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  1. It's so sad to see another country where the far-right enters parliament again. Especially in a country that has known the horrific consequences of the extreme far right for so many decades.
  2. There are things you do not want to see in your lifetime. To see burning an architectural masterpiece of nearly 900 years is one of those things.
  3. Yes, I remember that story. I was so proud of the manager for saying no and holding his position that I would have given him a award for the service he had just rendered to humanity. These privileged parasites must stop be treated by all as if they were important. An influencer disappears 48 hours and is already forgotten and replaced by another. Like many things born with the social media, influencers exist only because the companies think they will recover with them the sale of products that have disappeared as a result of the decline of traditional advertising mediums.The problem is that these companies completely overestimate the real influence of influencers who do not exceed some of the sheeps who follow them.
  4. Another scandalous example of the lack of respect for the secular aspect of educational institutions which contravenes to his primary mission : educate.
  5. The implosion of any influencer career is always a great enjoyment. These useless parasites that are unmasked and destroyed by the same social media that created them from scratch are the best justice possible. We have one of these local influencers who experienced a similar social media lynching last week after humiliating a poor taxi driver who was just doing his job.
  6. The obsession of people to transform into cult any decision or personal conviction.
  7. When you know you should not read this thread while you're eating breakfast, but stupidly you do it anyway ...
  8. This. If you are a man and you are offended by this ad, it is clearly addressed to you.
  9. Welcome to Madonnanation, Melania! I understand that you may need to be entertained on our forum, but I would prefer that you spend your time trying to control your husband by having him take his medication. One last thing: next time, before wearing insensitive slogans on your clothes, remember that you try to simulate intelligence, compassion and caring and that it does not match. Thank U, Next Martin B.
  10. Lying, manipulation, sexism and homophobia have been the foundation of the Catholic Church for over 2000 years. There is little chance that they modifies this proven recipe still very effective with their current base in Africa and South America.
  11. I will never understand how people can deceive themselves into believing that the words Religion, Progressive and Tolerance can exist in the same sentence. I will say it again and again: religion is the worst cancer on earth.
  12. I never really used Tumblr, so I did not know it was the first destination for gay porn. Too late.
  13. It's so ridiculous and cliché-ridden! I'm surprised that one of the chips is not in the form of avocado. The game probably includes a card: go straight to jail and self-victimized for the next 3 rounds shouting Yass each time you roll the dice.
  14. Yes. She is exactly like this guy: a narcissist in need of attention who uses hard-earned rights by minorities to feed her media visibility campaign.
  15. Yes it is. This is the kind of narcissist asshole who feeds the alt-right and thus harms all the minorities who fight for REAL causes. I hate this kind of people so much.
  16. The first steps towards a fascist state did not take long. https://thinkprogress.org/bolsonaros-party-launches-campaign-against-indoctrinator-teachers-f2bf89d6e5b4/?fbclid=IwAR31K-zyASh7ZSai30M94mv_cgysJ0Cdmf40yACUkqtjJ9TmAZA1VCMi5Q0
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