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  1. PetrusPan

    MDNA intro - guy ritchie?

    I love the Basque culture. :) and i fell in love with M one more time for she did a Basque act in her show. :)
  2. PetrusPan

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    is this the entire "excerpt" of TOAC?.. just 15 minutes?!.. it is worst than "excerpt" lol
  3. actually, "NO" votes were winning by far. But so many frauds *as usual* changed the reality. Only one news agency; Anadolu Agency, last nigt, spreading the news from the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey. They both are in the control of Erdo :) And even though Istanbul is the most conservative city in Turkey "NO" votes won there. But the votes of some secular districts of Istanbul were not even counted... The funny thing; Üsküdar district said "NO"... it is where Erdogan lives. :D this means a lot ;) So, in the end, this result is actually what the western powers really want. It is now like the Treaty of Sèvres process right after the WWI ...
  4. PetrusPan

    Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    do we have the mp3s? :) ...
  5. ... excerpt /ˈɛksəːpt/ a short extract from a film, broadcast, or piece of music or writing. ... :(
  6. PetrusPan

    The Girlie Show: Iconic

    GS is really the greatest show on Earth. ... And it was her very last show with a pure live music :) then the samples came. But the live mixes were much more LIVE than the samples that have been used in the following/recent tours.
  7. PetrusPan

    Favorite live performances of La Isla Bonita?

    I am in love with DWT acoustic version. then GS performance comes. Her energy is amazing there. hmmm and then I think I'll say RHT... especially the dancers performance right after M leaves the stage is a highlight... and then... and thennnnn... CT; it is like she really is in a tropical island... I can even feel that breeze!..
  8. Once upon a time women were powerful in that land... but now they're treated like bugs in the public... ... ...
  9. PetrusPan

    Turkish tanks cross Syrian border

    I am 33... and still a spice girls fan... sometimes i think this is surreal / unreal... and I do believe in the unicorns... but... supporting Erdo is.... a much higher level of my situation.
  10. PetrusPan


    I love Mina. I think she is very underrated... I think among the stars of her time she has the greatest voice of all.
  11. PetrusPan

    In which tours should M have sung Dear Jessie?

    it should be the opening of the MDNA tour
  12. PetrusPan

    Movie Scores & Soundtracks

    Liza Minnelli's Cabaret. :D :D
  13. PetrusPan

    George Michael thread

    omg really?!.. I thought I missed the news about his funeral bcz I really wonder what it will be like :( ...
  14. doʊnt bi fuːld baɪ ðə ɹʷɔks ˈðæt aɪ ɡɒt əm stɪl əm stɪl ˈdʒɛnɪ frɒm ðə blɒk