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  1. This segment of society are usually very traditional and conservative, so this wasn't surprising at all. Future generations will hopefully be more open unless they reject modernity ad secularism.

    Just don't like the idea of forcing diversity lessons that include tolerating religions but excluding sexual minorities that are statistically very small. 

    I have to undergo annoying and bureaucratic diversity training in my field, so I would be very pissed if they excluded sexual minorities over religious beliefs.

  2. 43 minutes ago, CzarnaWisnia said:

    I think the EU should rather respect the different rhythms of its members. I doubt the top to bottom approach is going to have positive effects, it can create a backlash. There are many issues involved for countries who have been subjected to foreign powers in the past, that are wary of a foreign power imposing rules from the outside.

    I do mostly agree with you. I think history tells us this.

    Anyway, it sucks this happen there....

  3. 2 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    I think you can get it in the UK but have to pay for it if you're male or a female over a certain age. I think there's uncertainty if it actually works as well on men.

    Great news though! Anti valentine's are scary. My friend's not got their baby vaccinated against measles. 🙃

    I previously tried to find out about the HPV vaccine for adults but I read in a few sites that I’m way past the age limit. I would pay for it if would offer protection. I’ve always been paranoid about contracting genital warts or herpes since I’ve known people personally who had outbreaks of these stds. From my understanding, many folks carry them without having any symptoms or outbreaks anyway.

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