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  1. As always with these two, what are they doing? Talking about her. What is Madonna doing? Not giving a shit about either of them and probably working harder than both of them ever have. Andy Cohen is obsessed with Madonna and jumps at the chance of doing ANYTHING that's even slightly Madonna-related. And I kind of liked him and believed his sincerity but I felt that slight dig in there and I do not appreciate that at all. Cohen interviewed Madonna for Entertainment Weekly during rehearsals for the Rebel Heart Tour, met her a ton of times in the past and is even featured in the RHT ShowTime edit. He either DOES love "the current day Madonna" and said what he said just to please Pukeglia or he's been fake *ahum* this entire time towards Madonna. As for Camille... Just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Her feminism could do with a 2017 re-boot. If everything was so much better "back in the day" please stay there and do us all a favor and leave us alone in the current day and age. Oh and by the way Cuntmille, young people DO know about Madonna and her place in popculture and way beyond. I was born in the mid-nineties. I know LOADS of people my age who have the exact same adoration level for Madonna than I do. Sure, not every 12 year old is as obsessed with Madonna as they are with Selena Gomez but that's just called the time we fucking live in. Maybe you should look that up. It'd might work out for ya deluded "I'm a social commentator" gig. It's 2017 bitch, everyone's a social commentator now. So besides that sham of an educating career, what the f*ck are you contributing to that next generation? Sitting on a pannel with a guy who's pimping out delusional Hollywood women begging for a storyline is not as "faux-feminist" of you as Lena showing her so called "I'm so normal and relatable" body on television? Get a grip. My age group is more interested in knowing what Madonna writes in her Instagram captions than they are in your 15 page published articles. Besides the handful of working editors who still know your name from back in the day, no one gives a fuck about your opinion. So take your shitty opinion on a woman who never asked for your validation to begin with (didn't stop you from gushing about her for 2 decades either) and shove it up your ass.
  3. If you were a true "proud gay man" you wouldn't feel the need to frown upon drag culture. Because before you were ALLOWED to be "an enlightened gay man" (which you by the way are really not), there was drag and ballroom culture which gave a lot of LGBTQ kids a sense of community they didn't feel anywhere else. You really need to watch Paris Is Burning. Madonna was at it's premiere and her song and video Vogue are an hommage to the culture. You are incredibly uneducated about this topic. Had it not been for their struggle, oppression and harassment you would not enjoy the basic rights we have today in many parts of the world. They fought for shit when it wasn't politically correct to do so. When it wasn't "trendy". Please use your supposed enlightenment and pick up a book or watch a broad documentary on the history of homosexuality and the treatment of our community because you LACK it. And no one is claiming YOU have to dress up and lipsync. Not everything is about you, entitled white homosexual man.
  4. Well... If you're going to basically "employ" a woman to provide a male heir to your empire, why make it Janet Jackson?
  5. I truly wish her all the best. Divorce right after a baby... Has to be devastating.
  6. HQ: Are there a higher quality versions of the ones below somewhere? I know @BlankFormatted posted some awhile ago but apparently they are upscales (I read in the thread). Are they higher than the quality below? Because I adore these! Would love the highest quality possible! Thank you to anyone who could help in advance!
  7. I have had this in my iTunes collection since 2014... It's exactly the same. And I just downloaded it of a M-fan website, can't remember which one. Didn't know it was "rare".
  8. This is really hard because even when the album is lyrically "weak", it still is a masterpiece in what it's supposed to be. I voted for I'm Breathless and MDNA as the weaker ones but I still LOVE them. Breathless gave us Vogue, that alone is a genius masterpiece both lyrically and musically and that's why I was hesitant to pick it. I also love that she took a kinda "snoozy" song like Sooner Or Later and turned it into a jaw-dropping, can't look away for a split second, enticing performance at the Oscars but overall I find it the soundtrack to be slightly dull at times, in lyrics and music. But I still LOVE it. Vogue, I'm Going Bananas, Hanky Panky... It definitely has it's moments. I also love MDNA but I do think it's an album without a really distinct "feel" in all aspects. Lyrically it get's interesting at times (it always does with Madonna, no album is really "basic") but then it gets lost in the tracklisting and the overall sound. I know the plan was to create the quintessential Madonna dance/pop record but I feel like the vision got lost as the record came to completion. Probably because M and team knew the SuperBowl was coming up and there'd be stadiums to fill on a mammoth tour. I know this topic is about lyrics but let's talk about the MDNA art direction for just a second. The art direction was truly a lost opportunity. We all know it's true. The SuperBowl took up everything so while we got a Mert & Marcus art project for the album visuals, we got the football inspired GMAYL music video and on red carpets she went back and forth between rather conservative dresses (because she was also promoting WE) and the GGW/LMFAO leather leggings look. It was a confusing period. Individually, I love all of it. From the lyrics to the music, to the videos and the looks... But it wasn't coherent. It was a messy little time in it's entirety. I really, really, DON'T understand how Ray Of Light, Bedtime Stories or Confessions have votes on the "weakest" poll? ROL is seen as her magnum opus by even her biggest critics, Bedtime Stories is a gorgeous "cozy" album that bears some of her most personal lyrics and Confessions is the manual on how to make a dance-pop album without falling into the same clichés everyone uses when making an all-dancefloor record.
  9. Confessions remains the blueprint for pop in every.single.way. Perfect album. Amazing videos. Amazing, meticulous choreography. Coherent look. Coherent overall vibe. Paired with a sold-out, record breaking tour, not to mention the blueprint for "modern touring". Grammy winning, international chart topping mega-hit spawning tour de force. Absolute perfection and beyond. THE ULTIMATE. (not debatable)