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  1. Azealia Banks

    Exactly. I think she is talented. Too bad she's crazy.....

    The dvd has been certified platinum in France (check the Ukmix forum for the link).
  3. Madonna on youtube

    By stalking Guy Oseary on Instagram.This strategy worked for other videos recently uploaded.
  4. Madonna on youtube

    With 4 minutes (Warner) Madonna now has 9 videos over 50 million views. With the Madonna upload 4 minutez has 82 million cumulative official views.....
  5. Madonna on youtube

    Gambler, Who's that girl, the look of love, I'll remember, Evita videos, Beautiful stranger. Some videos are still blocked in some countries (Everybody, Cherish, Die another day, Get together).
  6. Madonna on youtube

    8 videos with over 50 million views now.
  7. Madonna on youtube

    Yessssssss! Her team uploaded on the Madonna channel. They are finally learning.
  8. Madonna on youtube

    Dress you up featured on the home page of the Warner Bros. Records channel....So random.
  9. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Nobody cared about her concert here. It barely had media coverage.....
  10. Madonna on youtube

    La isla bonita (Warner upload) has surpassed the views of the GMAYL video. It's now her fourth most watched video on Youtube with almost 69 million views, behind Bitch I'm Madonna (260 million), Hung up (146 million) and Vogue (76 million).
  11. Madonna on youtube

    It's such an injustice and a scandal. The woman has the best and most iconic videos ever. Guy should have reached an agreement with Warner loooong ago....
  12. Madonna on youtube

    It has already amassed over 1 million and 700,000 views in the first days of 2018!