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  1. He needs to be humiliated in a very cordial way on his black of professionnalism. Its ok if he's like the only Who Who didn't like the album, but to use his little "power" to put down someone like a vendetta is clearly a LACK OF ETHICS. Has he slept with Pierce Morgans ?
  2. has this bitch made a porn movie ? imma drag him on twitter
  3. i am soooooooooo PROUD to read all of these reviews and sometimes i read them again and again, at almost 61 she's made the album that she needed to make to remind EVERYONE the incredible talent and artistic person she , yet WITH A BRAIN !!!
  4. i'm so proud of her, the album is an experience in itself and sonically, she has revolutionnized her / the sound. i'm so glad she was the 1st one to do this, this is a total re-invention, this album is exactly what she needed to do after Ray Of Light ---> Confessions --> Madame X she doesn't search anymore, she has found. i can't stop but picture Lady caca on her computer trying to find a viable link to download and study M's music this time , you know that's what she'll do. She must be crying right now ahahah
  5. Way better than future. There's a sample from a very well known songe but i cant remember...
  6. ok lemme just stream Medellin and Crave. Love medellin and crave.
  7. She is just stunning. Luvvvvvvvv ♡♡♡♡ she looks 41 max
  8. i like the 3 songs my fave being crave and medellin i don't think "i rise" is an awesome song, it's average that said, now that we have " songs, i kind of get the direction this album is going and i'm liking this !! we need to support madonna in this change because if the majority of fans dislike her new stuff she will go back to MDNA REBEL HEART and HARC CANDY CRAVE sounds like ancient madonna in terms of intonations and vocal modulations i cannot wait to discover the rest
  9. it's an average song. can't wait for the rest of the album and especially "crave".
  10. her voice even with the vocoder is amazing , you can absolutely hear and recognize the type of intonations and modulations of classic madonna this is so perfect YAS YAS YAS AYE AYE AYE
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