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  1. Looking For Mercy Extreme Occident Killers Who Are Partying Crazy God Control
  2. I'm surprised people aren't hyping this song more. It's my favourite after a few listens of the album
  3. Personally love it. Best of the 3
  4. Pretty much agree with every word of that. It’s a shame people feel afraid of voicing their opinions on here due to a few psychotic fans
  5. It’s my favourite song from Madame X so far. Her voice flows well with the melody, and I love Swae Lees voice. They work well together, nothing feels forced.
  6. The album cover is stunning, really tasteful. She continuously gives us art, and is always unpredictable.
  7. I was hoping her management team would’ve taken over her account for the initial album hype, obviously not
  8. Noticed you blocked me from replying to that last message, brave of you. Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh, but on a serious note, people with mental health issues shouldn't be a laughing matter. And of COURSE the guy in your sig isn't you, that was silly of me. Can only imagine how ugly you are, ugly as your soul. Goodbye imbecile, would love to stay and talk longer but I have this thing called a LIFE, you should try find one in 2015.
  9. Er.. NO. Go take another fucking selfie dumbo.
  10. Ok so if a feud doesn’t exist then why add fuel to the fire by singing an Express Yourself/Born This Way mash-up leading into She’s Not Me on the MDNA Tour, describe Born This Way as ‘reductive’ and fire other shots over the years. Loved Madonna from the start, but her Instagram is nauseating at times, the female feuds post being the worst to date.
  11. Thanks for translating. I love this quote, the 40-45 age bracket should be what the retouching reflects now, any lower just looks ridiculous and doesn’t fool a soul.
  12. The best song is in-between Devil Pray and Unapologetic Bitch for me.
  13. Mattress nailed it. I wish everything she posted on Instagram was filtered first.
  14. Were they any HQ photos from the Human Nature video set ever taken?
  15. Masterpiece Love Spent GGW Gang Bang Gimmie All Your Lovin'
  16. Ok thanks a lot for the advice/comments! I'll go ahead and sell my stuff then
  17. Hey, was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm looking to start selling my Madonna artwork online, I noticed a lot of people are doing this online. My question is, does anyone know if this is legally ok to do? Example below (Not my work, another artist) would this not be considered copyright infringment? http://society6.com/willcosta/madonna-rlp_print#1=45 Any help appretieated!
  18. Drowned World (Substitute for love) and Angel
  19. I really hope this isn't true. She needs to lay off the Gaga slamming, it only comes across bitter.
  20. Any gay person who'd be against this is straight up retarded. There are so many LGBT issues than need resolving worldwide. We need backing from as many people as possible.
  21. Cheers Pablo, that's the first one I did! My Instagram is: http://instagram.com/windowblues Hopefully I'm gonna do a follow up to this if I have time. So cheers for the suggestions, realise I've missed more than a few bad girl moments.
  22. Personally I'd rather she dropped endorsing these products and put her all into the music. William Orbit said himself he didn't have her full attention during the MDNA recording, and it shows.
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