News to write a mea culpa. It is clear that Rocco only left Madonna so he could loaf around. Look how well rounded David and the rest are. Look at David today. Then look at Rocco who has now broken up with Kim and may be dating some chav like singer. I think Madonna wanted him with her because she knows he is the type that actually needs a strict hand otherwise he just loafs around like a privileged kid which is what he is doing now. I do not think he even knows what he wants. Which is fine. He is only 17 but he definitely is an entitled privileged spoilt brat in my opinion. Did he go to America to meet Brooklyn in the end? Oh and please nobody preach about how he is a child. He is practically a 17 year old boy drinking, smoking and chasing chicks. If he is old enough to throw shade his mothers way on IG as he did then, he is old enough to be criticized.
  4. http://www.idahostatesman.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/words-deeds/article178315736.html
  5. Madonna Mania

    Why am I crying? Guys I am dancing, singing and crying.
  6. Well whoever allegedly did Madonna's boob job did a wonderful job because they have never looked fake to me :/ This man is a piece of shit and I wish him nothing but the worst.
  7. Like I said then. The ageist jokes were uncalled for.
  8. Sigh. He is filled with lies and bitter and salty. Plus Madonna's breasts are real. He is just a hungry loser.
  9. At what point does he say it? In answer to what question? That's the king of Portugal?
  10. I am tired of telling them. She has put on weight. Moreover, She is blatantly wearing underwear that lifts and projects her ass. She is not even hiding that fact but people will still come on here arguing about her ass. People just like to talk shit.
  11. I was just about to write the same. Just watched the episode. The ageist jokes were a bit much. But whats new? Anyway... Did anyone know about this comic in the Whosthatgirl tour program? Madonna has truly always been an activist even when some thought she was just a tacky pop star http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2013/07/throwback-thursday-madonna-almost-26-years-ago-today/
  12. It is amazing that anyone should have to fight for the right to have her undies or hairbrush or anything with DNA that he or she did not personally offer to another party. How on earth do you have the right to sell my underwear? My brother is not the owner of my things. He has no right to them. That he gave it to you does not stop you from being a thief? If you are in possession of stolen items you are still somewhat liable and Lutz can't say she did not know the fractured relationship between M and that waste of space that is her brother. She should be done with that fool going forward. Nothing like blood or family. My two sisters haven't spoken to each other in 27 years and neither misses each other or gives a damn.
  13. Afetr I saw that interview where she was mad he said if she doesn't have a child or was it get married soon, she would have psychological problems and she was so mad at him even in the interview, I started to think maybe that's why she is not working with him because she did say in the interview, I haven't worked with him in forever and even insinuated that he really didn't know her. Then again I checked the date of the interview and it was Pre-RayOfLight so I am assuming they made up? Or was the interview after? I can't remember but I read that interview on this board. Either way, with the Latin influence in Portugal and the magic she and Patrick have done, there is no better time for them to reunite and he must want to.
  14. I haven't watched any of the latest episodes. Let me now rush and go watch this one. They have surely got me back with this.
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    The self entitlement some have. It's amazing. Usually the thing to do when something or someone no longer pleases you, is to go your own way instead of constantly bitching and moaning when she doesn't do what YOU want. What exactly is the issue with Madonna doing a skin care range? In whose world is that tacky? You may not care for the skincare range but Madonna has a galaxy of fans. Her job is not to cater to your particular wants. It is to do what makes her happy and somewhere in that galaxy or another, people will enjoy whatever she produces. As for her choice of music? Really? So, Madonna must now listen to our own preferences? I can't with some of you.