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  1. I love biking, so watching tis video is a nightmare! Anyway, I'm sorry for those two cyclists. I'm kinda shocked they were not more seriously hurt.
  2. From the promo, I really liked the GI2M performance!
  3. Nick

    Sophomore Albums....

    Hole- Live Through This Radiohead- The Bends Massive Attack- Protection MIA- Kala Bjork- Post Scissor Sisters- Tah-Dah Mika- The Boy Who Knew Too Much The Smiths- Meat is Murder Duran Duran- Rio David Bowie- Space Oddity (officially his second album)
  4. Some of you guys reminded me of Blue Lines by Massive Attack. Definitely in my top ten!
  5. Bjork- Debut The Killers- Hot Fuss Mika- Life in Cartoon Motion Scissor Sisters M.I.A.- Arular Blondie Duran Duran Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures Siouxsie and The Banshees- The Scream Deee Lite- World Clique ** Honorable mentions to Azealia Banks, Tricky & Jane's Addiction
  6. Nick

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    I wasn't crazy about RHT setlist at all because too many songs were repeated from previous tours. As a long time fan it's pretty disappointing, but at the same time I know the setlist made many loons & casual fans happy.
  7. I always enjoyed finding older music and artists since my late teens & early twenties (pretty long time ago). If you're truly open to diverse musical styles, the seventies, eighties, and nineties exploded with creativity and pushing boundaries.
  8. I’m very open to new music and artists. Just that over the last year or two I’ve had more difficulty finding newer music that.I personally like.
  9. Bravo to all the very courageous folks who helped get these people out.👍 It could've been an epic disaster but wind up feeling like a miracle....
  10. Nick

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    I have the same general impression from Madonna fans.
  11. Wow what an incredible and crazy situation. Hoping they get out much sooner.
  12. Nick

    Florence & The Machine

    I’m going to listen to the new album when I have a chance. I see that a lot of people like their music.
  13. Nick

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    I’m actually a much bigger fan of rock and alternative rock than pop (besides the queen!). I admit that I don’t like sixties and early seventies rock besides The Doors and Leo Zep. I purchased most of both bands albums. You’re right about 00s being problematic or whatever although I love some of The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand music.. There’s a young rock band from the UK called Royal Blood who I really enjoy. They’re rather unknown in the US, but they had a number one album in the Uk. I’ll definitely see them live when they tour again. Maybe in the future more interesting pop and rock will be created again. I’m personally not into the mainstream/commercial hip hop and urban music that’s very popular here right now. Of course, some of it’s good as well. Everybody has different taste.
  14. Nick


    He gives me those vibes too. It’s all probably a contrived front!
  15. Nick

    ABBA thread

    I think I will see mamma Mia with my mom. She likes both Cher and abba.
  16. Back in the day I use to listen him a lot. I really even enjoyed some strong tracks off Escapology and Intensive Care. I really disliked Take The Crown except for two tracks.
  17. The interaction with the kittens was amazing. RIP
  18. I mostly stream using my Bluetooth speaker, but I still listen to cds on my stereo too. I don’t play my vinyl. I still collect vinyl and buy some cds. I refuse to buy songs or albums on digital.
  19. Nick

    Troye Sivan

    The word “iconic” is definitely thrown around all the time. I first noticed it several years ago with dumb caca fans.
  20. Nick

    Troye Sivan

    Their latest track sounds pretty good. It’s just very silly to proclaim Troye and Grande king and queen of pop🤴 I recognize how youngish writers mostly care for what’s happening right now in pop culture..
  21. Dude didnt exactly age great, but he was good looking and pretty fit during the height of his popularity. Your friend is quite lucky.😁 I use to have a major crush on him too.
  22. Nick

    Troye Sivan

    I still kinda like this track. I agree that the the live arrangement could’ve been much better. I’m not too crazy about his choice of wearing a big oversized shirt. Well people love him, so he’s doing something right.
  23. Nick

    New Album Means New Tour

    Don’t think there would be a second US leg for the next tour either. She received so much negative coverage related to the 1st women’s march. At least there are thousands of fans still willing to see her live.
  24. Nick

    Troye Sivan

    I don’t like some of his aesthetic of changing into multiple looks.It’s a bit too much like caca but you can tell that underneath he has his own sense of style.
  25. Nick

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Even though I picked MDNA , I thought fans would’ve picked RHT a bit more. i noticed many fans who attended RHT had a strong emotional response to the show. I guess there is a connection for some to RHT, while not as much FOR MDNA.