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  1. Nervous about the hurricane! My parents left SW Florida & came to NY because as of now, their area is going to be hit by the eye of hurricane for sure. Their home is only a mile outside the mandatory evacuation zone. It's supposedly too far from the beach to get hit by the ten to twelve feet ocean surge, which is predicted to be the worse in the entire state. Very sad because use to spend a lot of time on the beautiful beaches on the gulf of Mexico in SW Florida. They are def going to be destroyed. Hope people stay safe & don't have damages to their apartments & homes.
  2. It's really interesting how so many bi/gay men wind up embracing strict religious doctrine & use it to repress their sexuality. Problem is that the biggest religious zealots against lgbtq & even all sex outside of marriage, usually have major personal issues. They wind up projecting all their fears & repressed sexual faeelings onto sexual minorities & women. At least here in the US people are quickky becoming less fanatical about religion even compared to ten to fiften yesrs ago.
  3. Doubt lawyers who are arguing against her abortion give a s**t about the fetus. Just a way to exert power and control girls and women's reproductive choices and sexuality. Ugh!
  4. Awful shooting seems like it was handled poorly by Minneapolis administration, and the cop already had some complaints filed against him. He acted with such poor judgment, and don't understand how he passed the rigorous screening to become a cop.
  5. Not surprising and very disturbing! Use to be friendly with cute gay priest who's from Midwest and was a professor in NY. From what I remembrr, he told me church administration was aware of the homos, but it's not openly discussed. Guess like don't ask don't don't tell kinda thing. I also dated a guy who's cousin was a gay priest. He sometimes went out to bars and got laid. At least what he was doing was consensual, and not involving kids.
  6. Agree that she lives for creating drama and getting folks all outraged, while obtaining more book deals and coins in the bank. I use to get very pissed by her inflammatory comments when I first saw her on tv, but she obviously feeds off the intense negativity she creates. As far as taking the pic, I'm a private person, so I would've been mad.
  7. Ann Coulter has always been a mean spirited troll out to make money by insulting people. Never took this asshole seriously. lol
  8. Don't know how people addicted to plastic surgery could undergo so many nose jobs! In my early twenties, I had my slight deviated septum fixed for breathing purposes and the recovery was pretty uncomfortable and gross.....
  9. I dislike the airline industry, so politics aside, don't care who criticizes these corporate entities who hold their customers by the balls. I can't believe with all the $$ airlines make, they can't give you more than a bag of chips for some flights, or cramming you into into tiny, uncomfortable seats. It's all extremely frustrating!
  10. Look like they were dumb bros goofing around! Do wonder if stereotype is true that Brazilian men are more open to swinging hoth ways due to the culture or whatever.
  11. Germany is one of my favorite countries and hope it passes for people who want to get married. Can't see SSM being legal anytime soon in most of eastern Europe because of social conservatism. Hopefully, the younger generation will be more open to it as time passes.
  12. Omg was reading tweets earlier from a person watching the fire in person. There were people stuck on the higher floors & screaming to be saved.
  13. Sorry this continues to happen more regularly.
  14. Makes me sad to read disturbing article! Don't know how these victims avoid developing ptsd or other mental health issues.
  15. I've been in London twice & was honestly kinda surprised about the amount of drunks on the streets on the end of the night. I once saw two blond hair women slapping each other like crazy in the city centre.
  16. There are much more pressing issues facing their state than banning marriage equality. Also, an outright ban won't be as popular as in previous decades. NC is actually becoming much more liberal in some parts & more people are moving in from other cities. Let's hope the newer residents & younger voters in state won't tolerate these asshole politicians anymore.
  17. What a bizarre & sad situation! Hope the guy is ok.... Agree that flying sucks.Use to fly more regularly, but coach seating is uncomfortable & you're hardly offered anything. Airlines rip you off to check one extra bag. Sometimes you get stuck next to a crazy person or someone who wants to talk your ear off. Experiencing long delays on the tarmac is dreadful too.
  18. Employers shouldn't be doing this. I cherish my privacy!
  19. Terrible news & unfortunately not surprising at all! Expect more fanatics to continue terrorizing European cities with bombs. & other means.....
  20. Don't watch any online video unless you want to be traumatized! It's very fucked up!!
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