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  1. I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts 2 years ago and it was one of the most liberating decisions I have made in the past few years. I no longer have to see the multitude of bullshit that circulates on these sites.
  2. As usual, money will talk. The longer the boycott, the more Facebook's value will fall on the stock market, which will force the company to finally take responsibility. Secretly, I would like Zuckerberg to continue to persist in saying one thing and its opposite, because, ultimately, I would like Facebook to implode. All the damage that this platform has done over the past decade will not suddenly disappear because they will frame abusive and false comments. The world will be much better the day Facebook and Twitter will dissapear. The premise of social media was to allow everyone to express themselves without censorship, but that was a big mistake. It is impossible to give everyone a platform to express themselves without supervision. Some opinions are unacceptable and do not deserve to be published.
  3. It's shameful to see all these constant assaults on the democratic system when everyone doesn't care.
  4. Fortunately, the Supreme Court can still do its protective work.
  5. I have just read the report made by a journalist from a Canadian newspapers who interviewed people in the South (Trumpsters but also moderate citizens) in order to see if the events of the last months would have an impact on their electoral choice. Obviously not. They're all going to vote Trump again. So it comes back again to the fact that if the Democrats do not come together and go out to vote massively (which will not happen), it is certain that Trump will be re-elected in November. It is much more depressing than the pandemic.
  6. FFS, I can't believe reading on a Madonna forum of all place offensive remarks straight out of conspiracy theories of the far right and homophobic remarks seemingly straight out of the mouth of an evangelical preacher. Some people should leave social media and educate themselves on sources based on science and journalistic rigor.
  7. Unfortunately you are right. The Trumpers are part of a cult that feeds on conspiracy theory, religiosity, racism and guns. Like anyone in a cult, they are disconnected from reality and blindly believe their leader. Even if they know he is wrong, they will close their eyes and justify his actions. With his morons and the big slice of Republicans who would vote for any anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-minority candidate plus the absenteeism of stupid Democrats unable to tune in for Biden, Trump is sure to win. The only way he loses is for the Democrats to go out and vote and if the moderate Republicans abstain from voting .
  8. No, please lock up the WHOLE fucking family. I don't want a see any of them for the rest of my life. Because let there be no illusion here, when we get rid of the Cheetos-in-chief we are going to have his horrible and just as stupid offspring who will infiltrate the high spheres of power and will try their luck for the presidential in the future.
  9. It's amazing how the lack of education, scientific knowledge and critical judgment may have created this era where people believe theories that are all more ridiculous than the next.
  10. She is as disgusting and inhuman as her crazy monster of husband. I hate that revolting family so much.
  11. Another stupid racist Karen. I'm glad to see that her life is going up in smoke because of this story. This is what she deserves.
  12. As usual, when a woman is fighting and determined in a debate, she is automatically defined as being a total bitch while a man doing the same is defined as showing leadership. will this double standard end one day?
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