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  1. So what is next? It's four months until the tour starts and the album is over. four months propping up 'Manure'?
  2. I still think that's too complimentary. She was a manufactured act from the start who just rehashed other artists' work and had a few hits at the start of her career. But any criticism of her is welcome as she's got away with so much. She's at no. 25 in the UK midweek chart so hanging in better than expected. no. 32 on US iTunes though. Do you think the record company finally realise that no one is interested? I was expecting Payola surge after Saturday. or are they now trying the Spotify playlists in an attempt to force people to listen?
  3. Here's the definitive list: She has 52.5million certifiable units but sales claim up to 100 million. FYI, Madonna has 170.5 million certifiable units but sales claim up to between 275 and 300 million. I suppose these extra sales are for countries where units are shipping but can't be tracked. So she is definitely one of the most successful females.
  4. hardly any gifs from Coachella so threw in a couple of super bowel ones. And that stupid keytar thing. What an idiot.
  5. I got one! Nearly didn't bother going looking as tired and couldn't remember where the vinyl shops are then they made you ask at the counter so I felt embarrassed but they had two in stock! so if anyone wants one in London, Sister Ray on Berwick Street had one copy.
  6. Oops yes, $483 was her total touring amount. what I mean is that presumably she's still turning a profit to get the backing although I have also thought she's either a tax loss scheme to reduce record company taxes or someone is using her career to launder money.
  7. She said quite early on her career she was bankrupt but who can believe what she says when her dad gets 50%. the money will come from touring. ChartGrave tour made $483 million so good in spite of a flop album so they will be hoping for something similar with this flop album.
  8. Frozen Calderone NRM Future Mix - love the jazzy vibe of this NRM Vikram Edit these are my face but DWT Bt Sasha mix is good as is the Sasha ultra violet mix of ROL and I quite like the Fabian mix of POG
  9. Fingers crossed I can pick it up on eBay or discogs in a few weeks.
  10. The thing is, the few bits I've heard from Artpop and Joanne don't sound too bad to me and I may like them if I heard them properly but, this is her problem, she alienated fanbases of other artists. I'd stream songs by all of the other flop princesses but I'll never listen to her music because of all that she's done. she could have built a steady career with her music but her ego killed it.
  11. Didn't get mine but couldn't get to shop until four so not there. May see if I can get one in London tomorrow.
  12. ^ does she really think she's giving it some Kim K realness? She is hilarious.
  13. ^ sorry but she just gets right on my tits and she and her bloody family are always in the uk media for no reason.
  14. I didn't realise this either but I think over time things will even out for traditional artists as subscription playlists become the norm for families. I'm gradually seeing people my age signing up. However for a contemporary artist Gaga's streaming figures are a disaster. And oof at those concert tickets stuck on secondary sites. You just know they're trying to hype it that it's a must see sold out concert. that born brave bus best get a move on to hand those things out
  15. Tour starts August to give them plenty of time to give away the tickets. This single will be gone in a couple of weeks so I guess they'll just be propping it up with Payola in the US for the next three months.