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  1. Isn't this guy actually doing this to highlight the absurdity of all the gender fluidity? I've seen a few posts suggesting he's trolling the sjws.
  2. jonski43


    I love I hate you, shh etc but dolphin seemed like the wrong choice for a release as were a few other of the singles in the later years.
  3. jonski43


    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I played the song and understand why it never got played here. Very bland. And I've always said that Prince's videos were often cheap like alphabet Street and I wish u heaven. Apparently there's a load more of the later ones to be released over the next month.
  4. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Is the fact that it will be held in Israel a problem anywhere else? We've got massive ongoing arguments in our leftwing labour about anti Semitic behaviour because of the support for Palestine. The Irish labour party want the TV station to boycott the competition if held in Jerusalem and I can imagine the same here. https://wiwibloggs.com/2018/11/03/ireland-labour-party-passes-motion-calling-rte-to-boycott-a-jerusalem-hosted-eurovision/228421/
  5. jonski43

    Kanye West

    The sudden 180 from this former A+ list rapper probably has something to do with his biggest commercial partner threatening to drop him for low sales.Kanye West ("Adidas")
  6. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    If you mean Dum Dum Diddle on arrival I think @Jazzy Jan will be having words with you! Yeah, I was shocked when I saw it. I think it's the original European or Swedish version. The seventies was a weird time.
  7. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    I can't remember who said it, but a DJ said you became a man when you realised Frida was the sexier one. That's so true, lol! As for the new song, Bjorn or Benny said recently it wouldn't be ready for December but perhaps they're just trying to put people off pestering them?
  8. jonski43

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    Agreed. If it gives her some peace of mind and helps her then good. Just feel very sorry for her.
  9. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    And the wonderful 'I let the music speak' giving a hint of Benny and Bjorn's musical leanings. I love 'head over heels' too! Such an underrated single with a great video. Oh and 'like an angel'. I still can't believe M covered this song. All thanks to William orbit!
  10. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Does this count? Always makes me laugh watching the movie and you can hear the chants 'We want EBBA' in strong Ozzie accents! 😁 Yes, it was clear when The Visitors came out, they'd lost their spark. One of Us was big but then Head Over Heels stalled and that was it in the UK. The last two singles underperformed although the First Ten Years did well I think. Still, great to see they are now revered as they should be. This will happen to Madonna one day!
  11. You think Rita put Calvin off women then? 😁
  12. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Can't remember the verse. Something to do with waiting for a bus. I do I do i do and when all is said and done also have versions with different verses. For the completist! I love I know there's something going on by Frida. Such a great 80s track.
  13. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    It was a double a side with voulez vous, at least in the UK. There's a demo version that has an extra verse in! But yes, I think Frida is in the shadow on Agnetha but frankly has some amazing songs. Check out her Swedish version of life on Mars!
  14. jonski43

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Agree. Totally overrated even before she died. The media weren't even interested until she became a car crash drunk. They liked to portray her as authentic and the real deal because she took drugs. She had a few good songs but nothing ground breaking.
  15. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Yeah. Someone did quite a good fan mix and made into a song.