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  1. HOLY TRINITY | Music

    I Deserve It Amazing Gone
  2. ^^Omg compare Madonna with her iconic hat during the Music era & this sloppy mess.
  3. My personal experience has been some of the witch's fans are pretty intense when discussing anything critical of her. Can you blame them since media & journalists regularly praise her & don't bring up anything negative about her shady self. Monsters don't get bombarded with the overblown criticism & resentment like Madonna has received for much of her career. Can't tell you how many times I had to defend ridiculous accusations made against Madonna by people in my personal life. Lol I'm still surprised about how comments on social media shape people's view of the queen.
  4. Just really interesting that 4M is second on spotify even with all her classic pop hits....
  5. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I really feel the aesthetic Madonna was aiming for HC. It just wasn't executed in the best way at all. She probably had so many personal issues around this time period due to the looming divorce.
  6. Really appreciate that there's a real fragility in her voice, especially on many of her ballads. Makes her voice extremely unique in the current world of TV singing competitions.
  7. I honestly partly BLAME her large gay fan base for her offensive narcissism! They have been endlessly stroking her ego & promoting her as some type of savior & "creative geniius" of pop. Gags knows this very well & takes full advantage of their full loyalty.
  8. It's a good song track from an almost perfect album! Never knew some fans didn't even like it until I started looking at Madonna forums about four years ago. lol I actually think it's extremely catchy & would've been a hit in US, especially compared to the last two singles from BS. Those videos were a but too strange for basic American audiences.
  9. This is great! Always been a fan of Madonna singles with official remixes because they're usually very well done. Maybe she should've added more bsides on her older maxi singles like she did with rain, rol, music, etc
  10. Katy Perry thread

    Video looks like it will be very fun for sure.
  11. I'm still genuinely fascinated by how she's extremely emotionally manipulative & fake with the public. This mental illness shitck is all about identity politics & promoting her victimhood agenda. Actually think recognizinng early signs of mental illness is very important because of the stigma & society's denial. Just that this feels like another very cringey attempt to virtue signal & come off as a helper/activist for another disadvantaged & vulnerable group.
  12. Had no idea she was a fan. Started liking bodak yellow after I first heard it two weeks ago because it's not commercial like some Nicki.
  13. I want the MDNA tour so bad .....

    Now I'm loving dvd more again after watching it twice during the past fews days.
  14. Katy Perry thread

    Seems like song lyric video is receiving a fair number of hits though. Song might be a too offbeat for many people who are accustomed to her older pop hits. Not really sure.
  15. Totally agree that gags is performing prettty average at best when considering how many factors are in her favor to have a higher grossing tour! Her numbers would probably be significantly lower if she wasn't playing it very safe & pandering to middle America ethos. Remember also that everyday folks relate to her kindness schtick even though it feels very disingenous to us.
  16. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I'm somewhat critical of last three albums in spots, but they're still beyond all mainstream, corporate pop. Was just listening to all of them last week. 1.Confessions 2. RH 3. MDNA 4. HC
  17. Pop Girls Flopiness ranking

    Thanks for clarifying. Her team is than definitely aggressive when making sure albums/singles sale on international market. Assumed it was only in gullible US.
  18. Lecce's apparently really lovely part of Italy that's usually skipped over by tourists for other cities in Italy. Cool that she visited a ittle less touristy part.
  19. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Agree use to listen to it all the time! The MDNA deluxe in Japan included this remix. Should've been included on all deluxe copies internationally tbh.
  20. Yikes her constant bragging like a spoiled child is awful.
  21. Pop Girls Flopiness ranking

    Is most of flopanne sales in the US? Just can't imagine album appealing to folks outside of US. Maybe there were discounts on album outside of US as well?
  22. Feel the same way about all three tracks & cyber-raga is my personal favorite.
  23. Have been listening to ROL quite a lot lately.... 1. DW/SFL 2. Swim 3. Candy Pefrume Girl