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  1. She could possibly be referring to shavawn's son. His name is Charlie. Shavawn used to be nanny to Madonna's kids but now she is a good friend to Madonna as is her husband.
  2. Overall, I think this project is a complete embarrassment!
  3. She just posted a transcript of the Blonde Ambition biopic correcting several mistakes and just deleted it.
  4. What happened with Madonna and Gwyneth?? Also, why did she divorce Sean? Or did he divorce her?
  5. I just love these two! Honestly her interviews with jr are the best and I love that he dedicates an entire hour to only her and nobody else lol. She needs to be on again in future
  6. She started following Rocco's girlfriend too. Kim Turnbull.
  7. That interview is very intrusive toward the end... Made me uncomfortable
  8. That or possibly she was devouring brahim's cut sandwich!
  9. Just out of curiosity, how DID the whole custody thing get into the press? Who could've leaked it? It was so publicised and I don't believe Madonna would do that. Could it really be Guy??
  10. I guess you're kinda right. I didn't know he was at the MDNA concert... I wonder what he and brahim made of each other lol
  11. I also don't think it's great after the whole custody battle but she has never mentioned him (except in a negative sense in certain interviews) nor have we ever seen them together since after the divorce like we've seen her and Carlos/Sean. You would've thought we would see them together etc especially as they were together for ten years and madly in love. Makes me think something must've gone terribly wrong towards the end of their relationship.