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  1. Seriously, I believe that the damage done to American democracy is so deep that it is no longer repairable. There are 2 factions that oppose with people totally disengaged in the center. Put the same context in a country of South America and you would have a country already in civil war.
  2. In principle, given the critical urgency of the situation and the little time left to save what's left of American democracy, the Democrats should have had a short primary process and be prepared to side with any candidate. ANY. Unfortunately, the diehard Sanders supporters are already ready to redo the coup of 2016 and not show up at the polls if he does not have the nomination. Democrats have been making it so easy for Trump for the last 5 years. It is beyond me. And yes, Bernie's diehard are extremists as dangerous as the Trumpers. They treat their candidate as being a cult with a mentality of : you are WITH or AGAINST us without any nuance.
  3. Social medias are the worst thing that has happened to our democracies and to our societies in general. All these fake news and group allowing to reunite disturbed people made the air particularly toxic during the last 5 years. that's why I left all social medias except Instagram 2 years ago and I'm so good at no longer seeing the completely false bullshit and dangerous stories that are peddled there.
  4. From Canada, Sanders' proposals appear anything but extreme, as they correspond to many of the policies we apply to reduce social inequality. On the other hand, in a country as deeply individualistic and unequal as the United States, what he offers is a real revolution.
  5. Unfortunately no. Maybe 10 years ago. But now with the meteoric rise of conservatism and the massive influence of religious extremists, no chance. Moreover, the vote of African Americans and Latino Americans is crucial in this election. Generally, they are more conservative electorates on the issue of homosexuality. They will probably abstain from voting if Buttigieg is the Democratic candidate which will ensure Trump's victory (a victory which is unfortunately almost already guaranteed anyway). No Democratic candidate is strong enough anyway to beat Trump: Bidden is too old, Sanders is too old and too progressive, Warren is also too progressive. They will all lose a different essential electorate in the election. I don't know how I'm going to endure hearing about this piece of shit for another 4 years.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/12/18/pete-buttigiegs-biggest-campaign-struggle-earning-support-black-voters/
  7. The level of venom that is directed at young people who still have everything to learn from life but who are trying to find Their place in the world is really disgusting. Whether it's Greta, the survivors of the Parkland massacre or any other youngster who protests on the street, they are trying to make a difference in a collapsing world we have given them and by making mistakes normal for their age and according to a code of value that we gave them. This way of knocking them out with reproach for each error is a way of trying to silence them now so that everything remains exactly the same for previous generations. Sad.
  8. POTUS lies several times a day and his lies threaten our democracies and are toxic to the general atmosphere of our societies, but it is the mistakes of a 16 year old girl who tries to be an agent of change that requires to be exposed? We really live in a shitty society where people no longer have any idea who their enemy is and who they have to fight against.
  9. Unbridled capitalism has destroyed Western economies where the lack of redistribution of money and resources, the decentralization of large sector of the economy and the unsolved economic crisis of 2008 that showed governments would do nothing to curb banks and finance. When people no longer believe in their institution and see their purchasing power diminish every year, they search to blame someone and populists always offer immigrants as culprits who are easy prey. History has been repeating itself for centuries. Sad.
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