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  1. This Look kills me everytime

    Not seen these blue jacket pics before. she has such a perfect profile!
  2. Kylie Minogue thread

    Well smiley virus' Malibu has that country vibe too but I bet gaga will be claiming she kickstarted the whole trend in spite of the fact that bands like the Shires etc are responsible. I'm sure she will warble a few pleasant ditty's but I'm not counting on her releasing the next Jolene. Loving the name 'Kylenne' though
  3. Madonna RARE

    Wow! I love all the outtakes. Hope we get a load more. Never heard of this before. Do we know what era it's from?
  4. Don't the floor layouts for tickets show there is a massive stage in the middle? As for having the largest stage, I'm sure U2 might have something to say about it. Gaga is fake news personified! And it's pregnancy that will end this tour as she's run out of illnesses to exploit.
  5. So these were taken in 85 (it says April for the second set) but this look ranks with the hair extensions as one of my all time faves. For years the only pic I had of it was on the Japanese Angel 7" until the internet came along.
  6. The period between 92 - to 95 is my second favourite after 84 - 85. I call it the Miamidonna era from the SEX shoot through to the beautiful Versace shoots. The music, videos, remixes, photoshoots etc were all stunning and this era rounded it off perfectly. Personally, I would have dropped the re-release of CFY and OF. I like One More Chance and don't get the hate for it. A simple video would have really helped that song. Shame about IWY being dropped from release and yes, I agree about the 12" of LDLHA - great remixes and potentially beautifully cover.
  7. What they did last time was hand out thousands of free tickets including via the the Born Stupid bus so the numbers look greater than they are. It's only when the box office numbers come out that you can work out the average and see how terrible they are. Out of their asses. You see, as I said earlier, it's fake news that will spread. That's the second one today and the 'turds will keep spreading and the second rate music journalists like at the NME will report this crap and she'll continue to fool people that she's a success.
  8. I'm sure they will try and fake a figure just higher than M. That's what she normally does. Anyone here in Vancouver who can find out where they will be handing out the free tickets?
  9. I meant hide her cancellation behind his. It starts a week today and we've heard nothing. Is there a dive bar night scheduled this week?
  10. This is just another attempt to get fake information out there quickly so lazy journalists will quote it and people will believe it. ChartGrave tour did $83 million with quite a few more shows. With Bieber cancelling I'm wondering if Gorgon will cancel to try and hide behind that.
  11. It was top ten in the UK but not released in the US so perhaps missed off because of that
  12. So a photographer set up his equipment to try and get animals to trigger some pictures and one monkey took this picture. However, because the monkey took the image, not the photographer, he supposedly owns the copyright according to US law and PETA are now suing to make sure he gets the royalties not the photographer! There was this idiot PETA representative on a UK chat show on Sunday whining on about the animals' rights. So embarrassing. I know PETA have been criticised before but this just made me despair for America. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/22/monkey-selfies-copyright-lawsuit-peta
  13. Just waiting for the new pic of the Born Stoopid bus to appear so they can launder all those free tickets onto gullible teens.
  14. But she didn't have the most watched show. She had fewer viewers than M did but then they pulled the platforms stunt to up her views. As for Amy, she wasn't a victim of press bullying. She was a girl who fell in with the wrong crowd and got into drink and drugs.