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  1. So drag race aired. Did she manage to crowbar in any of her latest shitty tunes as it doesn'tappear to have done jack for million discounts that's still languishing like an unflushable turd in the high thirties.
  2. Just saw on M-Infin that Madonna and Bruce Springsteen joined Prince on stage to perform Baby I'm A Star on February 23rd, 1985 at The Forum, in Inglewood, California - M played tambourine! Apparently, no pictures of M have surfaced yet!
  3. But she lacked real sex appeal. She always came across as a dumb bitch and she has zero moves and no passion to suggest she's much good in bed either. J-Lo has a spark. Gaga never had any sex appeal and rarely made any of the sexiest women top tens even at her peak. Gaga's a flop musically but her tours must turn a reasonable profit which few artists are capable of which is why they let her continue. No idea how this tour is selling although I can't see how it's going to sell more than ChartGrave as there is no interest in this woman online. has her drag race episode been shown?
  4. I think it was after as they used the Oscars to really push the song and did everything they could to promote it but even global exposure wasn't enough to make people by this turd of a song.
  5. Wasn't her episode of Drag Race on last night? Can't believe she's moaning about being famous but it's always been lies for victimhood with thus bitch.
  6. I thought it going to be a boobs or bum type question!
  7. Remember, no clicks for Gaga so please explain this article. the letter to the BBC saying how important it was for people to here her song was hilariously desperate ,
  8. Perhaps it not being a very good song was also a factor? I mean it bombed everywhere in spite of high profile exposure. we know globes and Grammies are bought but are there recent examples of Oscars being bought?
  9. So the attacker was identified and appears to have converted to Islam.
  10. It's back up to no 27 in iTunes which could be the remix. I saw it on Twitter referred to as a pop banger but assumed it was more paid for hype
  11. We have to remember this is another 'lone wolf' who just lost it, not some highly sophisticated terrorist cell. Not really much difference between this guy and the white youth doing a mass shooting. Misguided anger.
  12. Is she singing 'I'll hit you like a milk truck'?
  13. The original is beautiful as it's unique which is why it's such as shame to release it like this. They could do so much but I suppose this is a quick way to make a buck without doing much.
  14. Edge of Glory and Telephone are OK too and people like Alejandro but they are all the same or rip offs of others' work. Everytime I try and sing Bad Romance I end up singing Paparazzi as they're virtually the same song. She really is Lady EP of hits. Ugh, really going for the Oscar and what a joke
  15. With the leak of Love Hurts I was thinking just how amazing the metamorphosis of this is. I would have been happy with the first demo but it evolved into the wonderful Erotica but then got flipped back to the previous You Thrill Me and mixed up for Confessions. 3 Amazing songs from one concept! I'm guessing it went Love Hurts, the You Thrill Me, then Erotic for SEX which got remixed to become Erotica. Erotic - SEX version - can't find on youtube