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  1. All her videos should be in one place in chronological order from Everybody to Bitch I'm Madonna and in Hq.
  2. Yessssss! We won! It was so absurd. I suspect certain trolls reported the video.....
  3. Let's all complain on Youtube Facebook page, twitter and instagram accounts. I want the video back now! This is so unacceptable. More explicit videos are still available on youtube.
  4. The social media world can be so retarted at times .....
  5. Horrible and heartbreaking. I really hope it wasn't a terroristic attack. RIP to all the victims.
  6. We must make the life of this cunt miserable.
  7. She looks lovely
  8. Terrible translation Pazzo or pazza di te is more used and correct in italian.
  9. I love traveldonna. Lisbon is definitely a city I would like to visit.
  10. Horrible. Wtf is this illuminati cheap mess?
  11. Nice to see Madonna vocally appreciated. Cute collection of vocals even though some great ones are missing. I love their description of her voice as emotive and distinctive below the video.
  12. I really like her new song and her new image. Her crazy whorish persona was just too forced and not authentic. She still looks beautiful and sexy without trying too hard.