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  1. blinds say he's been banging Rihanna and other women. Cant remember seeing mention of him on the downlow. Usher however... Oh yeah, there was a blind for the BETs saying there were so many deals being done about awards, the whole thing would be unbelievable. Didn't Bey win five?
  2. That's so well done but it will enrage her and her stupid fans that once again it proves she's just ripped off one of Madonna's most famous songs. She just can't escape being caught out for the plagiarist she is.
  3. I hope we don't get to see Mooriah's zinger anytime soon.
  4. When an artist's career flounders, it's normally the gay community they target - even with Cher they decided to that with 'Believe'. I suppose it's because it's large demographic that continues to buy music and supports more female artists. See also Geri Halliwell, Britney etc. But yes, just like Gaga to release a PR-created puff piece through billboard after M gets recognition. She can't afford to lose anymore fans so clings desperately to her moron monster minions, even though she hates them as revealed recently in a blind item about a twenty minute rant.
  5. Both M and Chair managed to wish happy pride but gay rights activist and new Yorker mother monster couldn't be bothered. Probably too busy working on an excuse to cancel the tour given there's no sign of rehearsals going on.
  6. Yes gaga, minaj and Ariana are a joke but it shows that Taylor's in trouble. I think the younger generation will gradually discover M's music their own way. I've done it with other artists thanks to the internet.
  7. I don't quite agree - I think she fooled many people she was talented as she has a strong voice and can place some basic piano. She lied and aligned herself to Madonna so much that people think many people think she's a great artist and is deliberately 'raw'. As for Elton, I think he supports Gaga to get at Madonna and I think Furnish is behind it all. He strikes me as a nasty little queen who M has never kissed ass to. She doesn't get called out as there hasn't been any genuine interest in her in six years after the BTW singles flopped so all the media you see is paid for puff pieces. There are so many media outlets desperate for content they'll happily take her paid for articles but they won't waste time having their journalists write about her as no one wants to read about her. As for the support of corporate America, she's safe rebellion. Yeah she spouts some gay pride stuff but she does all the 'God bless America' stuff too. This is bollocks though, isn't it?
  8. Her performance yesterday at Glastonbury was in the same outfit so wondering if this hints to the video
  9. Would you believe Bradley cooper filmed a live scene at Glastonbury yesterday? At least they didn't unleash the gorgon on the crowd. She would have tweeted it was her concert.
  10. I don't get why they release videos so late now. The song is already dropping like a stone in the UK. Won't it be too late?
  11. It was a look from the ChartGrave tour He looks embarrassed to be seen with her. I mean what the fucks she wearing and posing like that for on a country path? Idiot
  12. ^ that curly black wig look was just one of the worst ever. There was a pic of her in it and a thong backstage that made her look like an Ewok doing Cher.
  13. Blinds were saying she's desperate to get pregnant so boyfriend was summoned to set whilst she was ovulating. Would you really do this just before a tour unless you were looking for a reason to cancel? So much more like Janet than we realised!