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  1. MDNAT totally blew my mind each time I saw it live. Besides a few mediocre or possibly bad tracks, album still contains some strong songs. The deluxe cover of the album is pretty great too.
  2. She has some very catchy songs! Just not a very interesting personality or creative output. Do have much respect for how she keeps in great shape.
  3. Beyoncé Thread

    Her skin appears lighter!
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    She created major buzz with these first couple of songs released. Just seems like the songs aren’t really sticking though. Curious to see what happens when entire album is released even though I’m not a fan.
  5. Feel sorry for the traumatized movie goers if she takes off her clothes in film! Can’t imagine seeing her boobs & stinky snatch on a giant screen...
  6. I love I fucked up, BK, and IDGAF! Use to listen TUTR all the time when it was first released. Still my favorite out of the three singles.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Wow she first included a get together snippet for an advert & now the amazing let it will be paper faces remix!💥💥💥
  8. Always thought Liam was the cutest out of them.
  9. VVV is one of my favorite tracks off RH. For whatever reason, don’t like how the rap sounds even though I know it’s well done. Think Nick’s own music is mostly too commercial for my taste, but feel she really does compliment Madonna.when they collaborate. I always loved IDGAF....
  10. Kids react to Madonna

    Was thinking the same thing since they didn’t include anything after 2000. Have a feeling kids would have enjoyed more of the “urban”tracks off HC or even RH. Guess they couldn’t since many tracks don’t have videos.
  11. Katy Perry thread

    Just curious is most of her audience still girls & women or does she attract a big gay crowd? Really don’t see as much media coverage about her in gay media as compared to Bey, gags, Britney, etc...
  12. Know many people loved Girls, but this is gross & she says so much dumb s**t for attention. She’s kinda bratty & neurotic like you know who....
  13. FL vocals are great & one of the best tracks off of Confessions.....
  14. Kids react to Madonna

    Should have showed the kids Justify My Love and Sex Book.
  15. Kids react to Madonna

    Some of their comments & expressions were very cute. Agree that the Gaga shade was a riot!