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    Kanye West

  2. Martin B.

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    Radiohead, The Cure, Kraftwerk, RATM
  3. This is the only name that suits her. She has no personality, nothing to say, does not show any empathy or real emotion, she is dead behind her eyes.
  4. When you have no morals and money is your priority, that's how you can live with this disgusting monster. #soullessbarbie
  5. The really unimpressed face of the woman sitting behind soulless Barbie is priceless.
  6. Love her too. Such a beautiful and emotive voice.
  7. What a horrible story. 😢
  8. Martin B.

    Christine & The Queens

    She had offered a song to Rihanna (who refused it). She is still open to working with others.
  9. Martin B.

    Christine & The Queens

    it will not happen (because Madonna totally lacks audacity in her choice of collaborators for the last 10 years), but I would really like Madonna to work with her. It's the kind of talented and intelligent artists I would like to see her work with.
  10. Martin B.

    Sadcore - genre

    If you like Sadcore, you should try any album of Cat Power.
  11. Martin B.

    Christine & The Queens

    Personally, I only listen to French versions of her albums because as a francophone I find that her songs lose some magic in the translation. One of the things I love the most about her is the flexibility with which she uses her voice. On the new album, she sometimes sounds like Nelly Furtado, others like Celine during the D'eux-era, Mylene Farmer, Michael Jackson. It is never imitation but a tribute through her own voice.
  12. Martin B.

    Christine & The Queens

    I did not think it would be possible, but her new album is even better than the first.
  13. There are so many mentally ill people in our society. How can anyone just think of doing something so cruel?
  14. Poor guy, as if he could be sexy. Even if I would be alone with him for months on a desert island, i would rather fuck a tree knot than him.
  15. I prefer the nails on the board.
  16. I wonder how many more millions the soulless bimbo will receive to make believe that this message is from her?
  17. Sam Smith so no thanks.
  18. Martin B.

    Troye Sivan

    When I was 20 years old, I would have liked so much that an artist of my age would come out with an album speaking as openly and candidly about his homosexuality.
  19. Martin B.

    Troye Sivan

    Great album.
  20. Martin B.


    Yes, NKOTB paved the way, but the songs produced by BSB and N'Sync are better qualities and many have gone through time well which is not the case of NKOTB songs. The only NKOTB song I enjoy listening now is Step by Step.
  21. Martin B.


    From the 1980s to today, the music of boybands has improved greatly over time, but with K-Pop there was a real crash in quality. It's a return to musical mediocrity worthy of the NKOTB.