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  1. jonski43

    Justin Timberlake thread

    😂 Another local along with Jancel, Pariah etc He can't fire out an album of sub-Jackson pop every five years and think he can fill stadiums.
  2. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    I want to know what songs they're using. Glad to see Angeleyes in there. When I kissed the teacher was never a favourite with me and looks kind of crow barred into the plot! If they've dropped summer night city again, I'll be fumin'!
  3. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Looks like more of the same nonsense but sweet in its own way. And watch this. Cher turns up looking like MATM Madonna around 2.10! The scenes around the ruins were filmed in Oxford.
  4. jonski43

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He's postponed his European tour and and cancelled three dates in the UK due to poor ticket sales. He's another celebrity 'name' that thought he could trade on past glories.
  5. jonski43

    MASS Brawl at Ascot.

    Ascot is often called ' chavscot' now because of the rough crowd it's been attracting in the last few years. Unfortunately, the wrong type of people now go along and use it as an excuse to drink throughout the day and get steaming drunk. They love a good fight too and think this is hilarious. They won't limit the sale of alcohol though as they're making far too much money from it. Things will only change if there's an impact on revenue.
  6. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Apparently, he's done it before at a UK TV awards show. I think he's anti Brexit and wants to attack the pro Brexit media in the UK like the fail.
  7. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Australia appears to be an associated member of the EBU so that's why they qualify. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Broadcasting_Union Whilst I don't agree with Israel etc, the whole point of the competition is to bring countries together and transcend politics!
  8. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Omg, the London media gays will be in meltdown about Israel winning! I've already seen one person going on about Palestine and anti Israel comment. Music makes the people come together!
  9. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    They were fun. I've no idea who will win but I have heard that J lo knock off, Cyprus, is popular but I don't think it's very good
  10. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    Lithuania? Really? We could not understand how that got through. Belgium were robbed. Ireland only got through because of the gay dancers. Cyprus wasn't great. I liked the Czech guys though. Israel was hilarious. I got mixed up with another country so did not expect fat Bjork doing a chicken impression.
  11. jonski43

    Justin Timberlake thread

    His tour just seems like ten years too late. He's like maroon 5, just hanging around easy after their expiry date
  12. jonski43

    Record Store Day (21 April 2018)

    The post have lost my ABBA single 😫
  13. Yes, the memorabilia spanned his whole career but the music and audio guide covered up to the early nineties.
  14. This back in the day A- list group now just has a bunch of celebs trying to make a buck off their name. Hey, they still sing and go on tour but they won't be going with this former A lister any time soon. They should have known better to bring him. They wrote a big check to one of their employees who said her daughter was sexually assaulted by the former A lister during the tour. The former A lister claimed he didn't have any money to kick in and help pay. "Fleetwood Mac"/Lindsey Buckingham