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  1. I think she's the writer of a US comedy drama Girls? Never seen anything positive written about her but she's of the gaga generation of being a victim who is really strong blah, blah, blah. Type of person who'll support gags for her own gain. The RT fan score has dropped from 95 to 83 but the critic score is still 70. SMH
  2. I traded fucks for tracks without a single thought My act became really lame talent cannot be bought i got exactly what dad paid for just by acting badly stealing, lying to be cool a megastar was never... so crappy
  3. Taylor Swift thread

    Neither have I. It made no 1 in the UK but it's dropped quickly. She's just so meh.
  4. Just went to check out Hillary Lindsay and the account has been suspended. Perhaps she's trying to avoid Slob's vile troll fans? But she's one of the writers for Helene Fischer who is selling way more than Slob in just a few countries. When the tour starts up in a month will anybody care? Are tickets still on sale for it?
  5. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    Danny Saber remix on the b side of Rain in the US. same with impressive instant. Both she and the fans wanted it but Warner's didn't. Chumps! As for ITG not getting a release in the US...
  6. I thought there was one more tour left in the contract? But what kind of venue is smaller in her terms? Theatre tour? But great if music comes quicker than expected. I can't believe it's nearly three years since RH
  7. There's a fan rating too which is currently at 95% 😶 And we know she pays for positive reviews in advance so we should see the score gradually drop as others come in.
  8. Everything she has done is highly rated thanks to her minions giving five stars all the time but, in the end, nobody else is interested.
  9. Lol, they know they have to get the movie out sooner after the tour flopped and the music continues to flop. She'll be all but forgotten in a year's time. And you know she'll continue living her Madonna dream in Cannes. Her doc will drop soon enough from number one and like everything else with her, in a day's time something will overshadow her mediocre news.
  10. The album didn't leak until it was on sale. In fact, it was a fan who had to leak it as there was zero interest. Let's face it, this will get universal paid for praise, be the most successful documentary ever but the stats will come in and nobody will have watched it. Lie like lady Gaga.
  11. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Latest blind say dancers are quitting, selling stories about her and crew members are getting arrested.
  12. Ugh you just know it's a lie. This is the woman who kept the money from charity wrist bracelets for the disaster in Japan. And the reviews for her doc saying things 'a well mannered collaborator and boss', just sounds like it's a load of staged lies which I imagine it is.
  13. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    this is fast becoming the best thread in the flop forum what with gags flop tour not delivering the GIFs