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  1. New Prince album on the way! Originals is his original versions of songs he gave away like manic Monday! https://news.avclub.com/prince-estate-to-sell-album-full-of-songs-prince-gave-a-1834289532
  2. Yes, I must admit, I think expectations will be too high but fingers crossed!
  3. I think around September or October. And Bjorn did say they'd written more songs than the two that will be released so you never know, more may follow next year!
  4. And it's the 40th Anniversary of Voulez Vous so what better of celebrating than release more versions of the album and singles! This is my favourite album though!
  5. Google Chrome is looking to include encryption which would somehow mean this wouldn't work But yes VPN downloads will surge from then on!
  6. Here's their top twenty selling singles in the UK https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/abbas-official-top-20-biggest-songs__26113/ No surprise dancing Queen is no 1 but surprised that super trouper is no 2. Massive single sales though. Waterloo at no 11 sold 676,000! Day before you came is supposedly just outside the top 20 which is higher than is expect.
  7. I heard tightrope on the radio recently. Didn't know who it was but it's great. So much better than much of the chart dross.
  8. I do have a cassette player but I've got all the files on my Mac anyway. I'll pop into the shop tomorrow and see if they have anything left but I strongly doubt it!
  9. Well done on getting it!
  10. They play it at the start of the school year here on radio 2 and the djs go on about trying not to shed a tear!
  11. We weren't in the red light district and we weren't in sex shops either. That's why it was shocking. And I read an article about Japanese women and dogs a while back. It's quite a fetish. We weren't looking for this stuff either! But I know it's there in any country even the UK and you can be unaware of it. A friend works for social services and the things that go on in my city but you'd never know about.
  12. Oh yes, I went and I was really shocked. There were all these men on trains reading small graphic novels about rape, and airfix style kits of young girls on sale. I saw schoolgirl uniforms on sale too for men to buy, along with videos of women having sex with dogs which is very popular apparently. I saw worse too which I won't go into. Also, supposedly rape statistics are virtually non existent because "it doesn't happen". And it's normal to have middle aged men be fans of this young teen girl pop groups. I was glad to leave tbh.
  13. No that's worldwide total, isn't it? 14,000 / 4,000? Given that the best selling vinyl album for the first three months of 2019 in the UK only sold 9,000 copies, I think 14,000 is worldwide.
  14. I'll get the remix album on eBay on vinyl as there's 14,000 copies but assume the Versace cassette will sell out and cost loads on eBay as there's only 4,000.
  15. I'd love to get this but can't be bothered to queue. However, Someone recently posted these on m infinity so at least I've got the music. I'll see if I can get the vinyl in eBay afterwards.
  16. It was only a recent shift in police perception of underage victims here that uncovered mass abuse and trafficking of young teenage girls. Originally they just dismissed them as troubled, bad girls who were consenting. When they finally changed to say that anyone under 16 was being abused even though they may have consented, it's revealed extensive abuse right across the country but it needs that shift at a police and political level.
  17. So new music due September / October #soon
  18. It is possible but given all this is actually documented at the time, you'd think they would have cross referenced all this beforehand and picked up on this before the release. And we're not talking 'what I did on holiday thirty years ago' stuff. Police say that people who go through these kind of events tend to remember much more and in great detail. My main point is it seems odd the director is only picking up on this now which seems odd Mj still diddled kids though. Ps I haven't got round to watching it yet but interesting to see how this is playing out.
  19. Have you seen that the director of leaving Nonceland is now saying that Safechuck's timeline doesn't add up? Something to do with contradicting previous statements about holidays and when the station was built. I'm of the opinion that these guys could be lying but Michael definitely would have got up to some illegal activity with kids even if it wasn't these ones. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/leaving-neverland-director-makes-embarrassing-14221624
  20. Yes, he was definitely his own man and didn't conform to any ideal. Will anyone be getting the record store Day Prince releases?
  21. Extension offered is upto May now, day before the elections. Interesting!
  22. I'm going on the march in London on Saturday. I think it could be massive. It's amazing just what a negative affect this is having on people here. The uncertainty is really getting people down. People wondering how long both May and Corbyn will last.
  23. I agree. Don't be part of society that watches this just 'out of curiosity'. It's truly horrible and unacceptable and is not casual entertainment. And it may be everywhere but you still have a stop button!
  24. So grace is performing at world pride in New York? How does this relate to what M was supposedly doing for pride? https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/grace-jones-headline-new-york-city-pride/
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