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  1. Come on, Prorogue! General election looking like it could be for November now. As an aside, here is an interesting tweet about Twitter bots. It's long but interesting about how a couple of Boris tweets appear to have been retweeted by fake Pro-trump accounts, pushing for hard Brexit.
  2. Do the democrats actually have a strong likely candidate as I think trump could easily do it again.
  3. This is such a common excuse. Ask any doctor or nurse. Can't believe it made the news anywhere! Channel 5 had a great show called the to fifty things inserted into a human body including light bulbs, stiletto heels, dildos getting stuck. It was quite the eye opener
  4. At my old gym, I saw several guys get into the mixed spa jacuzzi wearing their underwear that they'd worked out in.
  5. It's unbelievable. These loss making businesses that sell for billions. I don't get why Tumblr didn't just reverse their decision. Twitter's full of the stuff and they don't care.
  6. So Verizon just sold Tumblr for less than $3 million after buying it in 2013 for $1.1 billion! Wow! https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/12/20802639/tumblr-verizon-sold-wordpress-blogging-yahoo-adult-content
  7. What shocked me was that I didn't even get a news alert from the BBC for the first one. It's only when the second one happened that I got one. It's like the first one wasn't newsworthy enough as it's so frequent. Don't know what else to say.
  8. After the ban, they lost 150 million visits in a quarter. A third of their traffic. https://hypebeast.com/2019/3/tumblr-traffic-dropped-by-150-million-adult-content-ban Adult content is still on the site but they block other people from seeing what you've uploaded. Hard to see how they will compete with instagram now.
  9. Absolute drubbing for the Tories in the end but a disaster for labour who lost seats when they should have been winning hundreds. Still it could be the kick up the backside British politics needs. The European elections will be hilarious!
  10. It's too late for qualification now isn't it? Eurovision is only three weeks away. But yes, utter rubbish only good for the sadly missed Eurotrash. I just feel pity for the guy. But it always comes back to who are the surgeons who keep doing work on him! I suppose that's why he goes to Iran!
  11. Google Chrome is looking to include encryption which would somehow mean this wouldn't work But yes VPN downloads will surge from then on!
  12. Extension offered is upto May now, day before the elections. Interesting!
  13. I'm going on the march in London on Saturday. I think it could be massive. It's amazing just what a negative affect this is having on people here. The uncertainty is really getting people down. People wondering how long both May and Corbyn will last.
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