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  1. My kids sing this like crazy
  2. I wanna know what the pill bottle is at the end of the video lol
  3. Lol.. I just noticed it once or twice with certain facial expressions. But yeah, gaga is fugly overall
  4. Sometimes she even resembles lady gaga!
  5. Her mother knows plenty of people in fashion. Stella is her best friend. She's probably teaming up with one of them. @rebelgirl speak! Lol
  6. I like the new profile pic :)
  7. I think it's simply that these young singers are taking over the scene now and the 'older' bands/singers have been pushed aside. A lot of people see madonna as irrelevant, unpopular and a has - been... Complete tosh, I know, but then when these are people who look up to and admire these "princesses" overtaking the scene
  8. She started following Riz Ahmed. I'm not sure who he is