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  1. There is some evidence that it works and it's currently being looked at which I think it's driving this but yes, still doesn't mean this version is suitable for human consumption. It's quite shocking to see how people have behaved over the past couple of years.
  2. China bans 'sissy men' from TV, demands masculine role models and orders broadcasters to stop promoting 'vulgar internet stars' as President Xi expands his war on fame and capitalism. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9951089/China-bans-sissy-men-TV-new-crackdown.html
  3. There's a very famous quote that you should never invade Afghanistan as you won't win although I can't find the original source. I don't see how there could be a positive outcome whoever was in charge of withdrawing the US troops although Biden seems particularly unprepared.
  4. No it really is the financial institutions but it's because there was child porn being loaded up. IIRC they're not a publicly listed company so it won't affect share price and perhaps they can create a business based around content creators like fitness instructors etc and lose the porn tag. More like Instagram. There are plenty of porn replacements.
  5. There's actually people on there like fitness instructors who can charge for their services which is a good idea but can they grow that enough to have a business? The reason given is that they were not stopping explicit content featuring under eighteen year olds. I wonder what the value of the company will drop by!
  6. The opening ceremony was really underwhelming. Obviously there are restrictions as to what one can do but with a budget supposedly of $160 million for the opening and closing ceremonies and we got that?
  7. I was reading this article and I wonder if they suspected him and tracked him somehow. You can just get this information on the web! It's a serious beach of privacy.
  8. Here's the latest attention seeker who'll want a flag. This guy had surgery to look like his favourite BTS member.
  9. I read a comment that said this is literally climate change in action. There's reports that it's affecting that area of Miami quite badly. They were repairing the roof so all I can assume is that they thought any issues would be cosmetic but the idea of the building collapsing would seem impossible. But just awful for all those involved.
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