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  1. CovidCarmelita57 is in fact a much more dangerous virus and it has been infecting Italy for years.
  2. She's a mess, I know.The italian version of Wendy Williams.
  3. Mmmmmm, I don't think that's the case. It has nothing to do with a supposed macho attitude of italian and south korean men, LOL. I guess some victims just thought that they had a normal flu and understimated the danger at the beginning of the global emergency.
  4. Our media don't create anxiety, do they?
  5. I agree. The healthy habits to prevent flu are perfect for Coronavirus as well. There's no reason "to sack" supermarkets.
  6. I understand people are worried, but this is getting out of control....
  7. Another potential victim in Lombardy (a woman) has died today.
  8. This is so heartbreaking and scary! Stay safe, my dear australian members.
  9. Pompeo's ancestors were from Pacentro. I hope he's not related to Madonna. He's visiting the town today.
  10. This is so awful and atrocious. I have no Words. Rip to all the victims and praying for all the injureds who are still fighting for their own lives.
  11. I've seen a naked woman protesting against Brexit this morning (I'm in the UK right now) being interviewed on ITV.
  12. In Italy they all vote for the hideous 5 star movement. They are the worst.
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