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  1. I cannot believe that there are still people to defend the "record" of this disgusting evil man who manipulated the facts, lied continuously, walked hand in hand with the dictators of this world, flouting the laws and democracy a little more every day. Well no, he did not go to war with any country (although his irresponsible twits about Iran and North Korea could have turned out to be a disaster as they ignored any sense of common diplomacy)because he was far too busy stoking the hatred, bigotry and racism of his supporters bringing his own country to the brink of civil war.
  2. I had send a email to Apple this afternoon to complain that Parler was still available in the App Store, it seems that many people did.
  3. That's what I told myself all afternoon. If a single protester in the BLM protests had smashed a window of the Capitol, he would have been shot on the spot by the police. For someone who doesn’t understand the concept of white privilege, this is the best example to illustrate it. What a shame!
  4. Finally! It is time for the media, both on the right and the left side, to responsibility for what has happened over the past 5 years. If they hadn't let this big shit and all its enablers lie 24/7 for 5 years in order to get ratings, we wouldn't be at this level of journalism discredit.
  5. Since your new president will take steps to control the epidemic rather than allowing it to progress exponentially, there is a better chance that the borders will be reopened during the winter.
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