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    act of contriction (duh!)

    Not the same mavericks... Obviously. there's been a bit of a confusion on imdb. I've done my homework and those movies were made by "Maverick Entertainment Group" http://www.maverickentertainment.cc/about/ an entity unrelated to Maverick Films.
  2. As long as it doesn't result in more soccer instagram posts, I'm all for it ;p
  3. I also have an 'Enough Is Enough' song buried deep somewhere that would fit the mood. Maybe I should go grab a shovel.
  4. Trump calls Madonna "Disgusting"

    True. Bannon pulls most of the strings and he is a master at crowd manipulation. I would also add Conway. I watched many of her public appearances and there is a lot going behind her deceitful cheerleader-dumb look. I first foolishly thought she was another poor creature manipulated by trump's 'charms', then that she lacked of integrity but now I think she is something worse. Much worse.
  5. Trump calls Madonna "Disgusting"

    Trump has a severe personality disorder, that alone should be a ground for his impeachment. Thankfully, he is very likely going to sabotage himself before he succeeds to destroy democracy (and/or a sizeable portion of the planet). That's what he has done most of his life. Nevertheless, the thought that such an unempathetic, ignorant, petulant lunatic has that kind of power makes me sick to my stomach.
  6. George Michael thread

    'you have been loved' and 'jesus to a child' taught me what beauty really was. my heart is broken.
  7. Speaking of sexism

    That was a cheap, nasty and unnecessary joke. But do we even know who wrote it?
  8. I LOVE Toxic! It fits the topic perfectly, and the backdrop adds about the right amount of creepiness it deserves. Overall, I think that she was very brave. It clearly wasn't a perfect audience, and there were plenty of awkward moments. But she knew what she was doing it for and she kept it going.
  9. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    Call them 'experiences' if you think this is what they are. I wrote because I was angered by the fact that it was made public and I was shocked by the overall lack of compassion that ensued.
  10. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    Being a teenager is having a hard time. Going through family conflicts is having a hard time. Being born in an overexposed environment without asking for it is having a hard time. Being held to higher standards and being constantly criticized for it is having a hard time. Grow some empathy in there...
  11. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    The kid is having a hard time, which is pretty understandable given the particular conditions he was brought up in. So NO WONDER he is trying to get away from that shit. See how those frigging medias can't even cut him some slag, adding even more pressure to the overload he has had to deal with all of his life??? That is human cruelty at its 'best'!
  12. NOW it makes sense! Life-sized low cost lab! That's GENIUS ;D
  13. I was more referring to the environment than the act itself, but you are giving me a heavy dose of food for thought. So thank you
  14. Coherence? Hopefully, we all have multi-faceted personalities, and in the end we are just a bunch of paradoxes. That being said, I still believe there is some sort of connection between those traits/interests, and I fail to see it here.