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  1. GS is really the greatest show on Earth. ... And it was her very last show with a pure live music :) then the samples came. But the live mixes were much more LIVE than the samples that have been used in the following/recent tours.
  2. I am in love with DWT acoustic version. then GS performance comes. Her energy is amazing there. hmmm and then I think I'll say RHT... especially the dancers performance right after M leaves the stage is a highlight... and then... and thennnnn... CT; it is like she really is in a tropical island... I can even feel that breeze!..
  3. haven't voted yet but I am thinking of: the 90s albums have strong lyrics... but in the 2000s, Music has weaker lyrics comparing to COADF & HC 2010; MDNA& RH; even though I like MDNA more, I think RH has stronger lyrics... and the 80s; those 4 legendary albums; LAP, LAV, TB, M... and I am not talking about them. :D but I think TB has the strongest among them.
  4. Once upon a time women were powerful in that land... but now they're treated like bugs in the public... ... ...
  5. oh... I was there and I had forgotten that I attended the STP show :D now I remember this speech... and I was angry at her because in Istanbul she didn't have any speech. All she said was "I opened my heart to you istanbul and u open your heart to me" :/ right before masterpiece. ...well.. she did show her boob... maybe that's better than any speech haha :D
  6. I have lost my entire mp3 archive... And I'm looking for someone to help me for the Solo Spice part of the archive... I used to have the CDs but gave them away years ago! Now I am like a homeless :D anyways, so here's what I need; Emma Bunton (b-sides & official remixes) Geri Halliwell (albums + b-sides + official remixes) Melanie B (albums + b-sides + official remixes) Victoria Beckham (whatever she has...) Melanie C (b-sides + official remixes) ... ps: I am just into the cd rips not less than 320kbps
  7. I wonder this... can she release any random single from her past albums :D turning back to the 90s... :D
  8. I am 33... and still a spice girls fan... sometimes i think this is surreal / unreal... and I do believe in the unicorns... but... supporting Erdo is.... a much higher level of my situation.
  9. It is my no1 fave album.... hard to choose... but first of all, Hanky Panky deserved a proper video. Something to Remember might be a single as ballad... Back in Business is real fun! But I don't think the public would like it or not... I always dream a video for He's a Man... This song gives me multiple orgasms!..
  10. it should be the opening of the MDNA tour
  11. ... tours are fantastic. :)
  12. this song is mystical... everyone has an imaginary island to run away from the chaos of life and this song is about this imaginary island. Everyone feels safe while hearing it.
  13. She really needs to do such a thing. And first of all she needs to release a ballad. It's been too long, people forgot her ballad ID LOL :D She released a sex book and then the children's book... now i want her to release a cook book. Music industry has changed a lot in the past 15 years and her team *as far as i see* cannot follow the new rules. Maybe there's no rule for this new era but she's losing a lot... And this new sound of RH album has never a touch of Madonna. It sounds like a mixture of Rihanna + Jennifer Lopez album... ... I don't like to see her being busy with non-musical things. Making films is okay but this perfume, underwear whatever things are stealing our time... Look at this, MDNA album was released on 2012... RH was released in 2015... We the fans haven't gotten anything really satisfying. There are good songs on these 2 albums but these 2 albums are lack of something... *maybe lack of a story... They don't flow like the flawless Bedtime Stories or Ray Of Light or Erotica...
  14. She will be carried away in Konya. I know she reads Rumi and sufism a lot, I can see it in her works for years. Even in Hung Up I can feel sufism :) So finally -after her Jerusalem visit- she will be close to the light she's been talking/singing/writing/flming about. ... and I am not sure if I should chase her... Konya is just 4 hours away by car from my city...