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  1. This is not surprising. There are only a few artists who still give a real good show. For 10 years, the price of the tickets is only increasing and this for performances more and more mediocres. Moreover, one should not neglect the problem of the resale of tickets which makes it more difficult for the true fans of an artist to obtain tickets. The best places are now occupied by wealthy peoples who often have little interest in the show except to be able to brag that they were there on social media. I was reading an article recently which raised another factor explaining the decline in attendance at shows: 30-year-olds and under are going out less and less. Clubs, bars and pubs feel the effect in several cities. The Millennials prefer a night out with friends to have a meal in a good restaurant at a night in a club.
  2. I hate all religions with every fiber of my being.
  3. IKR. Even if I find that she does not use social media very well, she rarely publishes things that can explain the hawk tidal wave that she receives. All her publications include comment from trolls.
  4. I will never understand those people who follow artists on social media with the sole objective of commenting negatively on their publication. Get a fucking life!
  5. Sorry but It has nothing to do with muzzling her, but rather to allow her to regain impact when she expresses herself. Like many other posts, this one was written with the best intentions of the world, but to choose a glamorous photo where you occupy half of the picture is not the right way not to be accused to use a tragedy to draw attention to you.
  6. No, you're not alone. She is terrible in her use of social media and give ammunition to her enemies. I would have also preferred that she keep the distance that the stars of her time kept, because social media does not bring her any positive advertising. The proper use of social media is an art that she simply does not have.
  7. She will soon ask an author to write a book under her name on this subject: How to jancel in 10 easy steps
  8. Precisely you can't unless we transform our societies into perpetual police state. 😞 The latest strategy of ISIS is to make us feel unsafe just walking down the street.
  9. This is the problem with her and the reason why her career will never go to higher status. I love her songs and I find her sympathetic, but she is a terrible performer and she has not improved. She is unable to sing live. She can't dance and she moves embarrassingly on stage.
  10. SS sounds much better after a few listens.
  11. No. I don't like this look on her.