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  1. https://www.mediaite.com/news/mitch-mcconnell-says-trumps-court-pick-will-get-a-vote-and-trump-set-to-move-within-days/ Fucking POS!
  2. The statue has more facial expression than the real Slovenian Whore. With luck the new statue will be destroyed again even if it is bronze.
  3. Another day, Another rich old white evangelical man who tries to scare the white male voter with the sole objective of retaining their privileges. No matter how hard they attack, they will not be able to change the fact: their undivided domination of the United States is ending soon. it will take another 15-20 years, but they will not be able to change the socio-demographic reality. Until then, their oppositions must prevent them from destroying everything before having to share power.
  4. Goodbye Madame X sub-forum! This album is the one I have most deeply connected with since Music. It's wonderful that at this point in her life and career that she still has such a creative album in her. I hope that at least once again she will have such a creative flame in her to give us another album of this caliber.
  5. This. The Slovenian whore knows very well what is going on and she does not care. Like her disgusting husband, she is incapable of empathy. For the love of money, she's ready to fake and say anything ... until the contract ends.
  6. The Slovenian whore made the garden in her image: colorless and lifeless.
  7. I doubt she cares about that. This woman has no moral sense and no value. This is just the usual excuse politicians use to opt out. She hasn’t give a damn about her family for the past 4 years as the Trump regime's propaganda agent. No, she is afraid of a possible defeat in November and prefers to quit before the public failure and humiliation. The rats leave the boat.
  8. Good fucking riddance! Evil witch, do the world a favor and never come back.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll watch it, hoping my head doesn't explode in exasperation and anger. Have you watched Behind The Curve a documentary about flatearthers? Faced with so much bullshit and stupidity, my brain almost shorted. You should watch two interesting recent documentaries so revealing of the slump in American politics: The Swamp and Boys State. One presents very well why the American political system no longer works and the other demonstrates how the system's lack of democratic value and decency is passed on to the next generation.
  10. Batuka is the best song of Madame X and the performance was
  11. Our societies would need more people with the courage of this emu to in order to get rid of all this dangerous trash from the far-right. #emuleadstherevolution
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