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  1. Eurovision? Seriously. Career suicide.
  2. OK, well im sure the current range of zero special editions and standard back catalogue is a dream come true for you and the bloke in a wig on your pic.
  3. I meant, I wish they would release alternate slip covers, not re-shot covers as per the two pics i put on the OP. ie The second pic in an alternate slip cover from the era and the inside reveal is the original.
  4. Frozen (Extended Club Mix) Drowned World/Substitute For Love (BT & Sasha's Ashram remix) (and Sky Fits Heaven on same EP) The Power Of Goodbye mixes are ALL awful, the rest are meh, but at least theyre there and on a maxi.
  5. Fine by me. A look back or special edition is so rare in madonna's back catalogue, Id take anything, especially from the 80's period. I think an alternative slip cover for original artwork reveal in actual case would be even more awesome..... PS dont jump on me but Ive always loved the UK/Euro cover of TB more because I love the artwork.
  6. I always agreed with that. A full album of originals, recorded in a studio, by the one artist, under that one artists name IS a studio album. Although i have to say i count WTG as album 4 and YCD as album 5. Not studio albums but still 4 and 5. These are very nice finds on here. I'd like to see the one for True Blue.
  7. You're right. Shouldnt be that way. Its a public forum that exists for comments.
  8. I hear Madonna tribe has a forum where only gushing praise is allowed, maybe you would enjoy it there more. One of the good things about this forum is that it accepts we are all fans. End of, so open discussion on what we do and dont like is fun and much more interesting. Why try and shut something down because you dont agree with someones opinion? Converse back or skip the page.
  9. It looked like she was going to release it for a second there. The problem is that its pretty much out there and in great quality too, care of leaks and laser discs. I also think the Dick Tracy stuff may make it look dated and may taint it in the publics eyes and critics. Its set in stone as the moment in music history that Madonna changed the way concerts were performed. Maybe we should leave it that way. Id prefer Reinvention tbh, its more recent and i havnt seen it as much.
  10. I was at the Manchester show. That was a rough night. I saw two shows, one in Cali and another when i was visiting relatives in the UK. The two shows were completely different. Dont get me wrong she put on a great show in Manc but both Madonna and the audience were pissed off and the arena handled the whole situation and her fans soooooooo badly. At one point Madonna was asking the guards to leave her fans at the front alone.
  11. Its most likely Youtubes immune system turning against itself. We need a new site to take over, youtube is so 2004, since the kids sold out to the corporations its become a bag of shite.
  12. Well here's mine. Would never happen but i can wish. Left obvious hits like Holiday and La isla that even though I love, they have been done to death. I was gutted that she dropped Whos That Girl from the manchester show when i was visiting the UK. That was a rough night. Not in any real order except old to new and then mixed a little. PS can you all imagine a really great anti Trump rmix of Love makes the world go round? 1. MATERIAL GIRL 2. INTO THE GROOVE 3. OPEN YOUR HEART 4. LIVE TO TELL 5. TRUE BLUE 6. LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND (AN EPIC ANTHEMIC MIX) 7. WHO'S THAT GIRL 8. LIKE A PRAYER 9. EXPRESS YOURSELF 10. CHERISH 11. VOGUE 12. DEEPER AND DEEPER 13. RAIN 14. THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND (MAYBE MASH UP WITH OH FATHER TO KEEP IT INTERESTING LIVE) 15. TAKE A BOW 16. FROZEN 17. POWER OF GOODBYE/MILES AWAY 18. YOU'LL SEE 19. I'LL REMEMBER 20. CRAZY FOR YOU 21. REBEL HEART (AVICII MIX OBVS) 22. GHOST TOWN 23. JOAN OF ARC 24. LUCKY STAR 25. DRESS YOU UP
  13. Lol. But back then she was in charge and not oseary, and it took herself and one or two others to write an entire album not a boardroom to write a song.
  14. Oh I get it. Public forums and free speech etc are only good if ppl say what you wanted to hear. hard candy was a low point sounding dated the week it came out and containing stuff a like a prayer era madonna wouldn't have used as a bside. Better than 90% of the charts at the time but for madonna it was not good.