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  1. Yes, couldn't they afford the country outfits for the dancers or do they think her fanbase just have to see slutty costumes? Mind you, pushed Mincing back up to #32 in Itunes and Flop me to #71 so ten people were impressed although I saw an article in the mirror saying viewers thought it was terrible and she was screeching. Nice to see the Don't Tell Me choreography though.
  2. Queen Cathy Dennis

    I loved everybody move and have the 12". She had some good tunes but she did lack real pop charisma. She virtually sings all of toxic though!
  3. She's entered the UK charts at no 87. That's 2 places below Despacito!
  4. Somebody thinks it's going to be a huge success! http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/kylie-minogues-label-set-huge-target-for-new-album-golden-it-will-be-the-biggest-selling-week-one-record-we-ve-ever-had__22305/ Stop me from charting hasn't made the top 100 though. Hasn't it occurred to her that siding with gaga won't bring her dwindling fanbase onboard but will alienate her from Madonna's who were much more likely to buy her songs being from that generation!
  5. They're loving her new song on radio 2. It's on all the time! I thought we'd seen the last of her after the no song flopped. And the bucket sound production really annoys me!
  6. Stop me from flopping is record of the week on radio 2 but it's literally no where on kworb except no93 in UK iTunes. No streaming except in Taiwan. Mincing is only four countries but no streaming.
  7. Review of the tooth fairy's gig at Berghain. https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/22393
  8. Both of them are druggies but they are big names in a sea of mediocrity. Why spend £6 on a magazine though when you look at great pictures of hot people at the touch of a button? I rarely buy mags now either.
  9. Wow, Delicate hasn't yet charted in the UK and is at No.84 in the US. And I didn't realise she was in an episode of Family Guy as Chris's girlfriend!
  10. Yes, I was wondering if she's given up on M fans after coming here! Gaga alienated other fanbases, especially us and she tanked spectacularly although rubbish songs hasn't helped.
  11. So not a single post about how she's feeling better and got over her severe pain that caused her to cancel a tour just staged paparazzi shots of her and about paid for boyfriend? And no one thinks this is odd?
  12. Do they actually mentions gags country effort? I bet they don't because Kylie probably only knows her basic five hits like most other people.
  13. The reductive Trump of Pop

    The name 'lady Gaga' is genius branding. It's easy, memorable and stands out amongst other artists. This has kept her in the public conscience way longer than her talent. She has a very poor back catalogue and in ten years people will look back and wonder why she was so big.