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  1. MDNA tour was the first time I was close enough to say I'd seen her and I couldn't get my head around this was the woman is followed for 28 years. It was so odd. We made eye contact during RH LAP as she stood over is for the first verse and I felt so self conscious like I'd be a disappointment to her. You know how she can be critical of her fans. But I was still in awe too.
  2. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    I heard he used the voicemail sample for promos of the track with the intention of swapping out later but the record company put it out with the original sample. However, I still can't believe this was all that caused their relationship to break down.
  3. And it's a line from 'love makes the world go round'!
  4. I did too. Are gaga Devon's racist posts still there as I couldn't find the really bad one. I'd like to report then again. Ps there's some staged PR bikini shots of her and her rent a boyfriend on a Malibu beach at sunset been posted on the fail site. Enjoy!
  5. Yes funny how she can still turn up for cheap ass gay award and perform even though she's meant to be recuperating from a cancelled tour for a CHRONIC condition.
  6. Well she's not going to stand next to the black guy! Remember what happened last time?
  7. Still leeching off charity and suddenly well again. It's amazing how this chronic illness comes and goes. and that pic with all the presidents. Ugh. Madonna was so humble with Obama but looking at get inflated ego kicking in again!
  8. I thought the same but perhaps there was a point where they thought the two should be on. It's amazing just how late the track,listing is decided although we know that from the mess with MDNA. I love Did You Do It although perhaps it should have been a b side. I must admit, I still think a Rain feels out of place on there
  9. Here's the waxwork seeing as the article couldn't be bothered to do it. The nose is right but how can they keep up with all the face fillers she keeps having.
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    A recent blind was saying about how she is so demanding that she is now having to pay people. At a recent dinner everyone there was on her payroll. She sounds horrendous.
  11. Well quite a few of us would love pat Leonard to write with m again. The difference is they wrote Classic songs. I wouldn't mind jellybean purely as I know m makes the magic. Slob cannot write songs no matter who she works with. Even Robson couldn't get her even one decent song. It's hilarious. She's got to look well enough to convince people she can tour but she's picked an illness that can't be cured. This is so going to bite her on the ass. It's been reported on several occasions she has multiple fake fan accounts she uses to promote herself and put others down. And Twitter was full of bots that got her that Latin MTV international song of the year award.
  12. Simple but still one of my favourite pieces of vinyl - the unique German remix 12" Also another personal fave and also in the charts 12 years ago, Prince's German equivalent!
  13. Here Instagram is like that of a shit designer outlet now. Everything she wears seems to be the wrong size too.
  14. Of course they haven't. Just like every other project by this idiot, they hype it up way in advance. Didn't Elton hype up the last album but clearly hadn't heard what was released. And yes, blinds saying there's reshoots required but gaga isn't 'centred' enough to reshoot them yet. as if any red bloodied straight male would make a beeline for a cinema to see her naked? Beyonce yes, Katy p yes but slob has never featured in a hottest women 100. Are they blind? Who is pulling the strings on this film? If Mariah had lost weight she would have been a better choice.
  15. Rated R? Isn't that an adult rating? Does that mean we're getting sex scenes? And did a five year old write those lyrics?
  16. Debunked Stories

    Brilliant! As for these stories, I've never heard of a single one of them. Are they just national enquirer ones?
  17. This era had been so dull. Since they've slashed the promo budget she's had to cut back on crap outfits for hotel lobby appearances and just taken to lying in bed on Instagram and leeching off bigger celebrities hashtags. No one can be even bothered to post her tour fails anymore.
  18. She is. Manure was an unused track from the album and there is a clip on set of another track using that tired tropical sound. It will be beyond dated by the time the film comes out.
  19. I thought perhaps they threatened to out Bradley. I mean just look at her in those set pics. She's not leading woman material with any stretch of imagination, is she! As for the Bollywood film, why is that worrying? It's a completely different film for a massive market.
  20. You know she's desperate to do an In Bed With Madonna-style appearance and, once again, try and be better than Madonna. It's all so pathetic.
  21. It's a different version to the one that leaked - shorter but not too much difference.
  22. Funnily enough I have a German 7" with a sire logo and another with a Maverick logo from what I remember. Also, a poor quality copy of the Shep Pettibone demo of Shame (5.24) has just leaked.
  23. It's the showbiz411 site which is Roger Friedman's site isn't it? so clearly a paid for piece. Another article on deadline said Warner's executives were blown away by the pair. Both say it's likely to open the Cannes film festival! Who knows what might happen with daddy's gentleman's club friend's.
  24. But the film isn't due until may when she goes to Cannes which is a couple of months after the tour. Perhaps they've seen the first cut of the film and realised it's dreadful so just want to cut their losses.