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  1. She's so obsessed!
  2. And Annie Lennox too, maybe?
  3. Old bitter jealous has beens.
  4. The Ghosttown video was played on VH1 (Italy) yesterday!
  5. Exactly and not surprisingly Mariah is always a guest on his show...... I don't doubt he's a fan, but I don't like this attitude at all. He's always trying to create some drama.....
  6. You're so horny lately.
  7. In a previous Instagram video she sang "Mambo italiano" with the twins .
  8. Yes, when she attacked Trump.
  9. I think they genuinely liked each other and enjoyed working togheter. I don't think it was just business.
  10. I've just finished watching the video.I've googled her name. I thought she was a pornostar when her pictures came out. She looks like a 80s Rocco Siffredi partnerTits of life, even bigger than Sabrina.