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  1. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    First Kylie then moo? Are these deliberate acquisitions to use as a tax loss?
  2. Lady Gaga thread

    I don't think so. Blinds reported several times she was trying to get out of touring but the insurance wouldn't pay up so I think they put back the European tour to get more time to shift tickets. Look for lots of competitions and giveaways. They're still promoting tickets for the UK.
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    Mid January. I think we're in for another round of awards appearances and bought awards for the build up to a star is boring.
  4. Vogue from the tours ranked

    MDNA - visually stunning. GS BAT - should have been longer! S&S RIT - I still think it's a really flat rendition from an audio perspective.
  5. 3 gaga and only 1 M? No Impressive Instant, no Beat Goes On, No Gang Bang, No She's Not Me and so on! although funny how the Slob's only comes from the first album, none of the subsequent junk!
  6. I do feel there is a cult of Bowie bandwagon. When he died so many people were acting like they were his biggest fan yet they only probably owned let's dance and a greatest hits. He produced a lot of crap as well and never gets called out for it.
  7. I feel sorry for him. You'd think when he came out he'd be happy but he just got really bitter. I really think it's down to Furnish who I think is a horrible hanger on and I think Elton knows it but doesn't want to be alone. Don't think EJs mother likes him either. Supposedly DF has pushed away many of Elton's closest friends. He's one of the top ten best selling artists in the UK and well deserved but I wish he wasn't such a bitch.
  8. Lady Gaga thread

    Hilariously there is zero mention of her in the general reviews of the show. Even Christina is getting lots of press along with pink and BTS (?). The guardian says there was a lack of A list talent and her performance just isn't mentioned anywhere. The total indifference to her outside of the paid-for press is astonishing.
  9. Lady Gaga thread

    No-Girls but yeah, I bet she was delighted there was another corpse she'd met she could get some PR off. I pray for Tony at new year.
  10. Wasn't it that TB was picked up by radio in the US so that's why they released it and that probably explains the basic video that had to be put together quickly. And it did give her another No.1 in the UK and is still played a lot here so a double A-side would have been a waste. Clearly, the huge success of TB took them by surprise so the plan for YCD had to be delayed. The album was so huge.
  11. Lady Gaga thread

    He'll deserve the Oscar if he can pull of us believing he fancies her! Did she trend at all on Twitter last night? I can't imagine she did. She's up to 58 on iTunes now though.
  12. At least. YCD was meant to be released in late 86 so they would have been done in summer / autumn at the latest of that year.
  13. I suppose it has hits in it. I doubt many people know anything off RH And why is crazy for you listed out in LAV?
  14. New lot on gottahaverockandroll.com

    Quite a few of the sex outtakes I've not seen before. Hopefully more to come too. Lots of early nudes too although not my thing.
  15. New lot on gottahaverockandroll.com

    Is that the guy from the D&D video?