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  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Paul died 50 years ago his music will never be forgotten
  3. i can literally stare at her for hours she's is simply gorgeous 10/10 would fight a bear for her amusement
  4. Im digging that hipster look♡<3
  5. I heard a pop rock acoustic version of borderline in spanish once. Anybody know who sang it? A male sings it i ll look for it on youtube
  6. Im going to agree with jazzyjan and matress . Imagine if Madonna started her carrer in 2013 or 1953? How different her music would be .I think she would still be big . Lmaoo imagine if her timeline was moved 30 years into the future . The virgin tour happened two years ago and i became a fan because in september of 2015 playboy released a special magazine that i happen to cum accross at the local store. Oh man why wasnt i born in 1966? Smh yall baby boomers/gen x had it all
  7. Disgusting human behavior
  8. I think Madonna would've been less of a superstar if youtube was around back then . Too much competition, .maybe i have a different point of view but dont crucify me .
  9. she kinda looks crazy nevertheless a 10/10 would start a family with
  10. they are jealous that Madonna is literally a 10/10 would Marry and i would donate all my organs to meet her IRL
  11. ^^^I love her and i would fight in both world wars if it means keeping her safe <3
  12. Donald Trump is a marketing GOD. There's no denying it.