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  1. How did you feel when Live To Tell came out and all the jewellery disappeared. I won't lie. I was disappointed she was wearing that old rag of a dress. funnily enough, I don't remember any girls dressing like that at school or elsewhere. It was more rara skirts, Frankie says t shirts etc.
  2. Thanks for posting that, Hector. I don't think anyone internationally really understands how important the Queen is in the UK. The conversation looks very banal but she's very good at putting people at ease and she's respected for her calmness and discretion even if some of the other royals are considered a laughing stock. Ariana is coming back to do a benefit concert too which will hopefully shut Piers Morgan up.
  3. It came up in the blinds last night that she was paid $500k for a day's work and none of it is usable!
  4. I use official artwork for the standard album and single versions. If there are demos / unreleased songs, they have stored separately with a different but related cover. Live albums I use unofficial artwork as the official ones are normally so bad, they're not worth using!
  5. Love this song. It's a highlight on MDNA and I think it could have worked as a single in the UK with a killer dance mix emphasising the 'I'm a sinner, I like it that way'. They should have whacked out some promo copies for the pride season. I'd prefer it didn't have the tired WO sound though. It was too much on Ray of Light and 14 years on it sounded so dated.
  6. Wasn't BTW the most donated cd to charity shops that year and also in the top two least streamed albums from the last few years. slay!
  7. These two 12"s are getting very rare now. They came out when vinyl was really dying a death.
  8. she's hilariously crap as usual. Tweeting about her crap album's sixth anniversary? When was that a milestone. and no mention of Manchester yet? She's just the worst. UO must be crapping themselves. Who thought a jacket with her miserable face on it would turn their fortunes around and relate to their demographic? TK Maxx will be full of that crap in six months.
  9. But Taylor doesn't do dick.
  10. I'm a completist collector and I think I have between 3-4000 on my itunes as I collect all the official mixes etc. I must have over 700 vinyl records too.
  11. So what did she day about Toilet? I can't watch the vid at the moment.
  12. I stil never bought into the idea that M actually fancied him. Perhaps 10 years earlier but by the time they appeared together, hadn't he lost all sex appeal? i assume she just flashed her fanny as a joke knowing he'd have a fit.
  13. But the problem is it was outside the venue. How do you stop people walking round public spaces?
  14. ^ are these pics from A star is porn?
  15. This is so beyond tragic it's untrue. It's like a high school drama project, so beyond basic and cheap. as for the dialogue on cancer, didnt sonja actually know Joanne?