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  1. jonski43


    I never get why no one mentions It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back). It's such a great song
  2. jonski43


    I think he means the new online shop to get as much money as possible! Rinse that back catalogue!
  3. jonski43


    Prince's estate have just launched an official online store! http://thequietus.com/articles/25340-prince-estate-new-shop Shop here https://www.princeestate.com/
  4. jonski43

    George Michael thread

    This should go in the dark side of stanning thread! It always went on but was by snail mail then!
  5. jonski43

    Eurovision thread

    I'm wondering how this is going to play out. We've got a real issue of anti-Semitism in our Labour party (because of support for Palestine) yet Eurovision is huge with the London gays who will most likely be of a left leaning persuasion. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/sep/07/boycott-eurovision-song-contest-hosted-by-israel
  6. This song is really growing on me and Som Smeet doesnt hit those awful high notes that sound so bad. I'm also loving Chainsmokers Side Effects. Some really good house songs around at the moment.
  7. jonski43

    80s New Wave

    Some of my faves For me, new wave covers the end of the seventies and early eighties. Burning Up is probably the only song by M that would qualify?
  8. I have a cd player in my car. I listen to mp3s on my PC with a variety of playlists which I can load to Google play. and streaming has very little of what I want including remixes and obscure songs. All it seems to have is album versions of many tracks. Others you have to subscribe to be able to hear. It's all too much hassle.
  9. This would be a great article but choosing Janet as an example was wrong as she was over by 2002. But yes, this is an issue affecting many older artists including M. Her older core fanbase don't stream and don't buy downloads. I don't. Although I'm streaming into the groove now to get it over 1 million in the UK!
  10. jonski43

    Michael Jackson

    #michaeljacksonday is trending on Twitter as it's his birthday. I'm thinking about posting 'let's raise a glass of Jesus juice in his memory' on Twitter! 😁
  11. jonski43


    Is there a different version of the song then?
  12. jonski43


    Isn't it like his 'American Pie' and not meant to part of an album but added anyway? I seem to think it was a one off he wrote in retaliation to a comment that he was past his best and wouldn't get another number one. The beautiful experience followed and charted separately in the UK I think.
  13. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Found this early version of 'Like An Angel'. Completely different lyrics and title but same melody here's the full outtake of variations
  14. jonski43

    Michael Jackson

    Omg three of the songs on the first postumous album were sung by an impersonator! https://hhhhappy.com/sony-music-admits-to-releasing-fake-michael-jackson-songs/