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  1. This is a very sweet version, thank you! Chilled out and moody. Am I right it samples the beat from Enigma's Sadeness? This treatment reminds me of an unofficial Erotica remix that contained samples from The Beast Within/JML mashed up with Enigma's Mea Culpa.
  2. This is just impossible but I'll just go with my play count for now! #1 Medellín #2 God Control #3 Crave #4 Future #5 I Don't Search I Find Special mentions to Faz Gostoso and Killers Who Are Partying, though!
  3. Me, too. My personal play count of God Control is already 14 in less than 24 hours The complex and dramatic structure of the song is everything. Those spiralling strings are both throwback and super edgy and give the song warmth and an irresistible smile. I can't wait for the video!!!
  4. First listen is very impressive!!! The Immaculate Production. Studio work just flawless!
  5. Someone uploaded the interview on YouTube. Thank you whoever you are (Bad Girl reference intended!)
  6. Thank you @Herfaceremains for sharing. Lovely read!
  7. I love the simplicity of it all: the song and its video. Great to see M back on the rooftops of NYC. Such a sweet, heartbreaking track...
  8. From her IG it looks like she's going for a meaningful performance with religious imagery: the cloak, the armor, Joan of Arc and Like A Prayer of course. M might be going on a crusade!
  9. This. And late Ofra Haza was an icon.
  10. The chemistry between Maluma Baby and Madonna Baby deserves more songs together! That magic should not go to waste. Fire!
  11. Thank you @runa and @sotos8! Hugely helpful!
  12. Sorry to crash the Eurovision thread with this question but where did the Madame X Tour thread go? I can't find it anymore... Can anyone save me from my silliness?
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