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  1. +1 as much as I want to see Nothing really matters perfomed on tour one day, the Nobody knows me number was SO good that I wouldn't want it replaced by any other song.... and the coreography fits the song to a T
  2. MDNA stage for sure
  3. that's exactly what I meant it did fill its purpose in the show overall since other classic hits were so radically reinvented (True Blue, Who's that girl, Like a virgin...) and this one didn't need to be transformed sonically/musically, so it was nice that she kept it close to the original in terms of the musical arrangement it's the staging, visual backdrop and dancing that felt a bit "recycled" the backdrop video alone was similar to the one used for S&S Spanish lesson... if I remember correctly + I just re-watched Live earth version of la Isla and.... wow. What a great performance. And she looks fenomenal.
  4. if that's true, then he should be held responsible for this in a court of law
  5. do you think the Tears of a clown content will include (some of) the songs or just the comedy parts? I need Intervention in hq please....
  6. well it's a matter of taste anyways 30 years into her career I'd rather hear new reinvented versions of her older hits than the same album versions over and over again (and apparently Madonna feels the same way about some of her repertoire) after all, re-inventing herself is what kept her interesting for so long besides you don't have to totally transform a song to make it sound fresh and updated Confessions tour Like a virgin is a good example of that: the song keeps its identity but at the same time the arrangement and the visuals make for an great re-invention I didn't say RHT La isla was bad or that I didn't enjoy it, it just felt a bit uninspired
  7. My ideal Rebel Heart tour setlist would be something like this: JOAN OF ARC SECTION 1. Iconic 2. Hold Tight (Drums performance) 3. Burning Up 4. Holy Water/Vogue 5. Devil Pray ROCKABILLY SECTION 6. Messiah (interlude) 7. Beautiful stranger 8. True Blue 9. Give me all your luvin' 10. HeartBreakCity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore 11. Like a Virgin MATADOR/MEXICAN SECTION 12. Erotica (interlude) 13. Living For Love 15. Dress You Up/Lucky star/Into the groove medley 17. Request song (Ghosttown, Take a bow, Like a prayer, Frozen, Drowned world...) 18. Rebel Heart FLAPPER 30s SECTION 19. Illuminati (interlude) 20. Music 21. Candy Shop 22. Material girl 23. Fever (elements of Hanky Panky) 24. Unapologetic Bitch 25. Bitch I'm Madonna (Encore)
  8. I wished she performed the original version of the songs she has never (or rarely) performed live songs like La isla, Like a virgin, even Candy Shop... they have been performed so many times that they need some kind of re-invention to make them interesting and avoid the "rehash" effect... that's just my opinion
  9. Am I the only one who felt the Rebel Heart version was quite uninspired? The dance moves, the video on the screens... it all felt very "been there done that"
  10. Impressive instant... I'm sure the video would have been AMAZING
  11. and besides, it won't make that big of a difference because it's gonna be blurry and grainy anyways.... XDDD