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  1. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    the WORST has to be this one for me I absolutely hated it, it's such a non-event and it's so unflattering, makes her look boxy those high waisted pants.... bleah
  2. I am an ICON member and apparently I got no extra gift... another user showed a screenshot where you could clearley see it listed in his/her order, while it wasn't on mine... no big deal but it's a shame, I thought they were really cute
  3. I ordered the bundle but no sign of the serigraph set... is it a US esclusive...??
  4. the fact that some of the highlights of the show are missing from the bonus cd makes perfect sense (at least from their point of view) to me since there is a separate double-cd set available if the bonus cd included all the songs, who would buy the other separate release? Of course I would have prefered the option of buyin the full show dvd+cd instead but they Always milk the most cash out of the fans....

  6. I actually like DWT the way it is, even with the most obscure tracks like Candy Perfume Girl or Mer Girl being performed... it kinda fits into the narrative and dark themes of the show The only song I have an issue with is Nobody's perfect, I never really cared for it and wished it was replaced by something else
  7. Imagine something like this... would have saved a lot of the criticism (although I LOVE DWT the way it is): Drowned World/Substitute for LoveImpressive InstantBurning upBeautiful StrangerRay of Light Paradise Not for Me Frozen Open Your Heart/The power of goodbye Bedtime story/Sky fits heaven What It Feels Like for a Girl (Remix) This used to be my playground Don't Tell Me Human Nature Like a virgin Secret You'll see Don't Cry for Me Argentina Lo Que Siente La Mujer La Isla Bonita Holiday Deeper & deeper Music
  8. I would say You'll see... I know it was performed on a few show but it really should have been on the regular setlist since it was such a simple but stunning performance
  9. Concert Setlist of Album Songs ONLY

    throw in something from American Life + scrap Cant stop and it's one hell of a setlist :)))
  10. yea my whole point is that criticizing his work is one thing but the personal attacks are rude and unnecessary (I was talking about all the "I hate him", "he should be ashamed of himself", "I hope he cries himself to sleep" etc. bullshit) but whatever Im over it
  11. so it's forbidden now for fans to create artwork and put it out for public display? and it's his fault if madonna liked it and picked it???? seriously guys I don't get it...
  12. you can criticize his work and I trust your judgement because you have a degree iun graphic design, but some attacks (just like the one below your post for example) are just mean and ignorant which is absolutely RIDICULOUS since Madonna has always encouraged respect and tolerance, which is something that so-called "Madonna fans" should know about
  13. you can be baffled by the artistic choices of her/her team (and I am as well) but you can't blame the guy for doing whatever the f*ck he wants with his computer
  14. I don't like most of Aldo's artwork (some of it is not that bad though) but it's not like Madonna herself could do a better job, we had shitty artwork for most of her live releases and Aldo had nothing to do with those and anyone who's attacking him so viciously, if Madonna came to you and picked YOUR artwork no matter how shitty, would you say NO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! come on.... he has the right to make whatever artwork he wants or likes, and if there's someone out there who appreciates it good for him EXPRESS YOURSELF DON'T REPRESS YOURSELF
  15. Over 10 million views

    It was perfection seeing it live On the DVD version there are waaaaaaaaaaay too many filters (sometimes you can't even see her face, just the shape of it) and the editing cuts away from her too much, especially at the beginning and you miss some of the dance moves Too bad since it was such a spectacular moment and section opening