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  1. I don't search I Find will be serviced to italian radios tomorrow! https://www.earone.it/news/madonna_i...2020_42225102/ Madonna - I Don't Search I Find (Radio Date: 22-05-2020 Dopo l'impronta latina di "MEDELLIN" insieme a MALUMA (disco d’Oro in Italia, Top 10 nella classifica radio, oltre 49 milioni di stream su Spotify e 46 milioni di visualizzazioni su YouTube), il tocco hip-hop di “CRAVE” in collaborazione con SWAE LEE e la ballad "I RISE", MADONNA torna in radio con il nuovo singolo dance “I DON’T SEARCH I FIND”. Il brano è tratto dall'ultimo a
  2. Good Morning America talking about Madonna's 50 number ones on the Dance club song chart. https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Culture/video/madonna-artist-score-50-number-billboard-chart-69030649
  3. I'm so happy for her! This is such an iconic milestone. Congratulations, Queen.
  4. The video has already over 400,000 views and it was uploaded just 6 days ago.
  5. This is so heartbreaking and scary! Stay safe, my dear australian members.
  6. Yesssssss! Congratulations! Now get that #50th number one!
  7. It's absurd. The same happened with the Living for love performance at the Grammies. It's a shame that "her team" deletes out of the blue a very popular performance with 14 million views already without giving any reasonable explanation.
  8. The Crave remix album is available on Itunes. So far.. Album: Crave iTunes: #2 Brazil #2 Greece #7 Mexico #8 Spain #15 Singapore #18 Italy #19 Hong Kong #23 France #27 Bulgaria #32 Australia #35 United Kingdom #37 Austria #44 Canada #47 Germany #65 United States #69 Belgium
  9. Pompeo's ancestors were from Pacentro. I hope he's not related to Madonna. He's visiting the town today.
  10. Great! Is this remix available on Spotify and Itunes?
  11. Crave is the new "power hit" on RTL, one of the biggest italian radio stations.
  12. Crave debuts at 30 on the Earone chart (the official italian airplay chart) and at 7 on the TV airplay chart! Strong debut! https://www.earone.it/classifiche/classifica_settimanale_storico/ https://www.earone.it/classifiche/classifica_settimanale_tv_storico_punteggio/ Medellin peaked at 5 on the airplay chart.
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