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  1. Nick

    Massive Attack

    Wow these are very impressive reissues! I'm sure there will be much interest in it since it's an excellent album.
  2. Definitely an interesting read. I'm always curious about what artists today will be around or even still appreciated in ten to twenty years.
  3. Nick

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Thought the same thing about the tattoos. Kind of a plain guy with catchy music for the masses. Think also they're receiving too much hate.. I don't know what people were expecting from these guys. Was never much of a fan of their music.
  4. ^^I think some of the court papers said that Mj had explicit straight porn magazines and DVDs along with all male erotic magazines and books.Think he seem to have a sizable collection of material that would be considered gay or homoerotic. Who knows maybe he was into women as well.
  5. I very much like This Is It and Moon Safari.
  6. Wow the film appears to make a strong case about the sexual abuse that allegedly took place. I'm curious to see how people will respond to it. Some of his fans are still in denial even though there seems to be good evidence.
  7. Nick

    The Killers!

    I like Can't Deny My Love!
  8. Nick

    The Weeknd

    The new track sounds pretty good and is growing on me. Agree he needs to change up some of his music, but I'm more of a casual fan.
  9. Nick

    The Killers!

    I will give a listen to the new material! My favorite Killers are the debut album, and followed by Sam's Town and their third release.
  10. Nick

    2019 Grammy Awards

    The last time I watched was when Adele won. She was crying on stage for winning over Beyonce.🤣 Didn't get it since Beyonce regularly wins anyway.
  11. Think she's one of the better artists performing along with Chvrches, and Childish Gambino. I kinda like Monae's older music than the last album even though it seems very well liked and praised.
  12. I'm a very big Bowie fan, but I never listen to Blackstar much even though I recognize it's a very strong album and effort.I have to listen to it again! I still mainly listen to his seventies work on repeat while ignoring a big part of his discography. I do like some of Buddha of Suburbia and Heathen though. Anyway, he's surely missed.....
  13. I really like how Annie covered Dusty Springfield's I only want to be with you with her first band The Tourists. It's very catchy!
  14. Nick

    Your top albums of 2018

    Franz Ferdinand- Always Ascending Smashing Pumpkins- Shiny and Oh So Bright Stone Temple Pilots-(it's a self titled album) I like several songs from each of these albums. I haven't kept up this year with other musical genres that I listen to as well. It's been a hectic year. I will check out some of the albums people listed.
  15. Nick

    Troye Sivan

    Ok I 'll give it a listen!