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  1. http://123tvnow.com/watch/nbc/ Link for all of us in the UK
  2. that might be why......login to your account and look at your order status in the account section. This is what my order looks like
  3. I think they are just for the UK and are returning payments to overseas customers....bwcause it is still available on the UK store
  4. My money for the boxset hasn't been returned and on my account on the UK store it states i have paid for it are you in the UK or overseas?
  5. Just checked my account no returned repayment for me
  6. im in the UK but im pretty sure it would be the same the world over especially with the lead single from a has yet unreleased album
  7. Radio would get the song electronically say the night before they are allowed to play it
  8. yep been many times also they are definitely hinting at something
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