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  1. Still makes me sad about what happened. Couldn't even watch the news clips of the fire.
  2. I really regret that I never went inside the church when I visited Paris. At least the major part of the structure was saved!
  3. This is a good song and I recently heard for the first time Perfect Day and Satellite of Love from the same album. They're very good tracks! Still have to listen to the remainder of the album though.....
  4. Ha ha Robert Smith has always been super awkward. Wish the hall of fame will start inducting more of the very influential post punk bands that came from the same era as The Cure.
  5. So do I! The best seafood I ever tasted was in Italy. Can never be a Vegan!
  6. Sucks very much for the people who can't leave this backwards society. Recently met a bi guy who is trying to stay in the US and not return to Malaysia. He was telling me that he receives some prejudice for being an ethic and religious minority, and the majority islamic culture is extremely fucked up to homos.
  7. This segment of society are usually very traditional and conservative, so this wasn't surprising at all. Future generations will hopefully be more open unless they reject modernity ad secularism. Just don't like the idea of forcing diversity lessons that include tolerating religions but excluding sexual minorities that are statistically very small. I have to undergo annoying and bureaucratic diversity training in my field, so I would be very pissed if they excluded sexual minorities over religious beliefs.
  8. From a business standpoint, maybe they should have gone all the way to cater to people wanting adult content. Noticed that Tumblr was good for folks searching for niche porn.
  9. Haha I know she can a big asshole..... It was just very surprising how strongly Wendy came out against the accusers. Did not expect any "celebrities" besides his family to publicly go against the guys.
  10. This is great. I'm actually looking forward to going on vacation to Florida next month. Can't wait to go the beach!
  11. Was kinda shocked when Wendy Williams said on her show that she feels the two accusers are lying about the sexual abuse.
  12. Even if the accusers are lying how the f**k did Jacson and his team allow several children to sleep in his bed. He said, he wasn't in the bed with them but just shows how bad his judgement was. It's like he was setting himself to be easily accused, and sued for a lot $$$.
  13. Haven't watched the film.yet, but I did watch Oprah's interview with the two men. I'm curious to see how this all goes in realm of public opinion, and how the Jackson family continues to respond. When you're watching the guys describing the abuse, you want to believe them because it's so disturbing, and at the same time there are so many details which don't seem fake. Well Michael's not here to defend himself, so who knows if this will ever be truly resolved.
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