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  1. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    Anyone know how well the DVD/Bluray did in terms of sales?
  2. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    This is hard. In no order... Human Nature Justify My Love Like A Prayer Erotica Take A Bow The Power of Good-Bye Nothing Really Matters What It Feels Like For A Girl Rain Music
  3. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Anyone got any experience buying from Madonna's official store? I pre ordered the Bluray, it didn't arrive on the release date, so I bought it from HMV instead. When it arrived two days later I returned it to the return address, no email to say they received it, nothing. They're useless.
  4. I wish we could go back and capture that performance and this one in HD
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Sorry if it's been stated already, but for those who have seen the DVD/Blur-ray, is it the Showtime edit exactly?
  6. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

  7. Nice try, been a fan since 84 myself. Cya, not going to spend a second longer arguing with a bitter mess. Unlike yourself I move on if I don't like something.
  8. I think news definitely feeds back to her from forums, even if she doesn't directly read them herself. This thread has been too brutal, and the people that have gone in hard, time and time again just because they haven't got the "perfect" release they wanted, need to take a serious look at their lives. Personally I think the Showtime edit was beautifully done and I really want an official physical release of it. Praying some of her OWN fans haven't fucked that up.
  9. I think this at least proves that the horrific Aldo cover hasn't been confirmed, as it would surely of been on that email (praying it's the one at the top - think it's the best we can hope for). Personally I love the Showtime edit and would be happy for that alone on the disc with some extras.
  10. I'm honestly in disbelief about the cover and Madonna's inability to see amateur graphic design. Aldo isn't a professional, his work is hobby level. I think the Showtime edit is great and wouldn't mind one bit if it was the version being released. My problem is with THAT cover wrapping the whole thing.
  11. rate the tours

    1. Virgin (First memory of seeing Madonna on TV, nothing can top that) 2. Sticky & Sweet (The music, energy, body, sass etc) 3. Rebel Heart (The intro is one of my favourite tour beginnings. Ranks higher because my work flashes on the screens during Rebel Heart too <3) 4. Blond Ambition 5. Girlie Show 6. Drowned World 7. Confessions 8. MDNA 9. Who's That Girl 10. Re-Invention
  12. I'm praying Aldo doesn't do the DVD cover, it will cheapen everything.
  13. Madonna covers Vogue Italy Feb 2017

    The grillz give me life. I'd love to see any of these shots on the front cover of the Rebel Heart Tour DVD (if we ever bloody get it!!)
  14. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    I would definitely buy it, and be disappointed if it doesn't get released on DVD/Blu-ray. Something about it being immortalized on physical releases that I need from Madonna.