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  1. She's really flipping out.
  2. Agree with fan who mentioned earlier on about oh father needing to be on the list. Just a very powerful single & video.
  3. Have to agree that Confessions contained some of Madonna's very best promo ever..... Honestly, it was just so much fun & joy to experience her having a worldwide mega hit again.
  4. Interesting to read fans connection to her newer music. My favorite music from Madonna is from very early nineties up until Confessions. At the same, time have a deep connection with MDNA because half the album is excellent (to me) & the tour is dark & arguably one of her best. I also worship about half RH & think it has become even better with time.
  5. Thanks for posting their discussions on the queen! Show can be very annoying though.
  6. These were great vids! She looks glorious & full of life!
  7. Guess she really did bring in black folks to use as props in the photograph. Haha
  8. Curious who are they? Are they her dancers from the tour?
  9. Appreciate any coverage of Madonna tbh, however the BS review was a bit unkind. Still one of my all time favorites & the videos are fantastic!
  10. Some of these singles were def hits in international market, just not in the US.
  11. Agree EY should've been there! Im not too crazy about YMLM, but recognize she was probably very nervous. Same love wasnt good & I'm agnostic about the Prince tribute. Not nearly as bad as the trolls made it out to be on social media.
  12. Ke$ha

    I usually tape mtv2 to see the current videos they have on rotation when they're actually playing videos. For the past few weeks, all of Keisha's videos appear to be receiving considerable play among all the hip hop videos they overwhelmingly showcase. She's def on some type of roll.
  13. Madonna tanti auguri di buon compleanno!
  14. Still don't get why media never ran with this very telling pic! Would love to witness her meltdown since she exploits identity politics to portray herself as an inclusive person who has been a victim herself.