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  1. Yes, Wembley stadium is a terrible venue in general. I was lucky as I left during Give It 2 Me as I was in the seats where the speakers blew so couldn't hear so decided to leave early. She wasn't that late on. The public transport system was just rubbish. But yes, she has to come on in time on London now owing to the curfew. And she is the Queen of reinventing her songs Like a Virgin, erotica, candy shop, express yourself, Vogue, holiday etc have all had amazing reworks
  2. Madonna RARE

  3. The demo with the guitar ending? But people pay good money to get their hands on the demos. People were pissed off when the erotica demos leaked even though it was so long after the album. That's terrible you didn't receive any money back. I've had more problems on discogs with bad quality than eBay. As for leaks, we have got a couple of demoes from true blue though.
  4. Yes, that one I'm looking for too and you can see how some have worn over time. So expensive now 😢
  5. ??? That was last year's release?!
  6. How much are they on sale for? Just bought the the ABBA 7" for £50! But there's only 2000 of those so I think that's reasonable. 😬
  7. Met gala?

    I think that's the understatement of the year! This theme is peak Madonna! It was made for her!
  8. I don't think I can get to shop tomorrow. I'll see how things go!
  9. Weren't pretty much most of the leaks down to that Jorge guy? Didn't he trick people into giving him the tracks and he leaked them? We don't really have anything from bedtime stories. It's mainly Ray of light onwards, the digital era, where we have so many tracks. It's still appalling how many we have. @vocalism what LAP tracks did you hear? Didn't know that was in circulation.
  10. 12,000 worldwide, not per country. And the shops would have to be registered for the charts which I doubt most of them are so I don't think any of these will chart. I think the pic discs will sell out quickly. They are normally easy to get hold of afterwards but about £10 more although I imagine the albums well be more.
  11. Avicii has passed away

    I expect M will make a comment and leave it at that. She's always discreet in these circumstances. #classact
  12. Yes it's official. Radio 2 had the first play this morning to mark the anniversary of his death. It's the 84 demo I think. But yes, I do prefer Sinead's version. The same with Chaka's I feel for you. Both productions are better but also they were the first versions I heard.
  13. Avicii has died!

    Just seen it in a BBC alert. How awful. Didn't he have some severe health problems when recording RH?
  14. Madonna is working on new music.

    It's evolved for him but just reminds me of what groove armada etc were doing fifteen years ago. It didn't sound fresh it timeless. I just want some good pop songs without the whistles and bells. Just catchy melodies and hooks.
  15. Yes, this relates to my comment about M wanting a stiff sound rather than Mirwais pushing the production. I remember all what you've said. But the Mirwais era certainly produced some great songs with a real variety Music, gone, paradise not for me and don't tell me all from the same album! But yes, I'll be glad if we stay away from the AL style. Given the way the world is, I just need some positive tunes not some Twitter rants sent to music.
  16. Warners stuck a promo out in Germany and Spain. Madonna didn't want it released so she dropped the song from the tour so they couldn't use the live video. It annoyed her and I think was part of the reason why she didn't promote GHV2 so much
  17. Where is this from? I want them 😭
  18. Have you searched for the images using Google's image finder? It might bring up a result there.
  19. There's a US re-issue pressing available, released last year that's only about £20 on discogs.
  20. Random Madonna Discussion

    It's funny but Australia picked up on Madonna and ABBA earlier than most of the world so singe good taste there. Mind you, they did also start Kylie's career with the locomotion two out of three ain't bad.
  21. Random Madonna Discussion

    Remember the MDNA Facebook chat in the middle of the night for Europe and the Smirnoff promo where noone in Europe could download any of the tracks at the same time as the US so there was uproar. Then the remixes were dreadful! They keep trying to do these social media promos but they just piss people off. I hope they've seen how successful the Kylie promo has been and I look forward to lots of formats, interviews and TV appearances!* *I doubt it will happen!
  22. Madonna is working on new music.

    It was at least several months! She's getting as bad as Grace Jones for timekeeping! But yes, this year does seem possible if the film is schedule for next year.
  23. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    The Immaculate Collection is going to be repressed on 180g vinyl and available in June! I know that will please sure people here who don't have it! http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/madonnnas-immaculate-collection-to-be-reissued-on-180g-2lp-vinyl/
  24. Random Madonna Discussion

    It charted in the US in early 84 but flopped in the UK (no 54) and possibly elsewhere. It was re-released in early 86 where it got to no 2 in the UK. As far as I remember, it was re-released to distract from the release of sidewalk talk by jellybean which came out at the same time.