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  1. I rip songs from YouTube and use blogs for MP3s. I curate my own playlists and use Google play to listen to them on multiple devices. I buy the latest limited edition Madonna vinyls but that's it now. I've done loads of edits of dance songs so I load those up. I've tried streaming but the selection is so piss poor, most of the songs I want to listen to aren't on there.
  2. jonski43

    New Album Means New Tour

  3. jonski43

    Kanye West

    No idea but it's been huge here in the UK. People singing along at the cinema. The only songs I've heard have been awful wailing Snowflake shite.
  4. jonski43

    Kanye West

    Greatest showman stopped him from getting the no. 1 in the UK. The irony.
  5. jonski43


    Not really into this sound so much, personally
  6. jonski43


    It was announced that a new Prince album of 9 unreleased songs is to be released called the piano and the microphone including an early version of purple rain.
  7. jonski43

    Rick Astley Beautiful Life

    They're going all out Kylie on this. I liked the singles from the last album but never had any particular interest in him yet my Facebook had an ad for this yesterday and they're doing the multi physical format thing they did with Kilo. Pic disc, cassette etc. Not heard a single yet though!
  8. U2s last top ten hit in the US was 1997? Wow! Shocked at some of these!
  9. It would not surprise me if he serves a second term.
  10. Exactly! News here was saying they think he'll struggle to stay in power the next couple of years!
  11. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Yes, I was going to say the same thing. They often reused elements of songs. Supposedly, they've very few Dennis in the vaults as they just wired with songs until they got them right rather than write a lot and keep the best.
  12. jonski43

    Justin Timberlake thread

    😂 Another local along with Jancel, Pariah etc He can't fire out an album of sub-Jackson pop every five years and think he can fill stadiums.
  13. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    I want to know what songs they're using. Glad to see Angeleyes in there. When I kissed the teacher was never a favourite with me and looks kind of crow barred into the plot! If they've dropped summer night city again, I'll be fumin'!
  14. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Looks like more of the same nonsense but sweet in its own way. And watch this. Cher turns up looking like MATM Madonna around 2.10! The scenes around the ruins were filmed in Oxford.
  15. jonski43

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He's postponed his European tour and and cancelled three dates in the UK due to poor ticket sales. He's another celebrity 'name' that thought he could trade on past glories.