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  1. This was amazing! Only performance that comes close to me is Lela Palle Tute in S&S!
  2. One of the best openings ever! I was front row 4 times, and each time I could hear the carriage taking her to the B-stage a couple of mntes before the lights went out. Magical!!!!
  3. teejoo


    Nobody Knows Me from RIT! All three of my RIT shows, the one song EVERYONE was singing and humming leaving the arena was that one, even though it was so early in the show. It made a huge impression!
  4. teejoo

    Which tours have you seen live?

    DWT: Berlin, RIT: Paris, 2x Arhem, CT: Hannover, Paris, 2x Amsterdam Hard Candy Showcase: Paris S&S: Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, 2x Paris RHT: Amsterdam
  5. teejoo

    M's favorite performance cities?

    I was there in the Max Schmeling Arena as well. Only German show I liked, both Confessions in Hannver and Sticky & Sweet in Dusseldorf the audience was soooo boring, especially compared to Paris.