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  1. Spice Girls thread

    LoL :D They only appear together in the beginning of the video while coming into the room... they all wear black except the one who once left the group wears red. :/ whatever... i love that song... i wish the director worked harder to capture better frames.
  2. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAA :D :D :D Express yourself TGS, i think... btw, do u remember the accident during SS tour, i think it was in Marseille and one killed. :(
  3. Supposed Singles ?

    Falling Free is such a big loss.
  4. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    exactly!.. My brother used to dislike Madonna until he heard this song. :D i find it similar to the Power of Goodbye but Time Stood Still is more powerful. ... and about Skin; it is a 6minute song yet it is never enough :D
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    is this the entire "excerpt" of TOAC?.. just 15 minutes?!.. it is worst than "excerpt" lol
  6. dress you up ... nothing fails ... hanky panky
  7. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    Suba... but he's dead :( ...
  8. actually, "NO" votes were winning by far. But so many frauds *as usual* changed the reality. Only one news agency; Anadolu Agency, last nigt, spreading the news from the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey. They both are in the control of Erdo :) And even though Istanbul is the most conservative city in Turkey "NO" votes won there. But the votes of some secular districts of Istanbul were not even counted... The funny thing; Üsküdar district said "NO"... it is where Erdogan lives. :D this means a lot ;) So, in the end, this result is actually what the western powers really want. It is now like the Treaty of Sèvres process right after the WWI ...
  9. Spice Girls thread

    i mean the boring thing is TIME... time flies... how come she has released 7 albums :D now she can skip her albums at her concerts. :) ... and as time flies, it gets harder for me to get used to the new tunes...
  10. Spice Girls thread

    Mel C's VOM tour setlist AnymoreEscalator Version of MeRoom For LoveSomething For The FireNorthern StarDear LifeUnravellingHuman (rag n bone cover)NumbLoving You BetterNever be the same againOur HistoryBlameSay You'll Be ThereHold OnThink About ItI Turn To You ... and it really is a VERSION OF ME album tour... so boring...
  11. Misheard Lyrics

    "if the bubble tells you so..." :D American Pie
  12. Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    do we have the mp3s? :) ...
  13. Your HOLY TRINITY from each tour!

    Virgin material girl like a virgin dress you up WTG true blue who's that girl la isla bonita Blond Ambition material girl open your heart like a prayer Girlie Show why's it so hard!!!! (hard to choose from this tour) like a virgin bye bye baby Drowned World la isla bonita frozen secret Re-invention hollywood vogue lament Confessions paradise erotica music Sticky&Sweet vogue like a prayer candy shop MDNA gang bang open your heart i'm a sinner Rebel Heart true blue deeper and deeper candy shop
  14. Karbatal has made the best sum. :) oh btw, how come the MDNA album turned into a RHT thread.
  15. S.E.X. honey, if u look at the show like this, it is normal to think that there's no connection... there's always a connection from the beginning to the end just like from punk to geisha... from geisha to cowboy... from willy wonka to gypsy... :) ... >>>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metanarrative