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  1. a little war to disrupt peace and ignite the flames of the worldwide communist revolution!!
  2. lol was This tour filmed on film? i read somewhere it was shot with digital cameras at the time .
  3. Le Men Got this !!! The new age of far-right ideology is on the rise!!! this what i want the foundation for a Violent revolution!!!
  4. Interesting maybe they use some remastered footage from The Virgin tour / BA/ WTG. i don't think my heart could take it
  5. I was going to buy a couple of her Blondie cds but i guess im going pirate her music she aint getting one penny from me after that little comment lol
  6. TL/DR drop themm nukes Emperor Trump!!! Teach these North Koreans who is boss !!!
  7. alot of people that voted for him are the "deplorables" people in the mid west that were once middle class in the 90s mid 2000s but lost their jobs due to a changing economy. they have been neglected for years some voting democrat their entire life. but trump Marketed himself as a person who had their back (Marketing Genius) as sad as it sounds those jobs are NOT going to come back. in the next 20 years those min wage jobs will be automated , he gave them hope unlike clinton lol LONG LIVE EMPEROR TRUMP!!!!
  8. Idgaf give us a 80s production style album i dont care with who lol
  9. Conflict is good Lol i like bernie and voted for him but the DNC screwed him over for hillary. Hence my hate for the DNC . What america needs is a strong leader (man,female) to promote change via violence!!! Thats why citizens need guns to overthrow the burgoise state and seize the Mean of production but people still think peaceful ways will change the system lol yall need to lower your expectations.
  10. My boy jimi hendrix at #1!!! whoop whoop Drugs ,sex, and rock and roll baby!!