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  1. But Rain is about overcoming depression. It would be a great show closer before tge encore.
  2. The "Revelation Tour" 4 acts, starting with Madonna arriving on her throne as "the whore of Babylon".The 4 acts are based around the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse as mentioned in the book of Revelation which Madonna recites in "The Beast Within". The Beast Within (Introduction) ACT I - CONQUEST (GOLD) 1. Vogue 2. Hollywood* 3. Dress You Up / Material Girl 4. Deeper and Deeper 5. Take a Bow / Lament ACT II - WAR (RED) 6. American Life* 7. Express Yourself 8. I'm So Stupid* 9. Swim 10. Love Profusion* 11. Ray of Light ACT III - FAMINE (BLACK) 11. Easy Ride (Interlude) 12. Like a Prayer 13. Nothing Fails* 14. Intervention* 15. Mother and Father* 16. Papa Don't Preach (with samples from Die Another Day) ACT IV - DEATH (WHITE) 17. Bedtime Story (Interlude) 18. Nobody Knows Me* 19. Nothing Really Matters 20. Die Another Day* ENCORE 21. Into the Groove 22. Music 23. Holiday
  3. THIS! THIS! THIS! and the song is PERFECT for the ocassion and the theme of the show since it's about overcoming depression/sadness.
  4. Favorite Candy Shop Performance?

    MDNA and that also should have been the last time she performed this THING on tour. Poor M, still punishing everyone around her for not letting this become the first single from Hard Kunty. Although, I betcha it's Kevin Antunes who keeps convincing her to perform it.
  5. Send in the Clowns Drowned World / Substitute for Love Who's That Girl I'm So Stupid Easy Ride or Bad Girl Love Don't Live Here Anymore or Till Death Do Us Part Ray of Light (Ballad Version) Swim Nothing Really Matters Love Profusion Intervention Ghosttown Rain Take a Bow 80's Medley: Everybody / Into the Groove / Lucky Star I also wouldn't mind Secret, I'll Remember or Mer Girl. The more 90's stuff, the better!