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  1. Idk this whole skin care line is so confusing 🙄
  2. What were these pics for?

    Harpers Bazaar mag cover and editorial and obviously they scrapped it after seeing the result 😏
  3. She's really got to be kidding with that promo photo. I'm sure it's been mentioned before but sadly it's making a fool of the brand and also M herself :(
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ^ yeah but I posted all these in the HQ thread 🙈
  5. HQ Photos Thread

    Luigi and Iango some interesting and previously unseen shots they did a good job with her !
  6. "...Mhm , what about Shawn Mendes"
  7. Madonna RARE

    Can anyone indeed? Can YOU post it actually? Dahlen studios have been struggling and sold hundreds of proof sheets including unpublished material in silent industry auctions. What's online are reposts frim EBAY by the buyer who's probably trying to make a buck
  8. Madonna RARE

    Cool unpublished Dahlen shots
  9. Safe to say Madonna's best album, a pioneer, brilliant produced ahead of its time record important and fundamental! which will last forever. In fact it is probably in my top best albums of all times. Happy bday please make another like this 🙏🏻
  10. Ariana Grande on M

    Well said.
  11. How awesome is the fact that she's practically everywhere on newsstands nowadays! wonder if they shot the same day as the bazaar one... wish for some color shots!