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  1. The best song is in-between Devil Pray and Unapologetic Bitch for me.
  2. I really hope this isn't true. She needs to lay off the Gaga slamming, it only comes across bitter.
  3. Probably in the minority here but I'd like her to explore the folk sound more, teaming up with a band like Fleet Foxes, or Mumford and Sons. Even if she just uses more hints of it combined with dance, like she did on Love Spent.
  4. Superstar as a single would without a doubt be the worst decision ever made in Madonna's career. The song sounds like a B-Side, at best.
  5. Girl Gone Wild: 8/10 Gang Bang: 7/10 I'm Addicted: 5/10 Turn Up The Radio: 5/10 Give Me All Your Luvin': 7/10 Some Girls: 5/10 Superstar: 5/10 I Don't Give A: 5/10 I'm A Sinner: 4/10 Love Spent: 10/10 Masterpiece: 8/10 Falling Free: 5/10 Beautiful Killer: 8/10 I Fucked Up: 6/10 B-Day Song: 5/10 Best Friend: 6/10
  6. I agree, her age is the bottom line. It's a shallow, ageist world we live in. She wanted to prove her relevance to a younger market with Hard Candy and barely did, with every year that passes it becomes that little bit harder to achieve, now it's virtually impossible. MDNA isn't a strong enough come back album either to prove her relevance, the best thing about this era is Love Spent and the music videos. Still, the Superbowl proved she's better than ever at performing.
  7. 1. Love Spent 2. Girl Gone Wild 3. Beautiful Killer
  8. It is hands down the best Madonna track in a long time, the folk influence is genius. I just love her honesty on it, takes a lot to admit someone used you for your status/money, and she put it out there for the world to hear. It’d be a crime for her not to release it. I’m that addicted to this track that I’ve forgotten about the rest of the album.
  9. I love it, but I think she secretly took inspiration from this...
  10. Got my copy today and the stand out track for me has to be Love Spent, it's the most honest and generally incredible Madonna song I've heard in a long time. Also liking I Fucked Up, Beautiful Killer, BDay Song, Gang Bang and the singles sound better now in the bigger picture. It's a combination of being dark, honest, fun, stupid and intelligent. An album title referencing drugs is perfect for the fucked up combination it is. Well done Madonna, you didn't fuck up 4/5
  11. Do you realise how fucking stupid you sound? You don't agree with my opinion so you spit your dummy!? Anyway whatever, not going to stick around arguing with a loser.
  12. It’s hardly a surprise. Bottom line is, it’s not a strong song. I find it hard to believe no one warned her against releasing it. She should have gone off the fans reaction to the leak and stayed clear of releasing it. Judging from the Girls Gone Wild and Turn Up The Radio snippets, they sound weak too. Hate to say it but MDNA could be the first Madonna era I’ll pass on. Hopefully this will finally inspire her to stop releasing throwaway pop songs...
  13. Hell NO. I doubt this is true, but then again I never thought she'd team up with Britney.
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