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  1. Tragic Girl

    I adore it
  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Nobody cared about her concert here. It barely had media coverage.....
  3. Indeed. I'm truly disgusted especially by the racist comments (no more "black music" type..when Madonna was inspired by "black music" since the beginning of her career by the way..). What a pathetic joke a part of her fanbase has become! Too many drama queens and constantly negative individuals...
  4. No, please that Cardi chick is so annoying....
  5. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  6. The Youtube crusade thread

    I'm not surprised. The Material girl video is definitely one of her most iconic videos along with Vogue.I can't believe it was only uploaded last year.It would have million of views by now. I will never "forgive" Warner for messing Madonna's views with their double uploads and blocked videos back in 2009. She would have probably the same amount of views of Micheal Jackson at this point.It's absurd that a star of Madonna's magnitude still doesn't have all her videos uploaded once on her channel. I am disgusted.
  7. The Youtube crusade thread

    Hi welcome! Can't wait for Vogue to finally hit 100 million views and I am so happy for the healthy views of Live to tell. Material girl will be another +100 million in the upcoming future. It was uploaded 4 months ago and it has already 7 million views.
  8. The Youtube crusade thread

    That's fantastic news! I adore Hollywood (song and video) and the quality is good-decent. Hopefully her whole videography will be fully available soon on Youtube...the next step is to gather all her classic videos in one channel with one upload! We can make it!
  9. The Youtube crusade thread

    Oh let's not forget the shitty quality of the Celebration video! How can you upload a video in 240p in 2009? What the fuck they were thinking?