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  1. Wasn't BTW the most donated cd to charity shops that year and also in the top two least streamed albums from the last few years. slay!
  2. These two 12"s are getting very rare now. They came out when vinyl was really dying a death.
  3. she's hilariously crap as usual. Tweeting about her crap album's sixth anniversary? When was that a milestone. and no mention of Manchester yet? She's just the worst. UO must be crapping themselves. Who thought a jacket with her miserable face on it would turn their fortunes around and relate to their demographic? TK Maxx will be full of that crap in six months.
  4. But Taylor doesn't do dick.
  5. I'm a completist collector and I think I have between 3-4000 on my itunes as I collect all the official mixes etc. I must have over 700 vinyl records too.
  6. So what did she day about Toilet? I can't watch the vid at the moment.
  7. I stil never bought into the idea that M actually fancied him. Perhaps 10 years earlier but by the time they appeared together, hadn't he lost all sex appeal? i assume she just flashed her fanny as a joke knowing he'd have a fit.
  8. But the problem is it was outside the venue. How do you stop people walking round public spaces?
  9. ^ are these pics from A star is porn?
  10. This is so beyond tragic it's untrue. It's like a high school drama project, so beyond basic and cheap. as for the dialogue on cancer, didnt sonja actually know Joanne?
  11. Yes it looks like they've realised they don't need to go into an event, you just need to go where there's large crowd such as this leaving an event. The person arrested is connected but the bomber is dead.
  12. Surprising as the French are particularly respectful of privacy. This is like something out of the seventies. So many people say they are anti something but then think it's ok to take the piss.
  13. Lots of celebrities have posted messages about the Manchester attack. Of course we know Gaga won't post until a day or so later so she is not overshadowed by more newsworthy artists and gets some press.
  14. Not sure but people were being treated for shrapnel wounds so imagine the bomb killed quite a few. Just awful. Poor Ariana too. i don't know who was killed but it would have been a young audience.
  15. I've just woken up to this. So shocked as heard nothing last night. to think all those young people. There's always security at these events going through bags etc but if they wore a belt they don't do body checks. It will be another lone wolf type I expect. i thought nothing would happen for a while after Westminster bridge. this has really shocked me.