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  1. The level of venom that is directed at young people who still have everything to learn from life but who are trying to find Their place in the world is really disgusting. Whether it's Greta, the survivors of the Parkland massacre or any other youngster who protests on the street, they are trying to make a difference in a collapsing world we have given them and by making mistakes normal for their age and according to a code of value that we gave them. This way of knocking them out with reproach for each error is a way of trying to silence them now so that everything remains exactly the same for previous generations. Sad.
  2. POTUS lies several times a day and his lies threaten our democracies and are toxic to the general atmosphere of our societies, but it is the mistakes of a 16 year old girl who tries to be an agent of change that requires to be exposed? We really live in a shitty society where people no longer have any idea who their enemy is and who they have to fight against.
  3. Unbridled capitalism has destroyed Western economies where the lack of redistribution of money and resources, the decentralization of large sector of the economy and the unsolved economic crisis of 2008 that showed governments would do nothing to curb banks and finance. When people no longer believe in their institution and see their purchasing power diminish every year, they search to blame someone and populists always offer immigrants as culprits who are easy prey. History has been repeating itself for centuries. Sad.
  4. Yes, populism has unfortunately moved from angry white men to a frank broad of the population. They are not so many, but unfortunately people are going less and less to vote leaving room for fans of these populist movements that are going to the polls. And this is the risk that all Western countries have to expect for the coming years: far-right parties will eventually come to power because of the defection of the electorate of the other parties and because of the splitting of the moderate vote among several parties.
  5. I know but If a far-right party comes into power in a country, believe me that it will not be anymore on my travel itinerary. It is a matter of principle and value. Well, I do not think it will be for tomorrow in your country, but the rise of the party in the 3rd rank excludes nothing for the future.
  6. It is an infinite sadness to see this constant rise of the far-right in a country that has experienced four decades of dictatorship having ended only 45 years ago. I did well to plan a trip to Spain next year because I'm afraid the future will be even darker for this beautiful country than it has been since the economic crisis of 2008.
  7. This dangerous madwoman should be thrown into jail and her child placed in foster care to be protected from her disturbed stupid mother.
  8. Network was such a fantastic and visionary movie about the breaking of journalistic power in the hands of corporations.
  9. You are so right. If the traditional media and social networks had stopped giving him a perpetual showcase for the last 4 years, we would not be there. Unfortunately, his new bullshit of the day attracts the clicks and the media take advantage of it. As for the media coverage of Sanders, it was obviously minimal, because his message goes against the backers who support these media. If Sanders had been the Democratic candidate, you can be sure that the media would have made little coverage of his campaign and reported the 5000 occurrences where Trump would shout the words Dangerous Socialist during his campaign. Moving the political agenda is so complicated in the US because of the bipartism that has been going on since the beginning of the country.
  10. I will not be so sure. Analysis of the results of the 2016 election showed that 1 out of 10 Sanders fans voted for Trump which could have cost 3 key states for Clinton (https://www.npr.org/2017/08/24/545812242/1-in-10-sanders-primary-voters-ended-up-supporting-trump-survey-finds). Yes, the gerrymandering and the desuet electoral system are the prime culprits of this political cul-de-sac, but the Democrats' search for the pure and perfect candidate and the refusal to settle behind the chosen candidate will cost them the election again. The situation is serious and the answer must be unified and strong to get rid of this dangerous lunatic.
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