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  1. lol its true tho not sure why you think im contradicting myself. by hipster i mean not following pop music like others in my age group
  2. i grew up watching vh1 classic and my parents would play the local 80s and 70s hits radio in the car. ( i never bothered following contemporary music , i was pretty much a hipster from age six). born in '96. why does everyone think it was my brother's, i don't know who left it there it was just in my attic in a box filled with other magazines , (nintendo power, MAD, seventeen, and Rolling stones) also how do you know about world war 2 if you were born in the 70s?
  3. Out of touch - hall and oates understandable have a good day!! ... was bored she wasn't named lol
  4. i doubt the public cares lol. i didn't even know about this chick until i joined the site. y'all have some funny priorities
  5. why do you guys hate this girl? i understand the 4/10 but i'm clueless on this chick
  6. lmaoo i swear yall love this 4/10 i rather make out with betty white tbh. there's a new thread on her every other day. how can yall have so much to talk about on a ugly chick ???
  7. we won't lol
  8. i like how biased this thread is lmaoo
  9. lmaoo this is some alex jones type of bs.
  10. Depends if the doctor is gonna cup my balls for a physical than yes i want a female doctor preferably white, anything else i don't care. ( i heard at 50 years i have to get a prostate exam :( hopefully i get a female doctor )
  11. we need more Republicans, and more income inequality !!! that surely should ignite the flames of the revolution!!!
  12. ^i would volunteer my self but god damn i don't find her attractive 4/10 i rather watch paint dry