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  1. Totally agree. She has been amazing. This is true leadership and the world leaders need to learn from her... Who is the youngest leader in the world!
  2. Well, he was always a little bastard. "a man of peace", my ass
  3. I think his rant is how dare you bash Christians, bash the Muslims instead cos it's not like they're not being bashed enough around the world Regarding the school issue... I agree to an extent. Parents have the right to remove their child from a subject if they don't want them knowing about it. And yeah that kit kat thing is stupid
  4. I hope the video is banned by social media and removed. As a Muslim myself I am deeply upset today. I didn't want my husband to go to Friday prayers today. As a human being who loves all I am horrified and want peace for all.
  5. Farage meeting with Trump on Saturday. he had warned "prepare for more political shock". I don't what is more shocking than what's already happened; brexit, trump etc
  6. I'm heartbroken over what's happened today. truly devastated . I worry for the people of America, especially all the immigrants, Muslims, people of colour and everything and everyone that Trump has an issue with. this won't just affect America but the entire world and that thought scares me most. I worry for my kids.
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