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  1. They was pretty spectacular. With the first shot, I was expecting her to come out girlie show erotica style 😂
  2. jonski43

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Is this guy still going? I never hear anything about except here. TMZ has taken over. The only song I know by JM is that irritating tongue click one and I've yet to get through 30 seconds of it.
  3. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    😂 Perhaps Merkel and May should join together and sing 'I got you babe'?
  4. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    But the BBC has tried too. We've tried various ways of picking a song in different styles of competition but we just end up with X-factor style rejects. However, part of the problem is we know we're unpopular ever since we invaded Iraq. That really changed things. And now with Brexit we're disliked even more so we know we're going to bomb. And we do think it's hilarious when we come last. It's just one of those things. It will change one day, especially if Brexit is cancelled (which it could still be).
  5. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Yes but I doubt any UK act that's having chart success would want to be a Eurovision act. It's really got a bad image here and you'd only go in for it if you haven't got any chance of mainstream success. Madonna's appearance may change that perception but currently it's seriously uncool and considered a career killer despite the huge audience.
  6. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    We're trying anything to get a decent song but yes the jury were so d list. Although it's a good Eurovision song, I'm not sure sending a pasty white young Brit will be enough to stand up against all the razzle dazzle of other acts especially in the current political climate! And opinion is really split on Twitter.
  7. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Good song but I don't think he's strong enough a performer. I think this would have gone down better all round.
  8. jonski43

    The internet has killed the pop song

    I've said exactly the same thing before. We're seeing a rise in mediocrity. These 'curated' playlists mean the most average, non-offensive tracks become huge as people just let the play on the background of their lives. Drake supposedly has 70+ top forty hits and Nicky Minaj is one of the to females chart stars ever. I really hope Spotify ect collapse and people have to go back to buying music.
  9. jonski43

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    I just don't think anyone cares enough.
  10. jonski43

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Ariana has pulled out now. What a shit show! American awards shows seriously need sorting out
  11. jonski43

    Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    Give stupidity a chance... I listened, I gave ita chance but I don't think it's that good.
  12. jonski43

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Unfortunately, that's pretty much guaranteed otherwise she wouldn't turn up and these awards are one of the biggest scams going. They're also saying that Taylor swift and Maroon 5 are snubbing the awards. Like who cares if those personality vacuums don't turn up. 😂
  13. jonski43

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    The independent listed the top ten half time shows with M at 3 behind Prince and Springsteen. Slob didn't feature. BBC said this show had to rely on other acts unlike the best ones, Prince, Beyonce and gags! The only reason slob performed on her own is that no one would appear with her. But yes, a fourth choice act gives average performance shocker. They really are Starbucks background music!
  14. jonski43

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Yeah. They just didn't want anymore hassle about taking the knee. I'm bet gargoyle will make a reference about herself at some point and hashtag the event.