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  1. Think she's been a wonderful role model for POC and she obviously really fashionable and looks great. Just Very tired about how some writers in mainstream news like NY times, NPR, and huff post lick her asshole and place her on a pedestal because she's a black woman. Of course, amazing US can have a black president and family when so much racism in society, but I hate over the top identity politics and smug elitism. 

  2. Some people have been telling me too that they're extremly sad. My cousin told me last night how students at her college were skipping classes yesterday because everybody felt down. 

    Not  personally angry or depressed. Just very concerned about how presidency will effect future policy decisions.

    My elderly relatives survived nazi occupations during the fourties, so figure most of us can survive Trump. Lol 

  3. 32 minutes ago, FreeMySoul said:

    Attacking one another will only make things worse. Use ur energy in becoming a proactive member of ur community to bring on change. Don't spread hate. 

    LGBTQ community this is our call to action where we rise up and not hide in fear that's what they want and I for one will not give them the satisfaction.


    Def agree with some you said. Unfortunately, some leftists and people who embrace identity politics viciously attack others who tend to be on their side, while embracing an ideology of victimhood. Of course, I don't mean that's everybody. Just from my personal experience it's getting more difficult to engage in discussion where we can strongly disagree without resentment and name calling. 

  4. 11 minutes ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    And this is exactly what not happened. The contrary is true. They did a horrible job at reporting about Trump. I tell you, there'll be earthquakes going through the media once this is over. I hope they grow some balls back, Oh wait, Trump will try to take freedom of press away. And the media only has to blame themselves.


    See your viewpoint, but I just came across so much negative news about him running from the major mainstream and liberal organizations. Thought that it would have had a bigger impact on the public not voting for him.

    Let's see what happens tonight and hopefully he won't reach 270. 

  5. Really glad this election will be finally done and Trump will lose even though not crazy about Hilary either. Just really disappointed how American public is so split and people hating on each other from both sides. Even in my extended family people who are leftist and conservative are arguing intensely without finding any common ground to make some sort of peace and compromise.

    No matter what you still need to find a way to live with people in society you don't agree with. 

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