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  1. It's just ridiculous. Lil Wayne, Drake and Taylor swift all have more top 40 hits than the Beatles or Madonna??? They've not even got five memorable songs between them!
  2. Do we know what Katy's tour has done so far? But yeah, she's right up there with the touring force that is Ariana Grande lol! The European leg starts off on mid January in Barcelona. How's ticket sales there?
  3. Yes the blinds said ticket sales weren't great with around 15% being given away. They've done everything to make her look a success but the end of year charts show her missing everywhere except for Joan at 35 in the album charts and that was with extensive discounting from day one.
  4. I was going to ask this. I'd take Ed over Som Smeet any day. He's got some good sings, way better than the dreadful cod soul that Smeet churns out.
  5. The ChartGrave tour only made $83 million and that had more dates. Hilariously Wikipedia says every show of that tour was sold out yet there were pictures of huge gaps for many shows. Not sure how her Joan box score compared but every show so far is showing sold out but will she get to $100 million? Tickets still available for UK. Not so many on secondary sites so I wonder if they've dumped them back on the main sites to avoid being left with a load of overpriced unsold tickets.
  6. What happened to Spotlight?

    I think True Blue's success was much greater than they expected. True Blue the single wasn't meant to be released but then radio started playing it so Open Your Heart was shunted back to December when YCD came out and TB got released early Autumn. I remember going to HMV in December 86 to buy YCD and being surprised that OYH was had been released and YCD wasn't available. I've no idea if LIB was meant to be released or whether it got a release owing to the amazing success of the album. The WTG movie was doomed as it got bad reviews and wasn't very good, nothing to do with saturation!
  7. yeah, it really screws a chronological compilation stuck between Rescue Me and Erotica!
  8. Yes, was the cover from a dropped scene from the film or video? I can't remember seeing it anywhere. So lazy!
  9. It's a really good twitter to follow - they take modern tabloid pics and match them with classic pieces of art. The US leg of her World Bore finishes on Monday then she's got the new year countdown in New York where's she's going to push Tony off a building for more PR.
  10. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    It's streaming and that counts for the charts way more than iTunes now. It will be on every Christmas playlist going. So it will be like this every year. In the UK, some data analyst looked at data for the last nine years and it came out as the UK's favourite Christmas song. It is a great song. She's just insufferable though at this time of year.
  11. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    Please let her drop an album out of the blue! We loved her social media postings on RH as it seems she was really in tune with the times but she was seriously burned by the leaks which were just so bad that the whole album plus many unreleased tracks leaked completely ruining the album launch. Meanwhile, around the same time both Bowie and Beyonce dropped albums out of the blue, no leaks and lots of hype. I'm sure she learned from that big time.
  12. Radio 2 are pushing Gorgeous and it's still only in the sixties having peaked at 15 a few weeks ago. A fourth single already? Her record company must like Gaga's during the Artpop era!