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  1. I was reading that Ivanka and her husband are already becoming social outcasts in New York. Deutsche Bank wants to rid itself of its $300 million loan with Trump too. I bet the kids are petrified the wheels are coming off the gravy train.
  2. Interestingly, there's was a report recently that Trump is one of the few recent presidents where there were no attacks on other countries during his presidency. Even Obama launched some attacks.
  3. Because normally the president isn't a complete corrupt idiot. However, I think Michael Moore said Clinton issued some pardons that were questionable.
  4. I think they're giving him enough rope to hang himself and nobody wants to get caught in the firing line. He'll throw anyone under a bus to save himself so they're keeping quiet. They'll wait until the inauguration and trump's gone, then set about rebuilding the party.
  5. Elitist government, not UK. So many of us just despair at that pillock Boris.
  6. Presumably the ex didn't get the fame and recognition he was hoping for.
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