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  1. Who cares, nobody is whatching the MTV awards anymore. It will fade and die out.
  2. Great Video, Great song, full of beautiful emotions. I feel so luck to be a fan of such a great women. Who cares what other thinks, we all know she is above. She amazes me, again and again.
  3. I think it's more pernicious. the writer is not so nice. it's in all the subtext, she is old, she deos not connect with the young audience, but she lost me when she spoke over and over about paradoxes. the question about her body...on and on
  4. she has been so calm and polite all those years. Let her have a moment, If she wants to go mad and tell everyone to go F...themself. be it. If she has enough, I get it
  5. Madonna is short, and the art was hung low, for her own appreciation. Sure, she did not like that, I would not either.
  6. Hello, what do you think Funana is ? Yeep down there.
  7. How come she is not on the cover ? not buying it.
  8. I wish, she did have a better tech support, on the othere hand it is always the same, the media had wanted her to fail since day one. Positive side, there maybe less people to go see her on Tour, more tickets chances for us.
  9. French TV said , she is going to sing 3 songs
  10. The song is so good, and fun. What is great is eventhough her voice is filtered, she sings full voice. A great surprise A+++
  11. got it on iTunes Yeah ! Love it, so good
  12. Have you notice the differences between the Live and the broadcast (NOT the holograms) the Live at 3:50 Madonna says We built a cartel just for love Maluma says OK (like what ever ) taken away from the broadcast, where he just raise his shoulders and hands.
  13. Medellin and Holiday / La Isla Bonita This is my bet
  14. So ! The 2nd song : Holiday (celebration in every nation) or Like a Prayer or La isla bonita ? what do you think ?
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