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  1. So Wendy has the Sex book. Officially a stan.
  2. 10 weeks at number one already.
  3. I found out that Gretchen is one year younger than Madonna. I thought she was almost 70.
  4. She is so embarassing!
  5. Finally the truth came out! I wonder what Madonna's haters and trolls will say now...
  6. Exactly. Other problems: the shitty quality of the Celebration video on her channel. They should also "complete" her videography on too.
  7. Good for her to mention her Malawi work FIRST and I agree with her Sharon should have sent the message privately.
  8. She was/is of course known in Europe but she never experienced the same level of success of Madonna, Whitney and Celine or even Mariah. She has very few hits there. That's what I meant with "local ".
  9. Fabulous. Supreme queen of long and low notes and vibrato. She sounded and looked amazing.
  10. She is in Malawi now and very busy with her philantropic projects. I guess she still has no clue about this (fake) letter.
  11. I loathe that shitty Mariah's song and I'm soooooo happy it will be likely dethroned.
  12. Preach it, girl!