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  1. On FB, Madonna asked....

    stop trolling @OP
  2. this thread always makes me laugh. Don't care about this 4/10 copycat bitch but damm yall funny
  3. ... youtube? Vevo? They should have the movies at least . Netflix should have a music video category , could be interesting
  4. Ok let me get this straight you live in mexico (Beautiful country , Mexican slang is hilarious) yet you follow U$A politics? And you hate that corporate lady ? What a cool guy. I respect that (no homo)
  5. Lmaoo that meme is funny AF
  6. Yall all wrong she is gonna release a sex tape she recorded in 1985 with her then husband sean penn. Na probably the tours and her music videos. Or the movie lol
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Lmaoo why did i read this thread wtf Can someone explain the kfc ?
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    was that picture taking when she danced to a song of The Who and she covered her face with glow in the dark paint? I swear she said that it was her first time on stage. If i find the video i'll post on here. I saw it a couple of months ago
  9. ^President Trump is so dumb lmaoo (there are people who actually think he is smart lol). I always have a hard time following what he's trying to say. Someone give that man a public speaking course. Poor buzz aldrin (Armstrong took this dudes spot as first man to walk on the moon)
  10. Love makes the world round Pretender Sho bee doo I know it
  11. Madonna RARE

    Nice i always wonder how many pictures have been taking of Madonna must be in the hundred thousands ?
  12. Drownedmadonna is super reliable just like the Onion !!!
  13. Lol wtf old people are crazyy
  14. Yeah i definately noticed this as well in 80s films always has bad guys as Russian while later films its muslims or chinese. Kinda weird how media influences society not sure if on purpose but its sad