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  1. I didn't know him either but I really Like his voice!
  2. Rocco a whole record or Just intervention?
  3. I'm really fond of what I've Heard so far from MET and ESC and looking forward to June 7th
  4. She put on a great show, despite problems in the vocal performance for whatever reason ( I don't care) and delivered a message in a powerful and artistic way
  5. Beautiful song, easily my favourite so far from Madamex. Nice video
  6. Fantastic Indeed. Crave Is Amazing, I 'm really fond of Dark ballet snippets so far and I Guess the best Is still to come.
  7. Not necessarily, I Guess there are great songs in the album, Crave Is a gem
  8. Most probably some vocals Will be pre-recorded, as always
  9. Medellin at billboard awards was One of the worst vocal performances ever, you could hardly hear Her live voice: too much autotuner and the backing track was really way too overshadowing. Thank God It was visually stunning
  10. Yes, in Place of Medellin. Imagine It performed at billboard awards instead of the average Medellin song
  11. Ok Song, same kind of stile as UB, which I'm not find of. I don't Like the effects on Her voice at all and I find the reference to the don't tell me lyrics Just uninspiring. Not the kind of song that make me want to listen to It over and over, sort of a filler track. 6/10
  12. Much much much Better t'ha Medellin
  13. ? This for me Is referred to the album release date that I agree should be this Friday, not to the leaks
  14. These are my ratings so far: Medellin 6/10 I rise 5/10 Crave 10/10
  15. It's definetly the Kind of Madonna Song I Like. To me it's 10/10 So far: Medellin 6/10 I rise 5/10 Crave 10/10
  16. I prefer LAP and ROL. Medellin Is sort of ok. I rise Is a letdown for me
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