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  1. jasray

    The Virgin Tour, 33 years ago today!

    Lol I was four months old!
  2. I was struck at how petite she was. It was THE most surreal moment of my life standing just centimetres away across a table. She had amazing skin, large eyes and she was so sweet. Can't imagine how some people say she's bitchy, she really wasn't. I'll never forget. Mind you, this is when I met her at a book signing, not live on stage
  3. jasray

    George Michael thread

    to be honest...I worry for Madonna...let's face it, she's not getting any younger...sometimes I do think that. ....you know. ..One day it'll be her.
  4. jasray

    The Live and Acoustic Tour

    the American life set was amazing. I miss those days
  5. Farage meeting with Trump on Saturday. he had warned "prepare for more political shock". I don't what is more shocking than what's already happened; brexit, trump etc
  6. I'm heartbroken over what's happened today. truly devastated . I worry for the people of America, especially all the immigrants, Muslims, people of colour and everything and everyone that Trump has an issue with. this won't just affect America but the entire world and that thought scares me most. I worry for my kids.