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  1. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    She sounded pretty bad and struggled through most of the performance. That's what years of oversinging, bad and unhealthy vocal techniques and screaming do to your voice. ..Her current vocal condition is too damaged to attempt a Whitney Houston tribute. Another singer could have done more justice to Whitney.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Omg she sounds amazing! What a warm and smooth voice! Go to the studio and record a cover now, Queen! It's one of my favourite Elvis' songs too!
  3. Faked picture of Madonna circulating on the internet

    The picture is obviously fake. Let's not give it more exposure. Time to close this mess of a thread.
  4. Can Warner upload the rest of her videos onto the Vevo.com too? It would be cool to see all her videos at least there. On YouTube they must unblock Everybody, Into the groove, Cherish and Get togheter and keep uploading the missing videos hopefully in better quality. ...Oh and again one channel for Madonna Warner era videos (Madonnavevo or Madonna) and one upload for each video, please Guy and Madonna.
  5. I know this is an old problem and some of you don't like Vevo , but since she (or her team) reads here, I think it's time they finally realize that the messy state of her videography on Youtube needs to be fixed RIGHT NOW. Every other freaking artist out there has a channel (vevo or not) where all their videos are accessible. When it comes to Madonna: she has a vevo channel with just 16 videos that she released after leaving Warner (no problem here). When it comes to her golden videography from 1982 to 2008 the mess begins: the double uploads of the videos (Warner and Madonna channel, it's meaningless and hurtful for the views), the low quality of some of her videos (Celebration quality is tragic), some videos are blocked (thank god la isla bonita was recently unblocked), other like Who's that girl, This used to be my playground and Human nature never had any kind of official upload. some fan uploads having more views thant the official ones (la isla bonita being the most tragic example)..On her Madonna channel she doesn't have a playlist that features all her Warner videos on the main page....It's a fucking shame. People needs to be exposed to her videography in a proper way! Solutions: Ideal: transfer all your videos on Madonnavevo channel keeping the old views and adding them (or at least delete the double video with less views). Other possible options: Create a Madonna videos playlist on your channel featuring your pre-interscope videos or create another brand new madonna official videos channel where you can transfer all your videos in hq quality. Just one official video, not stupid double videos. Please Madonna, do something....
  6. I think it will. The same happened with La isla bonita and Material girl.
  7. Almost the same quality of the Rita's fan upload....
  8. I think they are probably pissed at fan uploads having more views than their official videos. I mean, what do they expect with half of her videos unavailable in many countries for years and again Madonna has an official channel not related to Vevo on Youtube:let the woman have all her Warner era videos uploaded once at least there, for God's sake!
  9. Let's keep the fighting spirit!
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    For sure.
  11. The Human nature video has been just uploaded on the Warner bros. Channel. Again her videos should be uploaded only once on her channel, but at least now this gem is on Youtube in an official form. Hopefully other missing Madonna's videos will be uploaded soon.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Cool ad! Love It!
  13. P!nk: New album "Bland Trapeze"

    Who knew is definitely her best and most memorable song.
  14. I knew that Pariah said something like that but I think it's a totally made up story.
  15. Does M have money off-shore?

    I've just heard the news too. They just mentioned her name without further details. ...I am sure she is just indirectly involved in this. ...but oh well mentioning her name always works for clickbaits.
  16. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

  17. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    Cool.She is such a stan.
  18. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Her vocals are as marvellous as in Take a bow (maybe even more). She included this beautiful, lush and sensual ballad in "Something to remember" for a reason.....
  19. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    True, Take a bow barely peaked at 16 there. It would have been a wise choice for the US though.
  20. Taylor Swift thread

    Boring. Not even special effects save it....
  21. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Warner should have released Forbidden love as a single. It would have been another smash a la "Take a bow". What do you think"?
  22. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    I agree: her versatility as a singer is unmatched. The woman has basically sung every genres and adapted every style of singing always with a very recognizable voice.
  23. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    She looks amazing.
  24. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Her voice sounds amazing in the album, so smooth and warm. In fact, before Evita critics considered Take a bow to be her best vocal studio performance. Madonna's voice and tone are special.The only other singer I could picture singing Take a bow and give the song justice is Toni Braxton, another singer with a "deep" and sensual voice.