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  1. Martin B.

    2019 Grammy Awards, February 10

    Everyone is crying these days. Crying is the new black. Crying even when you are winning awards shows that you are humble and can maintain the image of victim so necessary to achieve mass success today.
  2. This. If you are a man and you are offended by this ad, it is clearly addressed to you.
  3. Martin B.

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    IKR. I love Ariana but I can not believe she's a headliner at Coachella. Ten years ago, the festival would never have dared to invite such a pop artist on the main stage by fear that she would get tomatoes on stage. It denotes the difficulty that festivals now have to find artists as headliners of their festival. There are far too many festivals and too few good artists on stage.
  4. Martin B.

    David Bowie's Black Star video is still so epic

    Beautiful song, beautiful video. An incredible swansong for one of the greatest artists of the last century. David, I miss you.
  5. Mine : Dirty Computer Janelle Monáe Honey Robyn Broken Politics Neneh Cherry El Mal Querer Rosalìa A Brief inquiry into online relationships The 1975 Chris Christine and the Queens Bloom Troye Sivan Meilleur Après Diane Dufresne Golden Hour Kacey Musgrave Dans ma main Jean-Michel Blais
  6. Martin B.

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    I just take a look at the Gov Ball lineup and you're right, it's really awful. With the exception of a few names (Mitski, the 1975, Kacey Musgrave, Florence, Sza), it is to be bored.
  7. Martin B.

    Janelle Monae

    Such a great song.
  8. Martin B.

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    @Mensch no doubt about that.
  9. Martin B.

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    The last 2 records of Tame Impala are excellent. Rihanna even faithfully covers one of their songs on ANTI. That said, they are not known enough to be the headliner of the saturday.
  10. Martin B.

    Coachella 2019 Line up...

    The most average Coachella’s line-up of the decade.
  11. Martin B.

    Shawn Mendes

    He’s not.
  12. Martin B.

    Shawn Mendes

    No doubt about that.
  13. Welcome to Madonnanation, Melania! I understand that you may need to be entertained on our forum, but I would prefer that you spend your time trying to control your husband by having him take his medication. One last thing: next time, before wearing insensitive slogans on your clothes, remember that you try to simulate intelligence, compassion and caring and that it does not match. Thank U, Next Martin B.
  14. Martin B.

    Shawn Mendes

    For a man who claims not to be gay and does not understand why people think he is, he certainly likes pandering to gays audience. #nickjonas2.0
  15. Martin B.

    Your top albums of 2018

    I make an addition to my list because I just discovered this fantastic album: Sainte Victoire by Clara Luciani
  16. Martin B.

    Troye Sivan

    why do we always have a troll who interferes in all the discussions? You do not find it beautiful, fine but it's a question of taste and not of fact. So, getting into this discussion with this statement when everyone was only talking about Troye's music is totally out of place.
  17. Martin B.

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    It is a very nice and varied selection. For different reasons, each of the inductees deserve his place in this list.
  18. Lying, manipulation, sexism and homophobia have been the foundation of the Catholic Church for over 2000 years. There is little chance that they modifies this proven recipe still very effective with their current base in Africa and South America.
  19. I will never understand how people can deceive themselves into believing that the words Religion, Progressive and Tolerance can exist in the same sentence. I will say it again and again: religion is the worst cancer on earth.
  20. I never really used Tumblr, so I did not know it was the first destination for gay porn. Too late.
  21. Let’s predict the next stupidity: Gone With The Wind will probably be banned from broadcasting since Rhett does not wait for Scarlet's consent several times. More, Scarlet hits Prissy. We’re doom.