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  1. actually, "NO" votes were winning by far. But so many frauds *as usual* changed the reality. Only one news agency; Anadolu Agency, last nigt, spreading the news from the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey. They both are in the control of Erdo :) And even though Istanbul is the most conservative city in Turkey "NO" votes won there. But the votes of some secular districts of Istanbul were not even counted... The funny thing; Üsküdar district said "NO"... it is where Erdogan lives. :D this means a lot ;) So, in the end, this result is actually what the western powers really want. It is now like the Treaty of Sèvres process right after the WWI ...
  2. i mean the boring thing is TIME... time flies... how come she has released 7 albums :D now she can skip her albums at her concerts. :) ... and as time flies, it gets harder for me to get used to the new tunes...
  3. Mel C's VOM tour setlist AnymoreEscalator Version of MeRoom For LoveSomething For The FireNorthern StarDear LifeUnravellingHuman (rag n bone cover)NumbLoving You BetterNever be the same againOur HistoryBlameSay You'll Be ThereHold OnThink About ItI Turn To You ... and it really is a VERSION OF ME album tour... so boring...
  4. Once upon a time women were powerful in that land... but now they're treated like bugs in the public... ... ...
  5. I have lost my entire mp3 archive... And I'm looking for someone to help me for the Solo Spice part of the archive... I used to have the CDs but gave them away years ago! Now I am like a homeless :D anyways, so here's what I need; Emma Bunton (b-sides & official remixes) Geri Halliwell (albums + b-sides + official remixes) Melanie B (albums + b-sides + official remixes) Victoria Beckham (whatever she has...) Melanie C (b-sides + official remixes) ... ps: I am just into the cd rips not less than 320kbps
  6. I am 33... and still a spice girls fan... sometimes i think this is surreal / unreal... and I do believe in the unicorns... but... supporting Erdo is.... a much higher level of my situation.
  7. Classic Cher! omg it's happening now!..
  8. :D ...turkish cover of a Danii song
  9. ... back then i was as depressed as she was... bcz i thought this look would last forever :( :D
  10. doʊnt bi fuːld baɪ ðə ɹʷɔks ˈðæt aɪ ɡɒt əm stɪl əm stɪl ˈdʒɛnɪ frɒm ðə blɒk

  11. Why do u have chelsea as avatar? 😂 

    1. PetrusPan


      i love losers and i think she's a loser too.

  12. political the island breeze

  13. I hate the copy right bullshit :/

  14. Cleansing these kind of radical ideologies is never an offensive act. I so agree wth Spazz. ... This is nothing like an anti freedom of speech thing or anti semitic thing. ...
  15. heheyyyy :) miss you guys... and miss our spice talks.... well.. appearently this GEM is not happenning.... but Geri is still keep recording; and i love it. i think she's recording for her solo album; BRAND NEW SONGS! this is great! We already have a leaked Geri album and we're gonna recieve more!..