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  1. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    In a boil in the bag obvious target kind of way. More calculated. Her Niteline interview was cool, but while it all created a big hit in the US, other territories were lukewarm, especially for a brand new song. It also began the separation from her mainstream TB LAP audience.
  2. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    Oh look another one of these bitchy camp gifs. Super cute and original. God knows what two drag queens looking blank means tho.
  3. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    There are slim pickings ahead with no new music and the divas bitches reacting to any opinion that they dont agree with. dark times....
  4. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    Yep, it was kind of the moment she went from mainstream, everyone and anyone is a fan to gaystream. Intensified with Erotica as its sales showed as well as the book. Its like she started behaving the way and writing the music she had always been accused of acting and making.
  5. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    Never really get these gifs. Just bitchy and camp. No humor in them, but theyre everywhere here. Is there a place of no words or coherent sentences that one can go to to get these? Do you type something like "oh no guuuurlfriend you didnt" in a search filed to get a particular picture to post here? Do you have to be under 15 to get on the site? I bet theres loads featuring the movie Clueless.
  6. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    Contentious? Its my opinion. Thats what a social media board is for. opinions. Even if you dont agree with them. Like a Prayer video is remebered by all for provoking conversation (that thing u call contentious) addressing racism and more. JML was about sex (sexy, i guess is in the eye of the beholder) and its one hotel setting is just a little boring. She looks great but yeah its boring. Its mainly talked about today by its fans and doesnt make any lists of all time videos aside from most banned.
  7. Long before 50 Shades of Lame

    The song was fine its own right and place in the immaculate collection, it's never been a favourite but I appreciate it and play it every now and then. However I've always thought the video was super boring and looked cheap.
  8. Unfortunately we all know the movie will tank and be poorly reviewed by all aside the "she's our queen" crowd. 4 year gaps between albums are a major reason for dwindling album sales, but I'm sure she thinks it's worth it.
  9. Andy Cohen is such a desperate hanger on. Slags her off to one guest and sucks up to another. All fodder for his crappy memoirs. NEXT!
  10. All of this ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE!
  11. Patrick Leonard thread

    Gorgeous. Magic era. So is he working on a madonna instrumental record? I had a feeling he'd be doing something with the new connection to social media. Despite the usual suspects here saying stop asking about madonna or he'll get frightened and go away. He's clearly trying to guage or tap into something on the madonna front.
  12. 1986 great year, even with small offerings every track was killer.
  13. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    Not sure if this has come up before,as its a long thread, but on the subject of poor vinyl artwork, there is the Who's That Girl soundtrack vinyl which is freely available pretty much everywhere, brand ew and sealed with perfect artwork, no fading or stupid miss-prints. Thats a 30year old record.