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  1. I'm listening to do much more radio now. Radio 2 plays such a broad array of music that I get to hear so many random styles of songs. I'm not bothered if it's 'new' or old so long as it's new to me. YouTube recommendations are great too. I spend so much time curating my own playlists doing edits of long songs etc.
  2. jonski43


    I know! There's a few videos for the remixes of Gett Off which I've never seen before. There's the beautiful experience video which is around an hour long which features come and the early version of days of wild.
  3. jonski43


    Drake and Lil Wayne don't have a single memorable song between them and we're supposed to believe this crap!
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    I think I had to rip a video from YouTube for automatic
  6. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    I do think at some point they will have to look at streaming again as the current crop of artists are breaking records but don't appear to have any memorable tunes! Numbers are so inflated.
  7. I rip songs from YouTube and use blogs for MP3s. I curate my own playlists and use Google play to listen to them on multiple devices. I buy the latest limited edition Madonna vinyls but that's it now. I've done loads of edits of dance songs so I load those up. I've tried streaming but the selection is so piss poor, most of the songs I want to listen to aren't on there.
  8. jonski43

    New Album Means New Tour

  9. jonski43

    Kanye West

    No idea but it's been huge here in the UK. People singing along at the cinema. The only songs I've heard have been awful wailing Snowflake shite.
  10. jonski43

    Kanye West

    Greatest showman stopped him from getting the no. 1 in the UK. The irony.
  11. jonski43


    Not really into this sound so much, personally
  12. jonski43


    It was announced that a new Prince album of 9 unreleased songs is to be released called the piano and the microphone including an early version of purple rain.
  13. jonski43

    Rick Astley Beautiful Life

    They're going all out Kylie on this. I liked the singles from the last album but never had any particular interest in him yet my Facebook had an ad for this yesterday and they're doing the multi physical format thing they did with Kilo. Pic disc, cassette etc. Not heard a single yet though!
  14. U2s last top ten hit in the US was 1997? Wow! Shocked at some of these!
  15. It would not surprise me if he serves a second term.