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  1. There are things you do not want to see in your lifetime. To see burning an architectural masterpiece of nearly 900 years is one of those things.
  2. Most of these 20-something interns have lied their way to have this job. It is therefore natural that they continue to lie to conceal their lack of general culture and knowledge of anything that happened before the turn of the century.
  3. Unfinished Sympathy is such a great song.
  4. Transformer is a fabulous album from start to finish.
  5. This song succeeded so wonderfully to create the nostalgia of the flower power era. When I listen to this song, I always feel like I can take a trip back in time. When I visited San Francisco, I could not help but listen to this song as I watched the bay with the Golden Gate in the distance.
  6. Berlin : "I'm going to a town that has already been burnt downI'm going to a place that has already been disgracedI'm gonna see some folks who have already been let downI'm so tired of America"
  7. Yes, thanks for the discovery. I had never heard of her before and I really like her 2 EPs.
  8. I like it. Very Fiona Apple’s Tidal meets Lorde’s Pure Heroine. This is not the groundbreaking masterpiece that some critics try to make us believe it is (NME reviews is ridiculous ) but it is nonetheless a solid first album for a 17 y.o. girl.
  9. Yes, I remember that story. I was so proud of the manager for saying no and holding his position that I would have given him a award for the service he had just rendered to humanity. These privileged parasites must stop be treated by all as if they were important. An influencer disappears 48 hours and is already forgotten and replaced by another. Like many things born with the social media, influencers exist only because the companies think they will recover with them the sale of products that have disappeared as a result of the decline of traditional advertising mediums.The problem is that these companies completely overestimate the real influence of influencers who do not exceed some of the sheeps who follow them.
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