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  1. It's like the target audience is half of trendy Brooklyn.... To be even more cliche people literally got offended over a game.
  2. Maybe he can hook up with both Rachel Dozier and the Caucasian guy who identifies as Filipino for a hot threesome. They can even include a gender fluid identified person to be more inclusive and show the world how tolerant they are.
  3. I wind up having a hard time getting into Bjork’s last three albums, especially the last one. She still mostly releases amazing and interesting remixes though, which I appreciate for sure.
  4. I would be very happy if Radiohead, Kraftwerk and The Cure get inducted.
  5. I’m kinda surprised the referendum didn’t pass because of Romania’s reputation for homophobia. Of course not everyone is anti gay in the country.
  6. I’m not into Kate Bush music, but I appreciate when artists put effort into their remastered reissues! It’s a perfect gift to long time fans & an attention grabber for potential newer fans.
  7. I previously tried to find out about the HPV vaccine for adults but I read in a few sites that I’m way past the age limit. I would pay for it if would offer protection. I’ve always been paranoid about contracting genital warts or herpes since I’ve known people personally who had outbreaks of these stds. From my understanding, many folks carry them without having any symptoms or outbreaks anyway.
  8. The Suspiria soundtrack is strange and very good!
  9. I like this too. I’m a big of the film as well.
  10. Nick

    80s New Wave

    During the eighties, NY we had a famous & influential new wave station called WLIR. I remember looking at their old playlists online & I did def see that they played Burning Up & maybe either Everybody or Borderline. Their old playlist also included Angel & I’m pretty sure Dress You Up or LAV. From what I’ve read online, the station stopped playing her music during TB. What’s interesting is that Madonna’s first two albums were played on the station along with the new wave & post punk from the era. At the same time, her music was being played on other stations that catered to black audiences.
  11. The track is pretty good but I don’t like the voguing in video.
  12. Nick

    80s New Wave

    I like this track as well. They were the first concert I ever went to.
  13. Nick

    80s New Wave

    Great topic! Eighties new wave & pst punk are some of my favorite genres. Some of my favorite tracks are; Bow Wow Wow- I Want Candy The Pretenders- Back on The Chain Gang Joe Jackson - Breaking Us In Two Adam Ant- Goody Two Shoes Inxs- Don’t Change Go Go’s- Vacation Duran Duran- The Reflex Depeche Mode- Just Can’t Get Enough New Order- Bizarre Love Triangle The Cure- Just Like Heaven
  14. 1) Post 2) Debut 3) Homogenic 4) Volta 5) Vespertine 6) Selma Songs I’m not sure how to rank the remaining albums.....