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  1. Azealia Banks

    I always liked this track!
  2. Not to always compare women’s looks but she does look so much healthier and better than caca who came out the same time.
  3. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Omg she thinks she’s so bad ass with the shirt.
  4. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Grace Jones is so perceptive and she has class too!
  5. This is why I have my doctor give me Xanax for all my flights. I don’t take it otherwise, but flying can be be stressful & annoying kids/people makes it worse. lol
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Omg that monkey breed is so ugly.
  7. I just hope that fans don’t forget that there are some very good tracks on MDNA.
  8. Justin Timberlake thread

    The media won’t touch the spoiled brat. There are too many like her in the industry.
  9. Surprised her team feels the need to police sexual language on the site. Most people posting on Gaga daily are gay guys who are already on gay dating/sex apps.
  10. Justin Timberlake thread

    From social media, seems like some are still pissed about the Janet fiasco.
  11. Justin Timberlake thread

    Thought the performance was pretty ok, just don’t think it was castrophic like some in media are saying.The only super bowl performance I really ever liked was Madonna. Can’t tell why some SB performances receive so much love. Last year caca was cringey as f**k, and thought Beyonce was overrated too.
  12. Don’t know how many times caca has to exaggerate or lie for some of them to WAKE UP
  13. Live version of TUTR was good though...
  14. Shes’s always reductive! I’m genuinely interested to see what era she’ll rip off next from the queen.
  15. Yeah Mirwais production & progressive beats intersected very uniquely with the American country aesthetic. Caca take on the genre is too basic & literal.
  16. I like the editing because it’s her creative vision. I’Ve even become a fan of most of the MDNA dvd. At first, I didn’t like it though. It grew on me a lot. Have to agree about complaints regarding face tune & autotune. The mixing is an issue too.Hope it improves in future releases.
  17. It’s like when Lena Dunham said she wished she had an abortion! Only spoiled, privileged brats wish their lives were more traumatic. No wonder these two are friends. lol
  18. Omg I suddenly like him too! Had same feeling when Sam Smith won at the academy awards. Haha
  19. I want her to do an episode with the Hollywood medium! He can tell how much Joanne is embarrassed by her.
  20. I watched the mess too. Caca facial expressions are funny tbh. She is def trying to make her music much more important than it is.... No artist in the future will say the Joanne album inspired them or be reference as an important work. Guess she tried to make her like a prayer moment.
  21. Omg that performance was a cringe fest! At least justice was served and she and Diane Warren were rightfully snubbed. You know they were beyond pissed off.
  22. I see him differently ever since he was a d**k to Madonna.