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  1. It's ridiculous & fun! Good for the summer......
  2. Know MDNA is controversial with some fans, but this an amazing & touching track.
  3. Azealia Banks Thierry Corporation The Weekend (Current sound) Daft Punk Childish Gambino
  4. Agree that in the past, collaborations with Mark Bell, Giorgio Moroder, & Tricky would've been very interesting! More work with Massive Attack would've been greatly appreciated too.....
  5. Have found a greater appreciation for songs off True Blue!
  6. I've grown to really like the Harry Styles song!😄 Almost al of the others I don't like even though I always try to be open minded.
  7. In many ways, the BTW fiasco was annoying as f**k because she openly lied & isn't sophisticated enough in her thinking about pop culture references. She flat out denied the comparisons in a few interviews & just came across as entitled to steal anything she wants. Kinda remember on Howard Stern discussing that Madonna how doesn't like her.. B**ch is convinced she's so important & revolutionary.
  8. Yep she's using her "friend" to help the generic single climb Billboard chart!😠 Honestly, she's the worst with virtue signaling & using people's personal tragedies to shield herself from any criticism. I vaguely remember that during Joanne release she used Treyvon Martin's death to help promote album track & stop people from criticizing song.
  9. Not happy at all with the comment! Madonna has so much respect for Debbie Harry.
  10. Don't get all the love public has for Chainsmokers music! Do remember one of the guys being pretty cute though.
  11. Seeing Taylor Swift on list was hilarious! Glad they finally left off Gaga too. Her tours are cringey & pretentious.
  12. Would be kinda curious to see M on Andy's show just because he's really into her music. Not crazy about how he interviews those retarded housewives. I did enjoy the recent interview he did with both Rupaul & Naomi Campbell.
  13. Haha love that she's getting called out on her bullshit! You know the writer will face backlash from the lunatic fan base.
  14. I love Missy Elliot, just not their collaborations. They were not as great as they should've been.