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  1. Faked picture of Madonna circulating on the internet

    The picture is obviously fake. Let's not give it more exposure. Time to close this mess of a thread.
  2. Can Warner upload the rest of her videos onto the Vevo.com too? It would be cool to see all her videos at least there. On YouTube they must unblock Everybody, Into the groove, Cherish and Get togheter and keep uploading the missing videos hopefully in better quality. ...Oh and again one channel for Madonna Warner era videos (Madonnavevo or Madonna) and one upload for each video, please Guy and Madonna.
  3. I think it will. The same happened with La isla bonita and Material girl.
  4. Almost the same quality of the Rita's fan upload....
  5. I think they are probably pissed at fan uploads having more views than their official videos. I mean, what do they expect with half of her videos unavailable in many countries for years and again Madonna has an official channel not related to Vevo on Youtube:let the woman have all her Warner era videos uploaded once at least there, for God's sake!
  6. Let's keep the fighting spirit!
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    For sure.
  8. The Human nature video has been just uploaded on the Warner bros. Channel. Again her videos should be uploaded only once on her channel, but at least now this gem is on Youtube in an official form. Hopefully other missing Madonna's videos will be uploaded soon.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Cool ad! Love It!
  10. P!nk: New album "Bland Trapeze"

    Who knew is definitely her best and most memorable song.
  11. I knew that Pariah said something like that but I think it's a totally made up story.
  12. Does M have money off-shore?

    I've just heard the news too. They just mentioned her name without further details. ...I am sure she is just indirectly involved in this. ...but oh well mentioning her name always works for clickbaits.
  13. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

  14. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    Cool.She is such a stan.