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  1. Conservative rag focusing on a single study. Is this supposed to be news?
  2. The report does not exonerate or condemn him. The report itself hasn't even been released. This is the problem that I knew this whole investigation would have. People want a simple, quick answer but that's not what's going to happen. Everyone will spin this how they want and we're pretty much back where we started.
  3. True, but that was in Texas. The fact that he was even close was huge.
  4. But don't you think that she got those votes because people were voting AGAINST Trump? And isn't the population bigger now that when Bill/Bush were running?
  5. This is the sad truth and people need to accept it if they want to even have a chance of winning. The election is decided by swing voters in a handful of states. Even if the economy is good, there are still a lot of people struggling. 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck and those are the people you want to reach, which is why Bernie focuses so much on working class whites.
  6. Lol Are you even from America? None of this is true. Bernie is the most popular liberal politician in the country and has a ton of support from demographics you would need to win an election. Most of this "Bernie supporters are crazy" hysteria is Russian propaganda and you're falling for it again. Have you learned nothin from 2016? People really don't want to accept that you need the white working class vote to win an election here.
  7. Never pick a fight with someone bigger than you. You will lose. The McDonalds woman is bigger than most guys lol.
  8. A tape of him saying the N word would only energize his base. The only way to nullify his agenda is to show up to vote. And you better believe the GOP will try every type of voter suppression fuckery they can to stay in power, so people have to show up in overwhelming numbers.
  9. I have been so broken up about these kids. I almost burst into tears looking at the photos. Trump's EO will not reunite families because keeping them together for more than 20 days is a violation of the Flores Agreement. So it has to be superseded by the DHS or a law has to be passed by congress. There are not enough judges to process them in 20 days. Unfortunately if this happens and they are reunited, it means that kids will be with their families but jailed for an indefinite amount of time. And the jails will no longer have to be kept to certain standards. It's a huge, huge mess. Years and years of messy immigration laws have led to this.
  10. Never, ever, for any reason whatsoever turn your back on a large cat like a lion or tiger. Turning away AND running is the dumbest possible thing anyone could ever do. These animals and humans do not belong together.
  11. British Pathe is the best YT channel for this kind of stuff. Love their videos.
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