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  1. Always loved this hairstyle! she looks so good
  2. I love her post about Melanie she seems the family member Madonna feels closest to (besides her dad of course)
  3. I wished they just used the "Joan of Arc" picture with the sword and called it a day
  4. SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks for sharing these!
  5. Enough with the kids... I mean... seriously
  6. everytime I see this: it makes me want to CRY those long crane shots are just magnificient... they make you feel like you're on stage with her and it really shows how awesome the stage and the whole set-up were such potential, all wasted by the insane editing..... WHAT A SHAME
  7. there's a lot of thought and work that goes into the design and packaging of a product, and there's clearly a good reason for that it can capture the attention of potential buyers and help to sell it (besides giving fans and collectors their money's worth) it's like working your ass off at the gym to have a hot body and then cover it up with an ugly dress.... what's the point??
  8. every single one of us should download it if only for being a much needed WAKE UP CALL to her and her team seriously, if they don't give a sh*t about all this happening then why should we???? the song has been there for DAYS
  9. I'd pick this as the DVD/Blu Ray cover picture it's gorgeous
  10. I'm not surprised about Madonna's team having zero control over anything these days but it's on f***ing Itunes for God's sake... if it's really unofficial they should be the ones taking it down in the first place
  11. it doesn't work that way for me... the video can really change the way I feel about a certain song, because the imagery gets stuck in my head and I can't help but picture the visuals while I'm listening same goes with live performances, sometimes they made me enjoy tracks that I wouldn't pay much attention to before
  12. so Showtime had the exclusive until now, once that's over they will be free to broadcast it in other countries and after that it will finally be realeased on dvd/blu ray does that make sense? so we can assume all the wait is due to Showtime having the broadcast exclusive?
  13. Is Kevin Reagan still around? She needs to get him back on board