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  1. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    I hate it when people put Rebel Heart and MDNA, Hard Candy in the same cathegory. Apart from maybe 2 or 3 songs, she isn't chasing any trends at all.
  2. It finally happened!

    Both the demo and the album version are equally flawless
  3. Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    How do I download this? I need the decryption key
  4. Ughh the media lovees to use that picture. And this article is shady
  5. Trump On M's Sex Book in 1992

    He must really hate how he looks to be this negative about everyone else's looks.
  6. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    Exactly. She always, always spoke highly of him, so if he's having a problem with her, he's the one who's looking bad.
  7. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    I'm so glad she's getting lots of positive reactions both for her Carpool Karaoke appearance and her speech at that Billboard event. I'm so not used to this, lol.
  8. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    Lmfaoo, she obviously didn't say it with any bad intention. I can't.
  9. Madonna on Opie 1998!

    I actually love the outfit and the hair
  10. Madonna is Billboard's Woman of the Year

    That cover is eveerything
  11. She looks AMAZING she's giving us so much this era, love iit.
  12. I LOVE the album but I kinda dislike the era for some reason. She looked so much better during Confessions
  13. Swept Away: The End

    I just watched it a few days ago for the first time and I love how bitchy her character was at the beginning lol
  14. You never hear about a rock artist not having a great voice, especially if it's a male artist. She's so big that people have to constantly look for a way to discredit her.