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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    It's evolved for him but just reminds me of what groove armada etc were doing fifteen years ago. It didn't sound fresh it timeless. I just want some good pop songs without the whistles and bells. Just catchy melodies and hooks.
  2. Yes, this relates to my comment about M wanting a stiff sound rather than Mirwais pushing the production. I remember all what you've said. But the Mirwais era certainly produced some great songs with a real variety Music, gone, paradise not for me and don't tell me all from the same album! But yes, I'll be glad if we stay away from the AL style. Given the way the world is, I just need some positive tunes not some Twitter rants sent to music.
  3. Warners stuck a promo out in Germany and Spain. Madonna didn't want it released so she dropped the song from the tour so they couldn't use the live video. It annoyed her and I think was part of the reason why she didn't promote GHV2 so much
  4. Where is this from? I want them 😭
  5. Have you searched for the images using Google's image finder? It might bring up a result there.
  6. There's a US re-issue pressing available, released last year that's only about £20 on discogs.
  7. Random Madonna Discussion

    It's funny but Australia picked up on Madonna and ABBA earlier than most of the world so singe good taste there. Mind you, they did also start Kylie's career with the locomotion two out of three ain't bad.
  8. Random Madonna Discussion

    Remember the MDNA Facebook chat in the middle of the night for Europe and the Smirnoff promo where noone in Europe could download any of the tracks at the same time as the US so there was uproar. Then the remixes were dreadful! They keep trying to do these social media promos but they just piss people off. I hope they've seen how successful the Kylie promo has been and I look forward to lots of formats, interviews and TV appearances!* *I doubt it will happen!
  9. Madonna is working on new music.

    It was at least several months! She's getting as bad as Grace Jones for timekeeping! But yes, this year does seem possible if the film is schedule for next year.
  10. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    The Immaculate Collection is going to be repressed on 180g vinyl and available in June! I know that will please sure people here who don't have it! http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/madonnnas-immaculate-collection-to-be-reissued-on-180g-2lp-vinyl/
  11. Random Madonna Discussion

    It charted in the US in early 84 but flopped in the UK (no 54) and possibly elsewhere. It was re-released in early 86 where it got to no 2 in the UK. As far as I remember, it was re-released to distract from the release of sidewalk talk by jellybean which came out at the same time.
  12. Radio is still massive in the UK but not so much with the under thirties. Friends kids have zero interest in music or clubs and young work colleagues just listen to spotify. Release schedules seem weird now with lyric videos then the main video following weeks after launch. But with nothing to buy and people already streaming the album on release, I don't see how follow up singles can do well now. There's no remixes or cover art to get so what is the point? But then you see the success of Ed S and Drake and wonder who the hell is listening to rubbish like Galway Girl on repeat. I do think though some of those artists mentioned just haven't released great songs or are just boring now. Many artists in the decades before we only good for two or three albums so why are recording ten years or of these mediocre artists? The spice girls barely lasted four.
  13. The first album one has the date on the pink sticker discreetly added as it appears to be identical. The YCD one is unique anyway so not so important.
  14. At least it has the Record Store Day date on it so it's a different release.
  15. Yeah but that's because the week before they'd turned the mikes off literally during the performance of Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen! In Birmingham, she came on at 9.45 and played until 11.40. I was surprised because 10.30 is the usual cut off. But it's not done her any favours and you could see from the schedule they expected more UK shows to go ahead. Holiday was fun live but it's the least slick of all the live performances. And don't get me started on the cheap swing she left on!