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  1. I'm going on the march in London on Saturday. I think it could be massive. It's amazing just what a negative affect this is having on people here. The uncertainty is really getting people down. People wondering how long both May and Corbyn will last.
  2. I agree. Don't be part of society that watches this just 'out of curiosity'. It's truly horrible and unacceptable and is not casual entertainment. And it may be everywhere but you still have a stop button!
  3. jonski43

    Grace Jones thread

    So grace is performing at world pride in New York? How does this relate to what M was supposedly doing for pride? https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/grace-jones-headline-new-york-city-pride/
  4. One hit from the past can make the top twenty just shows what a joke these women's careers are. Selena Gomez, Halsey and Demi Lovato etc like they have a hit that your average person could name. The industry is dead.
  5. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    Yes SNC is my favourite song of theirs and they refer to it as their 'problem child' it also underperformed in the charts in comparison to previous songs so another reason they don't like it!!! I love the production! Such a rich, intense sound.
  6. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    I suppose it depends where you are. Album gold came out in 92 and was a huge success in the UK several years before mamma Mia came out. Here their songs are timeless in the same way M's are and being away for ten years meant they benefitted from nostalgia. Same with Queen. Also, the musical was in no way guaranteed to be a hit as it was really the first of its kind but took off massively further cementing their reputation.
  7. jonski43

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    Radio stations round the world, including radio 2, are pulling his music from playlists. How long it will last though...
  8. jonski43

    ABBA thread

    First single feat Pitbull. #soon
  9. This was one of my songs from uni. So sad. Everyone who talks him said in real life he was a really decent guy.
  10. jonski43

    Grace Jones thread

    Yes, we're complaining about M and #soon bring 18 months but grace is in a whole league of her own!
  11. jonski43

    Grace Jones thread

    I thought exactly the same thing. She's too old. She needs to retire etc. She's the media's whipping boy.
  12. jonski43

    Grace Jones thread

    No sign of new music but