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  1. Exactly. As I wrote in a previous post, if you do not understand that to vote for a far right party that has a homophobic history is counterproductive, it's because you have lived the provilege to be born at a time and In a country where people have fought for these rights. In addition to spitting on the legacy and sacrifice of these activists, these people also shoot themselves in the foot without even noticing it. Selfishness has become so immense today that people are no longer able to understand that their lack of solidarity will come to slap them in the face sooner or later when a majority of people in their community (Community here does not mean cult but a group of people sharing common interests or a commun heritage) have acted so egocentrically.
  2. Bill would be my ideal president (there is no chance that such a fantastic thing happens, but it does not hurt to dream). Imagine how much it would piss off the religious right. Priceless.
  3. Unfortunately, his age will play against him. He will be 79 years old in 2020. He will never be able to endure the ecstatic pace of the election campaign. He had already looked exhausted at the end of the last campaign of investiture of the Democratic party.
  4. Tu as toutes les raisons de l'être. 😕
  5. After the US election, do you really think this can not happen? As Trump and the Brexit have confirmed, people lie at polling firm. Le Pen is probably far ahead of what the polls suggest.
  6. If some of you want to help, you can donate to this Canadian organization that works to help the LGBT community in Chechnya (and other countries where they are in danger) to leave the country.
  7. Absolutely not. ISIS wants Le Pen to win in France and this is a way to help her to. Le Pen's policies will make it possible to radicalize a significant number of disadvantaged young immigrants in the country who will have nothing to lose. Each anti-immigration party that gains power allows ISIS to increase its recruitment.
  8. Today, the main enemy used to manipulate and scare the crowd is the immigrant. Tomorrow, it will probably be the gays and then after that the women. The white hetero men will not let go of thousands of years of total control and power without fighting.
  9. The gays who vote for extreme right-wing parties are like those young women who are saying that they are against feminism. They are people who were born previleged in a country where their rights have been won by the sacrifice and work of previous generations . What they do not understand is that these rights are recent and that the weight of history can reverse the whole thing very quickly. But JazzyJan, do not forget, you're better off ceasing to get carried away on the subject otherwise you're going to be accused of being a SJW.
  10. Remember the members of this forum who defended Trump during the election campaign when it was obvious that it was against their own interests. They always answered the same thing: there are more important problems than the rights of the LGBT. I would like them to go asked the gays of Russia or of many African countries if those rights are secondary so that they realize that when you lose your fundamental rights because of your sexual orientation any other problems becomes quite irrelevant.
  11. I think it was the NouvelObs who made an article about it 2 years ago explaining Marine's tactics to make the party seems gay-friendly in order to make the FN acceptable to voters other than uneducated white rural men. This tactic created tensions within the members, but the Le Pen team asked the conservative wing to be patient until they win.
  13. I read an article this morning about gays who will vote Le Pen for the election despite her clearly homophobic positions simply because they agree with her other policies and are convinced that her positions against Gays will never be a priority during his tenure. Is it possible to be more stupid?