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  1. M14 producers wishlist

    Someone new. Unexpected. No rehash of anything else. New.
  2. I know it can get annoying with internet culture and the whole "fanbase war" thing but honestly, let them be. Time has already pretty much taken care of the problem and M's work and numbers are solid. There is no comparison. G is trying really hard to associate herself with M in any way shape or form possible and all this bickering on our side is mostly just playing into her cards. Just ignore. It's the best policy.
  3. She looked so extremely beautiful that night
  4. Madonna RARE

    Don't know if it's "rare", had never seen it before myself...
  5. I still can't get over the fact all the girls were in the D&G hydrangea dresses
  6. Wait did she do BBC Children in Need in London AND Star Academy in France on the same night? I mean, it's close in proximity but WOW? She did 2 major promo slots in 2 markets in 1 night? And these new hoes in popmusic are complaining if they have two shows a week or claim "anxiety"? Madonna 20 years deep into her career performing a mega hit in 2 countries in 1 night... Wow. Thats my girl
  7. He looks older than Rocco does
  8. First of all, very cute ^^ BUT OMG! How tall is David?! Wow! And he's not even 12 yet?
  9. Fuck that hipster blog. No one cares anyway.
  10. I love that her fashion seems to be heading in a more colorful direction. She's always loved that gypsy meet Frida Kahlo vibe but now it's really coming out now that Gucci is fully doing that. And she is just gorgeous and wonderful. When she did that classic Madonna-shimmy during the 4 Minutes breakdown... I love this woman so much. We are spoilt rotten fans. No fanbase has their artist being this consistent and at the same time so diverse. Sure, we have dry spells sometimes, especially since the directing started, but even a quick show like this is a reminder for us all why she is forever the ultimate. She is truly everything.