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  1. CBS Sunday Morning interview - September 17

    So many lives are going to be saved because of this
  2. I prefer Mr. Peabody's Apples
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Been listening to the live Rebel Heart tracks they just put on Spotify. They sound great! I hope the whole show gets uploaded soon...
  4. ...meanwhile Madonna falls of her horse and breaks her back and barely even complains about it. Can you imagine if that had been Gaga? We would have a Horseanne album
  5. Jennifer Lopez thread đŸŒ¶

    This is the best scene in the movie
  6. Don't insult Peggy Bundy like that
  7. That's exactly what I thought when reading it.
  8. Kelly Clarkson just got fierce as shit

    She seems like a nice person and I know she loves M. I'm not feeling the song though.
  9. M14 producers wishlist

    +1 I wanna see her work with Massive Attack, do another moody album like Bedtime Stories.
  10. Beyoncé Thread

    A lot of people stay with their spouses after the cheat. There's nothing wrong with trying to work it out, although it's not what I would ever do.
  11. People Magazine cover and interview

    Wow a good story about her from the press for once...very nice to see.
  12. Avicii says what happened with Madonna

    I just want an official release of Avicii Heart. The rest of the album is fine without him.
  13. Azealia Banks

  14. Should Madonna License Her Brand Out More?

    I actually do hear her music quite a lot in movies. They even used Into the Groove in Despicable Me 3.