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  1. This is so heartbreaking and scary! Stay safe, my dear australian members.
  2. Pompeo's ancestors were from Pacentro. I hope he's not related to Madonna. He's visiting the town today.
  3. This is so awful and atrocious. I have no Words. Rip to all the victims and praying for all the injureds who are still fighting for their own lives.
  4. I've seen a naked woman protesting against Brexit this morning (I'm in the UK right now) being interviewed on ITV.
  5. In Italy they all vote for the hideous 5 star movement. They are the worst.
  6. This vile orange man should be persecuted for violating human rights. He's really disgusting. He has crossed every possible line.
  7. Matteo Salvini is just scum. That's the only thing I can say about him as italian.
  8. You're welcome, dear. Despite his crazyness I must admit he has a very nice and sweet personality.
  9. He stayed there three days. He had a shower completly naked in front of the cameras (ewwwwwww) and flirted with some guys in the Jacuzzi.
  10. Of course, but nowadays migrants and Islam are their main targets.
  11. Oh c'mon not everyone in the North votes for the Northern Leaugue or hates the people from the South. It's a stereotype.Prejudices still exist, but it's not 1956 anymore Lol. Plenty of people from the North nowadays have southern descent (plenty of people with Apulian heritage for example in Lombardy, especially in Milan). I was recently in Milan and nobody looked down on me or made fun of me (thank god I don't have too much of an accent) and everybody praised the beauty of my region when I told them I was apulian.
  12. Those referendums were just political propaganda from the Northern leaugue and a waste of money. ..Our Constitution already allows regions to ask for greater autonomy:that's what Emilia Romagna, another wealthy and rich Northern Italian region clearly not ruled by the Northern leaugue, is already doing.....
  13. You're welcome, dear. Stay strong and safe!
  14. So tragic. My thoughts and prayers go to Mexico. I hope all the Mexican members are ok.
  15. How can a 71 year old man be so childish and lame? He has serious issues.
  16. Blame the catholic politicians (in the left too) who still lick the Vatican's ass and support the so called "traditional family" despite being divorced and living an "immoral " private life. The hypocrisy.......
  17. Such a beautiful and lovely couple. What a tragedy!
  18. What a stupid flop bitch. I am happy for Jeremy Corbyn.
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