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  1. Martin B.

    Troye Sivan

    It’s Detox from RPDR5
  2. Martin B.

    The Weeknd

    Yes, very young and they knew the songs perfectly. the reminder that there is a complete break between album sales and r real success. The Weeknd sells relatively little but has a great notoriety thanks to streaming.
  3. Martin B.

    The Weeknd

    It was a good show.
  4. Martin B.

    Years and Years

    Very good album. Better than Communion.
  5. Martin B.

    Florence & The Machine

    Their previous album HBHB was in my opinion their best album. Fantastic songs, great arrangements. So I'm a little disappointed by the new album that seems a little soft and having melodies similar to some of their other songs. However, Florence has never sung as well as on this album. Less power, more nuances.
  6. Like her husband, her mouth serves only to say an uninterrupted stream of lies. Her back expresses her first moment of honesty as FLOTUS.
  7. I stopped buying CDs in 2008. From 2008 at the beginning of this year, I bought about fifteen digital records a year, mostly from Quebec artists and Madonna. This year, I completely switched to streaming. I have not yet resolved to store the 500 cd that take the dust in my libraries.
  8. Martin B.

    Kanye West

    Much, much better.
  9. Martin B.

    Kanye West

    After the disappointment of last week, I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of Kids See Ghosts.
  10. Martin B.

    Add one song: VT setlist

    Physical Attraction
  11. Martin B.

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    No, but musically speaking, it's her most accomplished show.
  12. me either, but I prefer not to think about this nightmare for now. 😫
  13. I can not believe that we will have to endure their freak show for a minimum of 2 more years. Even hell is too good for this rotten family.
  14. Martin B.

    Kanye West

    you see, for me, it's totally the opposite. I always found his personality unbearable but his work has always been from good to great before this album. But even here, it's still interesting to listen to how mental illness is inherent to the DNA of this messy album.
  15. This. I'm tired of hearing the lament about the poor Melania. She married an asshole for his money. Alright, it's her choice and it’s nobody’s business. However, she must accept the consequences of such a choice.