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  1. Clip is hilarious!
  2. She's now moved on to promoting kindness and "education" with staples too.
  3. Good she's moving ahead with releasing video even though media has been rough on her. Agree that she should aim for being over the top. Can't imagine soccer moms & suburbanites loving it anyway.
  4. Almost forgot tour starts on August 1st! There has been no sign she's rehearsing or planning.
  5. Continue to see these shocking captions online about her looking "sexy" or " stylish".
  6. If numbers are accurate, seems very poor to have only 108,000 outside of US! Maybe numbers are a refection of the music business in general. Just that expected higher numbers with how popular she was for the past several years. Do hope things improve for her....
  7. Read on social media that some of her teens/ twenty something fans have issues with him being considerably older than her. She always came across as "daddy"s little girl", so I'm not surprised that she's dating an older man.
  8. Yes and a portion of the gays will probably continue loving her in the decades ahead.
  9. Pic is hysterical!
  10. Had a similar reaction after watching a recent interview with her. Thought she was going to be a pretentious sour puss, but she came across as a lovely person.
  11. Agree with you because with all the conversations & outrage about appropriation, gags continues to receive a free pass about ripping off Madonna....
  12. Wonder if her musical output will slow down for a while since she now has three kids.
  13. Not surprised she topped pride music lists! .She represents part of the shallowness & over commercialization of pride festivals.
  14. Sorry Madonna had cute twins first! Haha
  15. Yikes I CAN'T believe that almost 900,00 people in total purchased crappy MR & the cure.
  16. Think she sometimes looks fantastic in some outfits, but don't think she's as attractive as folks believe. Don't always like her sense of style or how she carries herself at times. She's still better than most of the basic pop princesses.
  17. ^That cracks me up!
  18. Listen to some more of album this afternoon. Still really enjoy a few tracks, but not exactly the type of beats I'm usually into. Can see her fans & music critics being into it for sure.... Not surprised at the praise & also agree that she can pretentious at times. Her moodiness shtick on stage feels a bit fake.
  19. Agree with you.
  20. Think it's awesome that she called all the awards she won "fake"! Very different than caca who lives for any awards she can get her slimy hands on........
  21. Pics are some of the best!!
  22. Sober is very good track. Still have to hear more songs from album......