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  1. My iTunes counts 2.454 Madonna songs and that's excluding all of my actual physical stuff (which is all of the official album/tour releases on CD and/or DVD + a lot of vinyls and random singles and more)
  2. It's been up for hours? It's unofficial as hell. HOW is this possible? Where is her team? I mean this and the Rebel Heart "poster" by Aldo... Who the fuck is her team? What the fuck are they doing? Where are they???
  3. Let's be pro-active y'all. Aldo is clearly a bottom who says he's a top. Who's willing to fuck and get us a decent cover? DO IT FOR THE TEAM
  4. What the actual fuck is THAT????? This is truly the shittiest cover of her career. Oh my god. If this is indeed the final cover we need to find that Aldo Diaz dude... This is truly awful and I even "get" why she chose (if she did) that cheesy Bitch I'm Madonna single cover he designed. At least that was funny in some way. But THIS? This isn't even funny. It's just awful and I have never, ever, in all the many, many years I've been a Madonna die-hard fan felt the need to petition or some shit. But this??????? What's Guy O's email address? Let's fix this shit guys what the actual fuck. She can't fucking put THAT shit out. What the fuuuuuuuck??!!?!?!?!! Out of all of the options of fanmade Rebel Heart Tour covers and the fact she's fucking Madonna and could get ANY graphic designer in the world to take care of her artwork in a heartbeat, THAT SHIT is what we get?!?! I MEAN: @Royal T was prophetic with his post last year... She might as well make this joke above the cover if we're gonna stoop that low now. This is fucking ugly as shit and I'm personally holding that Aldo guy responsible for being the absolute biggest shit stain on M's ENTIRE discography. Years from now, his name will still cause laughter and cringing from fans who'll forever be resentful. This is the woman who won the Best Album Package Grammy in 1998! (technically Kevin Reagan won, he's Ray Of Light's graphic designer) I CANNOT GET OVER THIS WHAT THE FUCK She must be trolling us and must've read the thread on here where people are laughing at her artwork and Aldo Diaz (aka the one were that ^ shit cover is from). There's no other possible explanation. Is it really that necessary to piss us off too? I LOVE that she pisses of establishment and wears grills, twerks, whatever the fuck... But this is just a really bad joke. Don't piss off the fans? Most of us are flaming faggots who live for album artwork. We buy her shit in the standard version, the deluxe, the Japanese version, the UK edition, the whatever-else-fucking edition because we care and live for that shit and this is our latest "gift"? This isn't even "purposefully tacky and funny" like the Hard Candy artwork. This is plain SHIT. LMAO My first Madonna meltdown. After all these years. LAWD THIS WOMAN... I cannot. *will change the artwork in both iTunes AND my physical copy if this shit is the official cover* *hopes Guy Oseary gets crabs and the flu if he let this happen* *hopes Madonna finds another queen with Photoshop who tags her daily on Instagram and falls in love with a pretty fanmade cover* /mental breakdown
  5. I always liked Ghosttown but it only clicked for me today. It's truly prophetic. She gave us so much during Rebel Heart. I love this woman to death. Who gives it their all 35 years into the business? She's truly the greatest.
  6. Can't get this video to be on here because the user disabled it but here's a short unseen video of M working the camera's
  7. A rapper called ILOVEMAKONNEN came out and they were asked about it and said something like "that's wack". However, that's probably more to do with the fact that guy has written tons of explicit songs about women. So... Migos hit back at the accusations and said they were "not homophobic, we've got songs with Frank Ocean" (who's gay). It's kind of problematic in one way because they think being friends with a gay guy, they can't be homophobic. But regardless, they really haven't said that much, it was probably related to the fact the guy got famous by rapping about weed and pussy, they HAVE worked with gay men before. I'm not taking offence for instance (lol). This shit just blew up because some Gaga fans are spreading this all over the internet now.
  9. She better stop this already abysmal movie from happening with some solid lawsuits. When it was first reported on the Black List, I found the script and posted it on here and immediately pointed out all of the inaccuracies. It's not even in the way they are making her come across as sometimes cold and calculated because she really was at times in order to get to the top, it's all in the flat out fabrications and the inaccuracies of the script. They make it seem as if the band was on the brink of a breakthrough or something. They have her working at Dunkin Donuts years after she did in reality. They reduced all of her producers to just Jellybean. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's lies upon lies upon lies. They also desperately need to include a warmer Madonna. Sure, she was quite calculated and extremely determined but everyone is multifaceted, she was also friends with people and fun. And where's Keith Haring? Where's Basquiat? Where's Fab Five Freddie? Martin Burgoyne? Maripol? Where's basically everyone? This script is a poorly researched piece of shit.
  10. As always with these two, what are they doing? Talking about her. What is Madonna doing? Not giving a shit about either of them and probably working harder than both of them ever have. Andy Cohen is obsessed with Madonna and jumps at the chance of doing ANYTHING that's even slightly Madonna-related. And I kind of liked him and believed his sincerity but I felt that slight dig in there and I do not appreciate that at all. Cohen interviewed Madonna for Entertainment Weekly during rehearsals for the Rebel Heart Tour, met her a ton of times in the past and is even featured in the RHT ShowTime edit. He either DOES love "the current day Madonna" and said what he said just to please Pukeglia or he's been fake *ahum* this entire time towards Madonna. As for Camille... Just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Her feminism could do with a 2017 re-boot. If everything was so much better "back in the day" please stay there and do us all a favor and leave us alone in the current day and age. Oh and by the way Cuntmille, young people DO know about Madonna and her place in popculture and way beyond. I was born in the mid-nineties. I know LOADS of people my age who have the exact same adoration level for Madonna than I do. Sure, not every 12 year old is as obsessed with Madonna as they are with Selena Gomez but that's just called the time we fucking live in. Maybe you should look that up. It'd might work out for ya deluded "I'm a social commentator" gig. It's 2017 bitch, everyone's a social commentator now. So besides that sham of an educating career, what the f*ck are you contributing to that next generation? Sitting on a pannel with a guy who's pimping out delusional Hollywood women begging for a storyline is not as "faux-feminist" of you as Lena showing her so called "I'm so normal and relatable" body on television? Get a grip. My age group is more interested in knowing what Madonna writes in her Instagram captions than they are in your 15 page published articles. Besides the handful of working editors who still know your name from back in the day, no one gives a fuck about your opinion. So take your shitty opinion on a woman who never asked for your validation to begin with (didn't stop you from gushing about her for 2 decades either) and shove it up your ass.