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  1. Here in the UK.....only one track will do....rain
  2. am i crazy or is there such things has jet planes it 5/6 hour flight.....sure she could do something she went out into a park in NYC and never rehearsed
  3. going to try and get tickets first thing thursday hope she is there but if not at least it will help the families and victims
  4. Not finding the site do you have a link
  5. I was in work when the news broke (no pun intended) and my manager came up to me and said stop what you are doing and come listen to the radio.......I was in shock didn't do much for the rest of the day just kept on listening to the news
  6. Yeah my local store is regarded has the smallest independent store in the country so is always crazy so you have to get there early has some of them start queuing at about 8 th3 night before
  7. got mine after queuing for over nine hours
  8. 7th in my stores queue and still 4hrs before it opens
  9. why is it downloading has .bin file for me can't hear it or even change it to mp3 any help please
  10. Mine arrived this morning LOVE the magazines the t-shirt is OK I guess
  11. You can find the bundle here all 3 magazines and a t-shirt
  13. Not sure has have never plugged it into anything
  14. Yes was given out in Israel and Amsterdam