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  1. 14 hours ago, functions_X said:

    just read an article explaining that they might stay in the cave for up to 4 months, due to parts of the cave being flooded, so now teams are finding a way to bring them supplies for the next few months. Apparently the only way out if a 6 hour dive through mud, and it's difficult even for skilled professionals, so now teams are deciding what to do. Parts of the cave that can be drilled from the surface are not connected to the chamber where the kids are, and diving is impossible for them at the moment because the kids are not trained for that, so for the time being it seems like they will be stuck there.

    Unbelievable story, surely a movie will be made some day.

    Wow what an incredible and crazy situation. Hoping they get out much sooner.

  2. On 12/14/2017 at 9:36 PM, ULIZOS said:



    But none of this is about making the internet more expensive. It's about giving internet providers more power over what you can and cannot access, and how fast you can access such sites. THAT'S the terrifying and infuriating part.


    Worried about “internet” having more power about what you & cannot view. Think it should be all left to the individuals to decide for themselves & not be left to unknown bureaucrats or employees in some commission.

  3. Feel very sorry for them There’s still this superstitious crap in the world where women, old people, children, and all different type of outcasts get branded with accusations of witchcraft and even satanism. Similar to this situation they wind up getting tortured and sometimes killed. :imsad: Don’t know how the international communities can help fight these reoccurrences because they’re deeply embedded in some cultures. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Lolo said:

    Does anyone feel transmammal yet and thinks it should live as a dolphin or something ? Maybe I should come out and make a few bucks with that story...

    I know that there was media coverage from a few months ago of a transgender male doctoral student who wrote an important paper on identifying as a hippopotamus. He referred to the phenomena as a ”tranimal” and no he really do it.:lol::lol:

  5. Agree not surprising at all! Have hooked up and even dated some closet cases or guys more on the “down low”. Of course, some were pretty religious and lead double lives with seriously dating women or even having kids. Just  that it’s completely wrong to and hypocritical to have sex with the same sex while f**king them over socially and politically like this congressman. 

    Still pretty fascinating that in 2017 guys can still try to live these double lives in th US. I can understand it more in more homophobic societies, but maybe this guy wanted all the power and prestige that comes from being a lawmaker. 

  6. 18 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    As a Berliner I hardly feel that there is any division left. It's all very mixed by now. At least in all the city centre districts of Berlin. Also you have so much influx nationally and internationally. A little bit politically, the West is a little bit more conservative whereas the East is a little more socialist. Overall Berlin is and has always been a proletarian city with the social democrats running the city (one of the reasons Hitler hated Berlin). Anyway. Are there places you hardly go? Sure. But this has more to do with the fact that Berlin is such a huge city and it is sometimes quite time consuming to get from A to B despite the fact that Berlin has a great public transport system. You create your life around the place where you live and as in any other metropolis you don't really need to leave this area/district/borough except for work maybe. Let's compare that to NYC. How often do people living in the Bronx go to Queens or Brooklyn?

    Thanks for your points! My observation was that I noticed some idifferences but I’m a just a tourist trying to see & do so much within less than a week. I have no idea what’s it like to actually live there, know the language & people, especially with so much changing & diversity.

    Would love to go back in a couple of years. I use to fantasize about moving there. Lol

  7. Went to Berlin several years ago & it was so interesting to see the big differences between the eastern & western part of the city. Guess the division of city still has real lingering effects today. It’s such an eccentric & fascinating place even with the horrors of not that long ago. Was honestly pretty disturbed after visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp which was very close to the city. Would still recommend experiencing it.

    Anyway, best of luck to Germany & the rest of EU! The next ten years or so should be very interesting to say the least....

  8. I spoke to my brother's ex wife in SW Florida. Couldnt believe she & other family members stayed in their home during the hurricane.:no: They lost electricity very quickly, but they had a generator. There was about three feet of flooding outside their condo, but nothing life threatening. I was told that the hurricane winds literally sounded like a screeching train going by! 

    If I was in their scary situation, I would've just headed north as quickly as possible. I personally don't like to take unnecessary risks. I hope that everyone else's friends & loved one made it out ok.

  9. Nervous about the hurricane! My parents left SW Florida & came to NY because as of now, their area is going to be hit by the eye of hurricane for sure. Their home is only a mile outside the mandatory evacuation zone. It's supposedly too far from the beach to get hit by the ten to twelve feet ocean surge, which is predicted to be the worse in the entire state.:nervous:

    Very sad because use to spend a lot of time on the beautiful beaches on the gulf of Mexico in SW Florida. They are def going to be destroyed. Hope people stay safe & don't have damages to their apartments & homes. 

  10. It's really interesting how so many bi/gay men wind up embracing strict religious doctrine & use it to repress their sexuality.

    Problem is that the biggest religious zealots against lgbtq & even all sex outside of marriage, usually have major personal issues. They wind up projecting all their fears & repressed sexual faeelings onto sexual minorities & women. 

    At least here in the US people are quickky becoming less fanatical about religion even compared to ten to fiften yesrs ago. 

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