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  1. Would you believe Bradley cooper filmed a live scene at Glastonbury yesterday? At least they didn't unleash the gorgon on the crowd. She would have tweeted it was her concert.
  2. I don't get why they release videos so late now. The song is already dropping like a stone in the UK. Won't it be too late?
  3. It was a look from the ChartGrave tour He looks embarrassed to be seen with her. I mean what the fucks she wearing and posing like that for on a country path? Idiot
  4. ^ that curly black wig look was just one of the worst ever. There was a pic of her in it and a thong backstage that made her look like an Ewok doing Cher.
  5. Blinds were saying she's desperate to get pregnant so boyfriend was summoned to set whilst she was ovulating. Would you really do this just before a tour unless you were looking for a reason to cancel? So much more like Janet than we realised!
  6. Dropping a new track called ghetto ventouse
  7. Interesting article and lots of artists do it but even with the discount gags sells a fraction of what other artists sell. I wonder how cheap the tour production will be. I remember us all being stunned at the inflatable set and polystyrene walkway for the ChartGrave tour.
  8. 😂 "How do you use the birds?" "I eat them deep fried"
  9. Blinds are saying toilet has her claws in her and they are lezzing it up together occasionally. No wonder she's miserable
  10. it means the twins have been about as close to Beyoncé's vagina as I have.
  11. And I bet this is another in her long line of paid for paparazzi leaving hotel shots. It wouldn't surprise me if they're now trying to position her as a more mature star hence the lack of over the top outfit but still trying to wear something quirky. It will be back to the drag soon when people keep pointing out just how terrible she looks. As for pride anthems, those lists are just compiled by a load of Tyler Oakley clones.
  12. Which 'Pride'? They can't just lump them into one and that list is a mixed bag anyway. It's probably a list she got curated and fixed anyway. How many videos did they make that got canned? Gypsy, Venus and DWYW all from one album! Mess!
  13. Blinds were saying how difficult it was getting all the people involved into the hospital to make it look like a normal birth.
  14. Agreed! She was nothing but tabloid material who had a handful of hits and the dubious honour of getting her udders out at sixteen.
  15. I agree. I just see an artist who people have lost interest in. CTTR did well but wasn't a killer first single and the follow ups are also ok but not hugely amazing. Who were her main fanbase? Was it young girls who've just moved on?
  16. And her father's gentleman's club so they can 'dispose' of some cash whilst making it look like she's popular to shift some tour tickets. I wonder what the average ratio of streaming to sales is compared to hers. And yet I doubt your average person would even recognise the songs if they were played. Keep seeing the tour advertised but no idea how it's selling apart from thousands of tickets on secondary sites.
  17. Were they actually purchases or Spotify streams that are counted as sales? There's a massive leap in 'sales' compared to John Wayne, perfect delusion and A-yo which didn't get the Spotify treatment.
  18. I don't think they're lies as the Superbowl gave her a big lift but it was all her old hits. Also both Lemonade and (the 18 months old) 25 outsold Joan but they've fudged the figures. You can see how scamming Spotify gave a massive lift MD and Manure. Never seen such a smoke and mirrors career!
  19. The film isn't due for release until September 2018 but perhaps that's how long it takes to threaten all the Oscar voting panel.
  20. Apparently, A Star is Born has finished filming so now to start work on eighteen months of post production. As for this...
  21. Originally but when Joan bombed I wonder if they decided to switch the sound. We've seen a couple of clips from the film set of a song that is just a Bieber tropical rip off and Manure is supposedly leftover from the soundtrack so looks like they're trying to play safe and jump on the popular bandwagon to try and secure a hit. Two more months of propping up that crud song before the tour starts!
  22. We liked all those above too. As I said, there were so many great, diverse music scenes around made-up of local and global trends it was amazing. Look at the charts now and it just seems to be shit Calvin Harris dance, crap rap and Bieber pop. Remixes and club life seem to be dead
  23. I think she believes she will do a Bodyguard and have a huge soundtrack with a hit film. She's the Howard the Duck if the big screen and we're going to have this shit for 18 months! No video just a clip the same as the cover. I think it peaked at 17 in the UK and 39 in the Us.
  24. Yes edge of glory was what I thought too. That was rush released after Judas bombed wasn't it? Since then hadn't she gained some dubious honours like most donated cd to charity shops and least streamed album from the biggest albums of the decade, both for BTW? And if Manure is the sound for A Turd Is Flushed that will sound do dated when it's released.
  25. She's no. 70 in us streaming and she's out of the UK top 40 in the midweeks and it's two months before the tour. Are they going to do a million discounts and try and keep it alive until the start or throw out another new song in the meantime?