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  1. yesterday I was playing this song at home... and mom said "How beautiful this song is!.!" sometimes she surprises me with her M faves.
  2. at first i reallly hated the song... because recently the autotune things bugs me a lot... then i don't know what happened but i have found that I am loving this song. but it is a very simple and cliché reggae rhythm.
  3. ayyy! i have been here but feeling lazy to write. well... in the end i learnt that i have ferritine deficiency! hahah
  4. killers who are partying batuka come alive extreme occident (my fave from the moment i saw the title!) dark ballet
  5. oh yes!.. i wish too!.. the songs without a bridge sounds like an unfinished work... well..., @karbatal , i think you mean the same thing, right?..
  6. actually, "NO" votes were winning by far. But so many frauds *as usual* changed the reality. Only one news agency; Anadolu Agency, last nigt, spreading the news from the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey. They both are in the control of Erdo :) And even though Istanbul is the most conservative city in Turkey "NO" votes won there. But the votes of some secular districts of Istanbul were not even counted... The funny thing; Üsküdar district said "NO"... it is where Erdogan lives. :D this means a lot ;) So, in the end, this result is actually what the western powers really want. It is now like the Treaty of Sèvres process right after the WWI ...
  7. Once upon a time women were powerful in that land... but now they're treated like bugs in the public... ... ...
  8. I am 33... and still a spice girls fan... sometimes i think this is surreal / unreal... and I do believe in the unicorns... but... supporting Erdo is.... a much higher level of my situation.
  9. doʊnt bi fuːld baɪ ðə ɹʷɔks ˈðæt aɪ ɡɒt əm stɪl əm stɪl ˈdʒɛnɪ frɒm ðə blɒk

  10. political the island breeze

  11. I hate the copy right bullshit :/

  12. Cleansing these kind of radical ideologies is never an offensive act. I so agree wth Spazz. ... This is nothing like an anti freedom of speech thing or anti semitic thing. ...
  13. ... the world makes me sick... I have been thinking of moving to Porto... but appearently even this side of the world is in danger too... okay i am not leaving home. xxx
  14. Well, everyone looks suspicious to me. But that's because I'm a little racist.


  15. Dorothy: Ma you promised you'd stay in your room 'til the meeting was over.
    Sophia: Who 
    am I, ALF?

  16. ALF: All right. Let me see if I've got this reindeer thing straight. There's... uh... there's Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
    Lynn: No, it's Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, Blitzen...
    ALF: Huey, Duey and Luey.
    Brian: No, those are ducks.
    ALF: Then how do they pull the sleigh?

  17. I am a bit jewish in quarter. both my father&mother side have jewish roots :D but so far nothing material has come... :D but caused losing somethings. and about the stone age mythology, painting the eggs... is it a post-structuralist ritual?
  18. oh are they gonna burry him tomorrow?.. weird... he is not a muslim or a jewish appearently. there's an orthodox christian priest at the funeral ... fishy thing is, i don't understand why they killed the murderer. I think "some people" do not want him to speak more. but i think this murder has something to do with the USA's secret "aliens"... whenever Turkey gets closer with Russia, the USA does something to make chaos between T&R
  19. right now, there's the funeral of the ambassador Karlov's in Ankara. Mr president and the mister prime minister are absent. They're in Istanbul... to open the road tunnel under the Bosphorus. ...
  20. chocolate covered onion rings all of nature wild and free

  21. and now i have read on twitter that another weirdo tried to attack on the USA embassy
  22. this sunni label bugs me a little. sunni = daech/islamists is not a correct thing. I've got lots of Syrian/Jordanian/Lebanese/Turkish sunni friends that have nothing to do with the actions of islamists/daech. but, i know what you mean i just wanted to express my feelings on this. and I think @spazz may agree with me ... anyways, i think all the religions must be banned from the usage. except for madonna. only madonna can use the religion. haha
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