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  1. I'm actually going to read his book Faggots.I intended to read it before, but just forgot. Anyway, RIP and he made it to 84 years when so many of his peers died so much younger.
  2. What I was commenting on is that I feel that there are generally so many handsome men in the country, but I prefer Madrid as a whole. Keep in mind that I only spent ten nights in the country.
  3. Visited both Madrid and Barcelona during one trip. For whatever reason was more into the guys from Madrid. I also liked Madrid better as a city even though mostly everyone told me I would enjoy Barcelona better No matter what, the stereotype is mostly true about the handsome men.
  4. Always been into guys who are enlisted and even police officers/fireman. I once briefly dated a black black officer who was kinda cute. Don't know what was up with him, but his d**k tasty especially nasty.
  5. I've hooked up with a couple of very good looking guys who were registered republicans. I don't give a shit about people's politics when we are just having sex.
  6. I like when transgender women look outrageous! She just better be careful with her nose. I think I remember seeing a clip where her MD tells her not to do any further nose jobs because it would be dangerous.
  7. Leave us Scorpios alone! We have to live with all sorts of negative stereotype about our sign.
  8. Hi I’m sorry I won’t be participating this year, but thank you for doing all this work for the poll! 

    1. Mooncrown11


      No problem-thanks for letting me know!

  9. Good news about some animals being saved️ I didn’t even know about wombats until a few years ago. They look adorable.
  10. Who knows what goes behind close doors, but it feels a bit creepy. Unless he's totally in love withihis daughter's ex, why. not just date other young guys who have no connection to your family
  11. Hey thank you for telling me it was youtube.👍

    I had the chance to watch it.

    1. Blinko


      You wellcome

  12. Still makes me sad about what happened. Couldn't even watch the news clips of the fire.
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