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  1. Glastonbury said years ago they wouldn't have M. Hopefully they will change their minds as she'd be awesome in one of the main headline slots.
  2. Why? Over 200 million people watching? She did the national lottery and got a UK no 1.
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Yeah. Either donatella was trolling her or she was trying to generate some press using M AGAIN for her stale tour.
  4. Kelly Minging

    I wonder what the lyrics of 'low blow' will be like? 🤔
  5. That's a heck of a long way to say she took the fat suit off.
  6. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I thought the other bore was no more since before the Joanne snore?
  7. Although I've been supportive of Ed and still think shape of you is a good song, my first reaction was 'he's got a girlfriend?' and then
  8. It looks like something created on Gaga's ChartFlop app!
  9. Exactly! As I said above, nobody mentions gaga flopping because nobody cares. Hillary wasn't popular with a lot of democrats either so that didn't help.
  10. Kelly Minging

    She's dropping. No 10 on UK and down 20 places in the overall worldwide chart. I think streaming for older artists will gradually improve as technology is replaced in households.
  11. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    Yes, I was disappointed at the overall lack of live feel to the show which adds to the criticism that she can't sing live. The girlie show is the one that feels most love to me.
  12. I used to buy all vinyl formats and occasional CDs. With eBay I was a big collector of rare vinyl but decided a couple of years back to stop as it was taking up time and money which would sit on a shelf. However, I did buy the multiple versions of RH including vinyl, French and German editions, and the deluxe version.
  13. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Are Dutch audiences like German ones where they just sit through the whole show? I was surprised when I saw that. I've noticed in the show she doesn't perform DWYW even though it was the only other hit from Chart Flop. Why does she bang on about the album being a masterpiece but only sing one song from it?
  14. Yes, after 33 years of being a fan and here for every album, like many people here, I don't think she's having a pop at us. We know she'll do what she wants. From getting rid of the crucifixes right through to performing candy shop live three times, we know she gives no fucks. It's the haters on social media and the music press who persistently put her down that she's going after! We're her bitches and she knows it.
  15. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Yes, she bangs on about it all the time because she thinks it puts her on equal footing with Madonna. Remember this A wig to try and prove you're some exotic immigrant. The woman is beyond dumb. And has zero eye for style. No one will ever come for that wig!
  16. Ooh three tracks in and I'm liking these sounds. Less Kanye more Mirwais!
  17. Kelly Minging

    It's pleasant enough and it will get that all important Radio 2 airplay. It just feels bland enough to feature in some some Instagram post for some dreary 'influencers'. Miley's Malibu got lots of airplay and Kyle-Anne is way better than Joan's dreary offerings. Could be a minor hit as it fits well with the wallpaper music currently popular
  18. So what have billboard and she-Ra produced / written/ whatever to give us an idea?
  19. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Hey @Nikki it's Amsterdam and Antwerp tomorrow and Monday night! You can be our roving reporter! At least see if you can score a free ticket
  20. The most shocking thing about this is somebody used Perez Hilton's site. Is no idea he's still going. I searched for gags too and all I could see were articles about Katy Perry and M doing Superbowl. And Oompah helping the scam this way Foundation.
  21. This permanent A list singer is discovering just how badly her last manager screwed her over. I predicted several times there would be lawsuits. I think there might also be some jail time involved too. We are talking about a lot of money. Mariah Carey (Stella Bulochnikov)
  22. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Oh yes of course. Should have known. The only way she gets unpaid for headlines now is when she mentions M. Looks like the shit PR machine is kicking on to try and shift tickets for those five nights in the UK.
  23. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Is M actually on her outfit? I bet it's not. I'm sure she would know and make sure M wasn't included as some passive aggressive swipe.
  24. It's So Cool appreciation thread

    I love the 'we need love' sections. I think they could make a real good dance mix it of that bit.