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  1. They were playing Cherish at Subway yesterday. She still gets played tons on 80s/adult stations.
  2. So he wants a war with Iran and he's picking fights with Australia now. He really thinks our military is invincible. How stupid can you be? This shit is depressing.
  3. Good. Now to truly show he cares he should skip the SC nominee who thinks gay men should be in jail for having sex...
  4. So the confirmation of Sessions has now gotten interesting. I'm not holding my breath that Republicans will do the right thing, even the ones that spoke out against the ban.
  5. I feel like people are not well equipped for just how bad it can get. It's not just about a conservative president pushing his hateful views for four years. He is undermining government institutions. He is testing the waters to see how much he can get away with. CPB officers are ignoring judicial orders, which is beyond illegal. The executive branch is failing to comply with court orders. Just wait till he sends the National Guard out to stop protesters and there is violence, or if we get attacked by terrorists. The power grab will be insane. The real question is who within the government is willing to stand up to him. I hope someone is or we're fucked.
  6. He hasn't divested from any of his businesses. He has debt with foreign banks and does business with foreign and domestic companies. That alone disqualifies him.
  7. I have an education, don't talk to me like that. He has already done things that are grounds for impeachment. I don't think it'll happen because Republicans will refuse to act, but it's not moronic.
  8. Russia just sold 19.5% of Rosneft oil company to an undisclosed party. Leaked dossier claimed Trump's advisor would receive 19% from Russian deal, money would go to Trump to lift Russian sanctions. The dossier is true. The question is whether or not the CIA will ever make a move or whether we will let Trump get away with treason.
  9. Cheney, Koch Brothers, and Goldman Sachs CEO have all denounced the Muslim ban.
  10. Tragic :(
  11. Even Piers Morgan is coming out against him
  12. So just a week into his presidency, Trump has pissed of or insulted the New York Times, CNN, the CIA, Mexicans, the military, the left, the moderates, jews, muslims, Madonna, immigrants, THE KOCH BROTHERS, Democrats, a couple of Republicans...He has even alienated some of his base with his hiring freeze and mortgage rate-cut suspensions. There's only so many bridges he can burn. Does he really think he can just keep making enemies and that nothing will happen? This is different than the election. Removing the highest ranked military officer from his permanent position is going to have real repercussions. I just hope they come before Bannon does something truly destructive.
  13. "Okay ladies now let's get in formation."