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  1. Lol the latest blind is going about an A- singer, desperate to win an acting award who hates her fans more than everyone else and went on a f-fuelled rant about them!
  2. Read an interview with him recently and it mentioned his ongoing criticism of Madonna and he said 'one of her people lied to me' so I wonder what it was about? i do think the era would make such a great film and M should be part of the cultural landscape with all the other amazing artists but focussing on her isn't the right way to go. It was such an amazing time though. She keeps talking about all these projects and references to owning all her outfits etc but nothing ever appears!
  3. Interesting! Is this a US ad?
  4. yes, it was hilarious the little turds thought that would get radio to play her crap. I just checked her twitter feed and it's just a string of retweets and posts for Manure. She's the least self aware popstar ever.
  5. I love this track! Such a good pop song and so much better than a lot of her output. I also like the one with Garibay that came out just after.
  6. she's climbed four places to no. 19 in the UK Charts but has just quickly dropped a few places on both iTunes and streaming so I wonder if the budgets were in place for two weeks and have just been stopped. the soccer moms were one of the target groups at the start of the Turdanne release. Remember the 'mom' who had seven gay sons who loved PI and the other that dropped her casserole when she heard it? Desperate does not begin to describe this woman.
  7. It's lingering in both the iTunes and streaming charts. ive not heard it on uk radio. Are they going to do a million discounts and just try to get it to hang around and fake interest in it?
  8. Thank you! Finally! but yes, it sounds like, once again, the music will be a second to the sex but given that's what people think as in she slept her way to the top, if they put that in the film, it won't actually but anything shocking or surprising to your average cinema goer so where's the appeal? I suppose it will be all the hype around the era and the artists she hung around with.
  9. Oh for crying out loud, can't any of you understand the argument? It's not a criticism of IBWM, it's trying to understand why anyone would think THIS film has anymore commercial interest than Innoncence Lost when there will be no Madonna and none of her music in it. It just sounds like the theatre version of DSS when they used Blondie's music. And M fuelling the fire only gives this film more exposure. I don't know why she bothered.
  10. But that's what I mean. It was a cultural phenomenom when she was at her peak but didn't do huge figures so what's the business rationale for this thirty years on? At this point in her career, it doesn't make sense. Surely one about MJ or Prince makes far more business sense. Sounds like an updated take on 'The Producers'.
  11. oh yes, BIM and Bad Girl both were skipped until I saw the videos and then I completely changed my viewpoint. Love them both now!
  12. So was the bit about Borderline being tried as a duet true? To be honest, I just cannot see how this film will be anything other than a small arthouse film. At Madonna's height, In Bed with Madonna wasn't a massive success in comparison to mainstream films, coming in as no.78 in the top films of 1991 so what chance has this?
  13. As crap as it is, didn't 'innocence lost' cover the same period and it didn't have any music on either. looks like another tax loss project.
  14. Candy Shop. I thought it was terrible but the MDNA tour mix made it a highlight and then seeing it in RHT close up made me love how fun it is.
  15. I can't imagine who'd be interested in this film at present. It just sounds like some tv project for a crap channel. what with this and a star is born, what is going on in Hollywood?
  16. But it's the teens who will decided what's remembered from this era not us old farts. And it's not always great songs that get remembered. I've a lot of love for some really cheesy pop that's lived on. And to be fair to Ed and Harry, they're both great pop songs. Styles is getting a lot of love and respect for his song over here. Not the standard boyband fluff people were expecting. But yes, bollocks like the Chainsmokers will hopefully disappear although that awful Rockabye Baby song was huge here that I feel it won't get flushed into the music sewer.
  17. So what is next? It's four months until the tour starts and the album is over. four months propping up 'Manure'?
  18. I still think that's too complimentary. She was a manufactured act from the start who just rehashed other artists' work and had a few hits at the start of her career. But any criticism of her is welcome as she's got away with so much. She's at no. 25 in the UK midweek chart so hanging in better than expected. no. 32 on US iTunes though. Do you think the record company finally realise that no one is interested? I was expecting Payola surge after Saturday. or are they now trying the Spotify playlists in an attempt to force people to listen?
  19. After the surprise U.K. only releases for TB and LAP Rhino records are releasing a limited coloured vinyl version of IC on Jan 10th for the US and Canada. Lp 1 will be blue and white marble and lp 2 will be gold! here we go again!
  20. Here's the definitive list: She has 52.5million certifiable units but sales claim up to 100 million. FYI, Madonna has 170.5 million certifiable units but sales claim up to between 275 and 300 million. I suppose these extra sales are for countries where units are shipping but can't be tracked. So she is definitely one of the most successful females.
  21. hardly any gifs from Coachella so threw in a couple of super bowel ones. And that stupid keytar thing. What an idiot.
  22. I got one! Nearly didn't bother going looking as tired and couldn't remember where the vinyl shops are then they made you ask at the counter so I felt embarrassed but they had two in stock! so if anyone wants one in London, Sister Ray on Berwick Street had one copy.
  23. Oops yes, $483 was her total touring amount. what I mean is that presumably she's still turning a profit to get the backing although I have also thought she's either a tax loss scheme to reduce record company taxes or someone is using her career to launder money.