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  1. same for me!! I love the mash-up and I dicovered the Eurythmics song thx for that I still wish we will see Rain again on tour in it's original form
  2. I need behind the scenes videos of all the Erotica videos like... now.
  3. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    weren't they given away as a free gift on the ICON store? I ordered the dvd+t-shirt combo hoping to get a set and obviously I didn't
  4. She said she's at the very early stages.... so probably no studio time yet I guess if she feels creative and inspired, it won't take that long for her to get things going and create new art the only factor that could really screw things up is if her computer gets hacked again and demos start leaking....
  5. what an AWESOME way to celebrate Erotica's 25th anniversary!!! A remix!!! almost better than what they did with True Blue
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Although I enjoy listening to her so-called "live" concert cds, I find them to be more similar to greatest hits compilations than concert recordings. They're basically studio versions (or remixes) of the songs with added crowd noise here and there.
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    Devil Pray Ghosttown Rebel Heart
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    XDDDD LMAO at the fact that she mentioned her "OTHER JOB" and with only mdnaskin related tags lol Queen of business diversification
  9. I disagree. When it comes to her music, most people have criticized her recent output for being trend-chasing and not experimental or innovative. I think being more artistic driven from now on will only do her good.
  10. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I've always been in love with this look <3
  11. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I prefer straight hair as well The alternate version she tried for RHT was so cool, too bad it probably kept getting in the way so she went back to curly
  12. Madonna's Hair 2017

    The fact that she's done the golden locks look to DEATH now doesn't seem to bother her and she doesn't seem to be interested in changing this trend, either I think we'll just get variations on it and that's all, no drastic image change at this point (c'mon Queen, surprise us all)
  13. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    it's the nuances her facial expressions, her smiles, making eye-contact and connecting with the fans, even feeling the coreography, the dance moves, the lyrics of the songs.... it all gets lost in the editing I could spend hours just staring at her face. I don't need to see so much of the dancers or the fans to be honest.
  14. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    this proves once again that crazy frantic editing is THE ENEMY Take a Bow, True Blue, La vie en rose... all end up being the best moments because you can actually SEE HER (and breathe. and sing. and feel all the emotions again)
  15. it's weird she looks STUNNING in most of the pictures, and then there's that Instagram video where her face is so inflated she can barely talk oh well as long as she keeps making music and going on tour....