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  1. It was interesting that during Drag Race she said she was NOT a gay woman!. It was only a few years back that she made her bisexual identity such an issue. Talk about appropriating lgbtq identity for attention & trying to be something that she never was! Gay community is too nice to this fraud. Yuck.
  2. Maybe Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson did the positive write up!
  3. One of the reasons saw this tour four times!
  4. Always been obsessed with Japan show. Even purchased outdated VHS tape for my collection. Think will rewatch Nice concert since it was voted best out of the three.
  5. Def during DWT & RIT. Always imagined it somewhere during MDNA. Maybe in the last segment.
  6. Always though Mariah looked tacky & dopey without appearing sexy in a classy way. Jennifer is very pretty, but she ruins it once she opens her mouth. Don't like her basic Bronx accent. Gaga continues to celebrate ugliness & pathology like rich girl Lena Dunham. Lives for attention & the male gaze, while embracing SJW/victim ideology. Think it's more of her personality that makes her so yucky. Those white trash tattoos don't help much either.
  7. Dislike the fillers on both LAV & TB much more than the few clunkers on MDNA that people hate. Recognize LAV & TB are iconic pop albums, but just prefer the messiness & EDM beats of MDNA. Lol
  8. Think partly why love Madonna! Has a strong eye for what's beautiful & brings joy in the world, while at other times causing outrage with shocking behavior & vulgarity.🤣🤣
  9. This was def a good article that pointed out some important facts. I usually now hesitate before reading more thought pieces on pop music because it's pretty shocking how ignorant some journalists are of artists and music in general. They lack a frame of reference or don't understand basic history. Lol
  10. Holiday to Everybody just barely wins because Physical Attraction is one of my favorite tracks from eighties Madonna..... Love how it also ends with Everybody!
  11. Totally agree! Appreciate & enjoy reading different comments on Madonna's music that I might not necessarily agree with at all. Ithelps to challenge how I perceive her work.....