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  1. Every country has its criminals. That's not the argument. The question is, in a democracy, do you give people a voice even if you don't like what they say? If you only allow people on TV who voice the opinions you want to hear, that's censorship and not democratic. This was the problem with the Brexit in the first place. They asked the question thinking we'd say no to leaving. The biggest problem we face is getting the facts out and stopping the spread of lies so that people like this woman are better informed. The Tory party recently posted a heavily edited video that portrayed a Labour MP incorrectly and changed their Twitter account to look like a fact checking service. These tactics are scary.
  2. The BBC's remit is to be impartial and therefore air a variety of opinions. That's democracy. In the late nineties, from what I've read, Labour changed our immigration laws and the numbers coming into this country increased massively. We're one of the most densely populated countries in the world and the consequence is that public services are stretched. We never used to have to wait three weeks to get a doctor's appointment but now it's the norm. And it's the poorer areas that suffer the most. Successive governments have ended up admitting they don't know how many immigrants there are here. Unfortunately, for years, the Labour party just branded anyone racist who questioned immigration. Now they've actually realised that they should have listened because their voters have deserted them for the Tories. Wanting a cap on immigration isn't necessarily racist. Yes, there will be the racist element there but you average person just wants a balance so our public services aren't overwhelmed.
  3. There was a blind saying his life might be in danger if he leaves the UK. If he makes a plea bargain and names names, some big people could be affected.
  4. From what I hear, the senate will reject the impeachment in January so nothing will change and trump will get in to office again
  5. Talking to friends and on Twitter and so many people who were staunch Labour left the party because of Corbyn and momentum. He had the biggest loss of seats in eighty years. I just don't understand why Labour kept him when he was failing at a time when the opposition should have been surging ahead. We're talking about many areas of the country that were Labour heartlands. Many people remember life under Labour in the seventies with strikes, power cuts, four day weeks. That's what Corbyn represented and his young supporters didn't understand. However, many people are saying it's only temporary and I agree. Once Brexit is done and Labour have a new leader, Boris will lose a lot of support. He's not popular, proven liar, etc. People turn quickly.
  6. Bet Lynch telling it like it is. Have to say, it's weird at work. Nobody is discussing it. They're just going on about last night's Christmas party and football. Younger demographic perhaps but strange. In my old job, when brexit happened people were in shock and everyone talking about it.
  7. I think people have massively under estimated how many people want brexit. This was a one issue election. Even if Corbyn had been replaced, I'm not sure Labour could have won but it might have led to a hung parliament again.
  8. Unfortunately, this election really does seem to be coming down to one issue so Boris' behaviour is being excused. I've never seen anything like this. Politicians telling people their leader is unfit to govern, to vote for other parties, leaving their parties. And really there are only a few key seats that will decide the outcome. It's going to be one hell of an evening tomorrow
  9. Yes, I think they did frequent the Elm Guest house. Don't know anything about Dunblane though??? But yes, if you look at Epstein's flight book there were so many huge stars, politicians and VIPs listed. I'm sure one or two names will have to fall on their swords to cover the rest of them. Blinds saying that Ghislaine Maxwell has so many recordings and videos that she's safe. I can see this dragging on and going nowhere like Spacey and Weinstein.
  10. Everybody knew about Jimmy Savile but he had good connections and very tough lawyers as does another well known celebrity in the UK who'll be exposed when he dies. I'm surprised but Andrew is getting a lot of heat in the press at the moment. As for Meghan, she's a known yachter and known gold digger. She's nothing like Diana who was just posh and naive. Just look at the rift between William and Harry. They were so close for years.
  11. Come on, Prorogue! General election looking like it could be for November now. As an aside, here is an interesting tweet about Twitter bots. It's long but interesting about how a couple of Boris tweets appear to have been retweeted by fake Pro-trump accounts, pushing for hard Brexit.
  12. Do the democrats actually have a strong likely candidate as I think trump could easily do it again.
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