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  1. I first saw this pic on one of those tweets about when people use apps to improve their features but get it wrong. Turns out this is real. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12373589/gym-addict-three-month-erection-muscle-food-supplement-drive/
  2. His father just died so I hope that doesn't send him over the edge. This is all just very sad. Who performs surgery like that and thinks it's acceptable?
  3. It's a basic dance mix but I really like it. I don't like the original's production with that clippity clop sound all the way through. I'm grateful we're getting something new!
  4. I realised I was drumming my legs through the whole performance of this at the show I must have looked a complete pillock. I love this song. The music really resonates and gets me moving. This could have been a single.
  5. No we can't understand why they're quarantining either. I'm surprised anyone let's it's into their countries. My friend is working on covid and they send information, advice etc to Downing Street but they often ignore it and then do something completely different. People do think that Boris may get kicked out and replaced by Rishi Sunak at some point.
  6. I can't believe they weren't even selling the CD at the shows! They could have at least done a tour edition. It would have sold like hot cakes. But we've all given hoping for anything like common sense to prevail.
  7. The left one has gone west! And the face looks like a sex doll.
  8. Good grief, that nose! There's nearly nothing there. But where does a z list celebrity get the money to do all these operations?
  9. Well they have to detract from the 20 writers who wrote Chlamydia for her Didn't he just write the intro text? I mean a couple of lines?
  10. They mean the writing credit. His name has been added. Casey Spooner from FischerSpooner wanted a writing credit for his contribution to GC which didn't appear to be much. They may just dump the remixes onto dirrtyremixes though.
  11. Actually the plague can be treated with anti biotics now. This is not a new pandemic, just a scare story.
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