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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ohh I thought I missed out on something lol
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    What's the Total Blackout Tour??
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She looks totally amazing! She seems to have more fun in NYC. But she seems more relaxed in Lisbon so good for her either way
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Thank you @Jazzy Janand @alquemist
  5. Can we watch this from UK at all??
  6. Do NOT be sorry about that!!!!
  7. Argh I'm living these pix!!!!!!
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Aw Madonna, you DO look pretty in pink!!
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I really can't wait. She looks lovely. I hope this is a good lengthy interview and not just some ten minute thing.
  10. Does anyone know if we can watch it live from the UK and what time xx
  11. Those Stella McCartney shoes are wow
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She's once said her feelings for the paparazzi are indifferent