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  1. Conservative rag focusing on a single study. Is this supposed to be news?
  2. The report does not exonerate or condemn him. The report itself hasn't even been released. This is the problem that I knew this whole investigation would have. People want a simple, quick answer but that's not what's going to happen. Everyone will spin this how they want and we're pretty much back where we started.
  3. And how many victims are afraid to come forward because they're afraid of not being believed? How many powerful rich men get away with committing crimes? I really fail to understand the logic behind your rambling. What do you want the victims to do? Give the police some sort of videotape of MJ committing the crimes? DNA evidence? That's almost never there in cases like this. Their stories are compelling, they have phone calls, faxes, witnesses, etc. that provide a detailed account of grooming and inappropriate relationships. You're acting like these men are two random people that decided one day to accuse MJ of this, when in fact they were probably some of the closest "friends" he ever had.
  4. True, but that was in Texas. The fact that he was even close was huge.
  5. Anybody else think songs like this are creepy as hell in retrospect? You're fearing me, 'cause you know I'm a beastWatching you when you sleep, when you're in bedI'm underneath You should be watching me, you should feel threatenedWhy you sleep, why you creep, you should be threatened You think you're by yourself, but it's my touch you felt The unknown monster is about to embarkFrom a far corner, out of the darkA nightmare, that's the case Never Neverland, that's the place It's like R. Kelly writing a song called "Age Aint Nothing But A Number"
  6. Even if there was no sexual abuse, what he did to these kids WAS abuse. He literally abandoned them when he got bored or they grew up, which means they were only there for his own self gratification in the first place. His hardcore fans are fucking scary in the lengths they'll go to defend him.
  7. Exactly! He clearly had a "type" that he liked.
  8. I absolutely love the Prodigy. Another great artist lost to suicide.
  9. But don't you think that she got those votes because people were voting AGAINST Trump? And isn't the population bigger now that when Bill/Bush were running?
  10. This is the sad truth and people need to accept it if they want to even have a chance of winning. The election is decided by swing voters in a handful of states. Even if the economy is good, there are still a lot of people struggling. 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck and those are the people you want to reach, which is why Bernie focuses so much on working class whites.
  11. Lol Are you even from America? None of this is true. Bernie is the most popular liberal politician in the country and has a ton of support from demographics you would need to win an election. Most of this "Bernie supporters are crazy" hysteria is Russian propaganda and you're falling for it again. Have you learned nothin from 2016? People really don't want to accept that you need the white working class vote to win an election here.
  12. Never pick a fight with someone bigger than you. You will lose. The McDonalds woman is bigger than most guys lol.
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