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  1. good for them both for the music choice AND for getting sodomized
  2. isnt it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late for it now anyways...? album promo is ovah
  3. pretty close to the finished product? in what universe?
  4. I sent back that ugly tshirt and asked them to replace it with the one from the other bundle, I got after 3 weeks and it looks a lot better
  5. this Offer Nissim remix is the best so far loving it
  6. it's even going to be released on a 12" so it is a single
  7. the best of the GHV2 megamixes imo also her Music and WIFLFAG mixes are great but back to Crave
  8. not all of her remixes are bad though... her GHV2 megamix was BY FAR the best one
  9. 17 remixes for this song? Perplexing....
  10. I agree. It would make for some KILLER remixes. If I was a dj choosing a MX track a remix, I would pick DB for sure
  11. we'll finally get to see her with long straight hair!!
  12. I know it's probably never going to happen, but I'm still hoping for a Madame X tour edition re-issue with remixes (including the not yet released ones) and possibly the videos, similar to what she did with Music during DWT a girl can dream
  13. my point being there is no design at all in that tragic pride edition ✌
  14. weren't the vocals for Secret allegedly re-recorded for the Junior mixes? I seem to remember that was the rumor at the time
  15. out of the remixes we got, my favourite is the DJ Irene & The Alliance one I still don't think I Rise is a suitable track for dance remixes because of the "slow vocals"
  16. this is amazing! a great insight on the artistic creation of the artwork.... interesting that the purple lips thing is nowhere to be seen so it was either scrapped early on or it was just fan fiction
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