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  1. Oh please bye. You're just as ugly, manipulative and insecure as Globga. Deleting posts when we both don't like her just because you wanted to hate her more than I did and claimed me to be a fan Bye
  2. LMAO You dipshit. You couldn't handle it? "Jojuun said she's relevant in the UK and Europe!" I quote you with my post from earlier today saying she's not and you deleted all of it cause you were proven wrong. You literal child. Ugly faggot.
  3. No one on her team knows jack about the Lina thing for all I know. It's never been discussed as far as I know. I don't really believe in it either so I never asked. The "unknown" producer she's publically stated raped her is allegedly Rob Fusari, her early producer who came up with the Gaga nickname. Of course, that claim surfaced after he already sued her. I don't know about the validity of that. It could be true, it could be untrue. However, they did have an "intimate relationship" at one point. She sees him as a betrayer. One of her first. Here they are... The charity is mainly her mother's day to day operation and Gaga actually believes in it. The "philanthropic queen" press she gets out of it is good of course and the tax write offs must be handy. I have not been told anything "dirty" about her charity work. I think she can be extremely manipulative but I don't think she's stable enough to have done half of the shit she's rumoured to have done.
  4. M14 producers wishlist

    Someone new. Unexpected. No rehash of anything else. New.
  5. Yup. That's the translation into the actual world. In her world it was "betrayal" and "toying with her".
  6. She does "like" Whitney. It's a wild guess why she decided to thank her during her Grammy win with the Madonna look. Maybe it was the early frustration of the Express Yourself criticism? I haven't heard any specifics about that. I do suspect she thought "let me throw another name in the mix". And it backfired. Gaga's whole Born This Way concept was to "re-create the nineties". I actually own audio of her when they recorded that gibberish German Sheisse techno track, which included a piano break before the chorus in the original demo. In the audio, she can be overheard telling someone (in regards to the break) "let's take that out, let's keep it straight forward and simple. Madonna would keep it simple. It's too many ideas in one song." It's clear M was on the back of her mind. What I also forgot to mention earlier is that Gaga thought she was being clever with the Born This Way video too. Towards the end of the video, they have a white glove on her, an easy Michael Jackson reference. Then the camera cuts to her with a fake gap between her teeth. A Madonna reference. She really thought her song and album were going to change the world. And Madonna coming to her show, hanging out a bit and doing SNL with her, solidified her illusions of being "approved" for the "throne". She also justified her MJ obsession because she was booked to be the opening act for his This Is It tour. The King and Queen had "approved her". That whole song video was her claim to legendary status. She believed nothing could break her anymore and she was the chosen one. Her imagination: Reality: Later on... She would of course claim "I think Madonna is upset I don't want her throne." As if Madonna ever uttered those words. The one obsessed with "the throne" is Gaga. Always has, probably will be for a long time. But guess what? (PS Gaga's first big "public" Madonna moment was the fire bra she had made, her idea of "topping" Madonna. Happened in 2009.)
  7. It means Madonna had no idea Gaga was actually that bothered by something so insignificant to everyone except Gaga herself. They had only met on a few occasions and my guess Madonna just dismissed it after being polite towards Gaga. But that's just an assumption. But Gaga did break her hip. She teared it and that was the story reported at first. Later on, they found out it was actually broken. And yeah, she was walking around in those shoes. She felt so "obligated" to keep up with her image that she would risk her physical health. In her deluded world, that was "suffering" for her "art." She also made sure everyone knew. That's the difference. Madonna had surgery the week of her 2006 Grammy performance. M never mentioned it. Masses only know about the horse accident. Despite Gaga claiming back then she was "healed" and ready for het artpop album, she was a big mess back then. It's mentioned in the documentary. She was out of it, in and out of constant breakdowns and drug binges. Now, her "true healing" is here. Thats what the documentary tries to do. Paint her as this woman who had achieved it all, lost it due to the vultures around her and illness and now climbing her way back to the top. But it's completely vapid. The documentary contains a lot of Super Bowl and Joanne focus that is supposed to be seen as her big "return". Yes, her album goes to #1, which is celebrated as this huge milestone on camera, but they forgot to add how hard Interscope pushed for it. How they planned it so that no one else could block her release week. How hard they pushed for her to get the Super Bowl, how much they paid to keep Million Reasons in the charts. How low Joanne sold outside of the US in her previous biggest markets. You already know how the documentary will go and how she will manipulate her audience into thinking she's self aware. After her tour, it's time for her A Star Is Born remake. I don't have high hopes for it. Her true test will be the next album. They can't possibly book her another Super Bowl set to cover up she's lost the masses. She and her team have two choices: try to cover up the tracks yet again with heavy payola and use the excuse of an "alternative sound" for underperforming yet again or she actually overhauls her entire shit and comes out with something mindblowing and works hard again to make it a success. No more crutches, no more excuses. But by the looks of it, she hasn't understood that at all. She doesn't see herself clearly.
  8. No. I'm not an insider at all I just really randomly know someone who works for Gaga. Who has seen a lot of things and a lot of people come and go. Gaga often clings to her employees. All of that Madonna/Interscope stuff I said is just because I remember reading the CAA and Live Nation press release when Madonna signed her contract. The contract specifically stated "a shift to touring over record sales". Madonna had seen the dip in record sales because of the internet. She knew she had to gear up for the new times. That's M for ya. Always one step ahead.
  9. Madonna spending 0.1% of the time Gaga has spent on this "feud" is part of what drove Gaga mad about it too. The reports are true. Gaga "came clean" to Madonna and told her she was "hurt". Madonna kept it all friendly and basically fell out of the sky when she was told. The documentary will speak for itself. Unless you are a blind Gaga fan, it is rather transparent. But what is true about that documentary, is that G has to do all of that physical therapy. She does suffer from a lot of shit and broke her hip at the age of 26. She was on tour for 4,5 years straight at that point, in the early days with multiple performances per night and didn't take care of herself at all. She was pushed and pushed herself too. That's the one thing you have to give Gaga. Despite her illusions of grandeur and her Single White Female like tendencies when it comes to Madonna, she DID work insanely hard during the beginning of her career. That's why she was as big as she was during her debut. Combined with smart decisions on her teams part of course. The problem is, that Madonna treats herself like an athlete and takes none of the media bullshit personally. Gaga does. She can't help it. Gaga turned to drinking, prescription drugs and hard drugs. Madonna always keeps pushing forward and would never like the "victim" stamp as much as Gaga does. That is their distinct difference. Both ambitious, both put in extremely hard work (Gaga quit that after 2012), both Italian American (Gaga loves that fact by the way). But one always keeps going and doesn't like to be seen as a victim, while the other one thrives on it since it excuses her current mediocrity and makes her "relatable" to impressionable fans. My money was on Katy Perry to truly rise to the occasion since she is a hard worker but unfortunately, with her Witness campaign, she also fell for the preferred "victimhood" narrative the media loves these days. However, the damage could easily be repaired if she takes her time after her tour to recollect herself and gear up for an incredible new album. It's clear Madonna likes her. Beyonce too but I'll keep quiet about that since she's not the most liked here on MNation.
  10. It's not that complicated. She left Warner because she simply took a look at her numbers and saw touring was making her the most money. Why be restricted in many ways by a label when it's not even your main source of income? So she left. There is barely money being made of albums currently anyway, unless you get a huge push Adele or Taylor Swift style. Madonna knew that over a decade ago. The internet killed music sales. That's why she cut the biggest touring deal she could possibly get with Live Nation. Most of her recent fortune all comes out of touring and private investments. Madonna doesn't even have a standard recording contract with Interscope. They have a distribution deal because of M's giant Live Nation contract. Interscope is a part of the Live Nation group. Since Interscope barely makes any money of her, they also don't bother too much. Which is fine by Madonna, because it also means they don't bother HER too much. And even if they were to spend Confessions-like money on an album campaign, Madonna wasn't up for it during the MDNA days anyway. Madonna wanted to get her movie out, release the album and go on another huge tour. Outside of the Super Bowl and a press junket where they fit everything they could into a few weeks, Madonna had no desire nor the time to promote the album. Madonna wanted to go with Give Me All Your Luvin' anyway and the label was happy to accommodate that because the Nicki Minaj feature would give them enough space to sent the song to urban formats and make a few ducats of a song that had already leaked. Madonna knows that with enough push and payola, like everyone does these days, she could have a huge US single. Questions is, does she want that? Because in order to get that, she has to let a label in on her money.
  11. Not true. In the same interview where Gaga announced Born This Way she called Madonna "a wonderful, wonderful person. Full of the most wonderful freedom and spirit, she is so kind. We have shared some wonderful moments together. She comes to my shows, I ask her questions, she's given me advice." That was right during the release of Alejandro and months before Born This Way but Gaga had already finished the song of course. Up until that moment Gaga LOVED the Madonna comparisons, despite what you may read elsewhere. She thought it made her look good. Who gets compared to Madonna that much in the media during their first album campaign? Interscope PAID for that Madonna comparison early on, it was in Gaga's Interscope bio that was sent out. They WANTED it. Gaga was crawling up Madonna asshole and believed she was "in" on M's circle. She was thrilled when Madonna cut a deal with Interscope and believed they'd be "family". I'm not saying Gaga's "feelings" are valid at all but things truly took a turn from Born This Way on. Gaga was clueless about the entire Express Yourself similarity. She didn't see it at first. Until she read the criticism online, it hadn't even occurred to her. That's why she went off in her NME interview about the comparison. Then Madonna's reductive comment completely sent her over the edge. Why do you think Elton went so far afterwards with his comments? Gaga had cried to him about it. "What Madonna has done to Gaga", that's where that comes from. Gaga cried to everyone behind the scenes. People had to seriously calm her down. During that time, Gaga's team lied to her and told her Madonna was approving of the song. That's why Gaga is on record saying Madonna "sent her an email" and "if the queen says it shall be, it shall be". Liz Rosenberg was quick to deny Madonna reached out at all. When Gaga found that out, she went ballistic. Again. The MDNA Tour mash-up of Express Yourself and Born This Way pushed her even further. She was SO livid. Especially because Madonna already shared Interscope with her at that time and Gaga tried to make label execs pull the performance after lying to her about the email. But no one even dared to tell Madonna to change her show. It never even reached M and she wasn't even charged for the sample, they let her use it. Gaga even tried to find legal ways to stop the performance, citing it "damaged her brand". It got even WORSE, believe it or not. Madonna had requested Gaga to perform the mash-up together for one of the NYC stops of the MDNA Tour. Gaga couldn't even believe "the audacity" and had her team come up with "scheduling conflicts" to throw M's team off. She didn't want to do it. She was angry. Livid. Meanwhile, Interscope heads LOVED the feud despite pandering to Gaga's moaning. Madonna was simply having fun with the feud and media frenzy. To this day, Gaga can't believe any of this "has happened to her". She takes no responsibility in it whatsoever. Gaga truly thought she had Madonna's "blessing" and the baton was being passed. She had no problem with people calling her out for copying Madonna in the beginning because it was simply true. Gaga knew what she was doing. Of course she did. She had specifically requested a Jean Paul Gaultier replica of the pink Blond Ambition "cone bra" bustier when she started promoting Bad Romance. She was no fool. Madonna was all over Gaga's "moodboards" for shoots, staged paparazzi photographs, performances and video shoots. It wasn't until she got called out by the media and her own fans for something she thought was her "most original moment yet", that she was upset. The first time she didn't "meant" to copy Madonna was "unconsciously " (I mean, I can't believe she was that clueless either but turns out, it's true) her biggest M rip-off to date and that completely threw her. So much so that she behaved like a literal child about it, even to top executives in the industry, despite it being at the height of her popularity. Madonna upset this woman SO MUCH without even trying to do so. M was just keeping it moving and used the feud as a little joke. Madonna barely spent time thinking about it and found Gaga amusing. It's Gaga obsession that got her so upset and riled up. That Netflix documentary is going to be the crescendo of Gaga's victim complex. And of course, despite both "moving on from it" publically and being photographed several times, she's dragging in Madonna once again. Because in her imagination, M "hurt her". She's a lost cause.
  12. It's actually kinda sad really. She BELIEVES what she says. All the time. Even if she changes narratives constantly. She DOES suffer from something. It might not be the post traumatic stress disorder she loves to claim but something is definitely "off". A girl who took the moniker Lady Gaga, turned out to be actually "gaga".
  13. She cried!!!!!!! Can you imagine? At that time, Gaga was still huge. Imagine being this big popstar with the biggest debut since Britney and CRYING because Madonna said ONE WORD in reference to your jacking her song, which you didn't even pick up on when writing it. WHO CRIES??? When Cher called Madonna "vulgar" in the early days and they asked Madonna about it she said "Well... Who knows vulgarity better than Cher". AND A CUTE LITTLE FRIENDSHIP WAS BORN. Imagine Madonna crying about that. Gaga is just not cut out for superstardom. I say that with no bad intentions. From what I've heard from several people, one particularly close to her, it's just too much. Casual fame is her thing. Unless her attitude changes and they can completely overhaul her campy image, her 2009-11 peak will remain the highlight of her career. Or maybe she stumbles upon a big hit that temporarily resurrects her. Especially outside of America, she has barely been in the limelight. Europe, once her biggest market (she toured it 5 times during her 3 year peak) hasn't been reminded of her at all in recent memory.