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  1. No we can't understand why they're quarantining either. I'm surprised anyone let's it's into their countries. My friend is working on covid and they send information, advice etc to Downing Street but they often ignore it and then do something completely different. People do think that Boris may get kicked out and replaced by Rishi Sunak at some point.
  2. The left one has gone west! And the face looks like a sex doll.
  3. Good grief, that nose! There's nearly nothing there. But where does a z list celebrity get the money to do all these operations?
  4. Actually the plague can be treated with anti biotics now. This is not a new pandemic, just a scare story.
  5. Companies including Unilever, coke and now Lego are pulling ads from Facebook because of hate speech. This is a great start and I hope more do it to end the depressing state of social media https://www.theverge.com/21307454/unilever-verizon-coca-cola-starbucks-microsoft-ads-facebook
  6. I'll bring the Wyecliffe Jean Cd then we'll go and see the Dreamboys.
  7. US Karen's seem to be slightly different to UK ones. Ours are hard faced cows with 'i want to speak to the manager' haircuts and resting bitch face. Just gobby bullies.
  8. Nobody has said there isn't racism in Europe. There is, but, once again, the continued, frequent gunning down of black people by American cops for literally nothing and clearly supported by government is something way beyond anything seen here.
  9. This! The police are so much better in Europe. The UK police aren't even armed most of the time. We cannot compare our forces to those of the US where black people are being slain for 'looking suspicious'. If just one of these crimes happened here, the country would be in uproar. But this goes right to the top in the US and ties in with gun control, the NRA, white supremacists with Trump at the top. And I don't see how it will improve. I still think Trump could win the next election.
  10. Good grief. That's really shocking. Remember the Pulse nightclub shootings? Some American sources said they were actors too. It's depressing what people will say but I don't think they believe it anymore than we do. They just don't care and want an excuse not to. We recently had people burn down 5g masts because a rumour went round it spread covid. I don't think people really believe it, they just want an excuse to be angry about something. I don't think things will change until social media outlets are made responsible for the content published on their platforms. Currently, they're not considered publishers but I think that's incorrect.
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