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  1. It looked like she was going to release it for a second there. The problem is that its pretty much out there and in great quality too, care of leaks and laser discs. I also think the Dick Tracy stuff may make it look dated and may taint it in the publics eyes and critics. Its set in stone as the moment in music history that Madonna changed the way concerts were performed. Maybe we should leave it that way. Id prefer Reinvention tbh, its more recent and i havnt seen it as much.
  2. I was at the Manchester show. That was a rough night. I saw two shows, one in Cali and another when i was visiting relatives in the UK. The two shows were completely different. Dont get me wrong she put on a great show in Manc but both Madonna and the audience were pissed off and the arena handled the whole situation and her fans soooooooo badly. At one point Madonna was asking the guards to leave her fans at the front alone.
  3. Its most likely Youtubes immune system turning against itself. We need a new site to take over, youtube is so 2004, since the kids sold out to the corporations its become a bag of shite.
  4. Mattvoyager

    M's live vocals.

    I kind of disagree. The Evita training bought the depth of You'll See and ROL. What i don't like is thefiltering out of the body of her voice so it sounds thin.