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  1. I preordered the double CD but for the bluray I will wait for it to be in liquidation in a few months to the extent that it offers nothing more than what I already have.
  2. Happy birthday to the one and only! ❤️
  3. This. I'm disgusted and desperate to see the world turn to shit in this way and nobody seems to care. Stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic and religious fanatics take control everywhere and nothing happens to stop them. Nothing.
  4. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    The little apparent damage will be offset by her base who followed her from country to pop that she has been very careful not to offend since the last election by never saying a word against Trump. The deplorable need a pop star and Taylor has made sure to continue fulfilling this role.
  5. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Erotica Secret Garden Waiting
  6. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    She has one of the best promotional teams in the industry. Which explains why a singer with a little talent but a spoiled brat personality has managed to become one of the most powerful women in the industry. That's why last year I found some members of this forum delusional and very naive to imagine that the Kim / Kanye affair would end her career. Taylor has built her career on playing the victims. It was enough for her team to wait to have a victimization element to use to restart the machine. The public of today is more stupid than it has ever been. They swallows the story that was built and forgets the previous one. She reached her peak of popularity with 1989 but she will nevertheless have a big success with this new era.
  7. Ke$ha

    This. People have become incapable of dissociating the individual from his or her artistic proposition as soon as a history of victimization is considered. I'm not saying that Kesha plays the victim. For what we know, it seems that she was indeed the victim of terrible abuse. What I am saying is that it is the same thing that the person is a real victim or that he/she plays the victim for commercial ends (Sam Smith, Gaga). People no longer have critical judgment and are complacent with the artistic proposal. As I said before, the people did not care about the appearance, the music and the voice of Kesha during the release of her second album. She received more negative than positive comments. If her new album had been proposed by any other pop princess, he would be torn to teeth. We live in a society that loves victims.
  8. HOLY TRINITY | I'm Breathless

    Vogue Sooner or Later Vogue
  9. Disgusting and shameful. It's a sadness and so frustrating to see the world turn to shit like this...
  10. Personally, i do not care since the Hard Candy era. At this point, Madonna had 25 years of dominance on the charts which was unheard of. At 50, it was obvious that the years of success on the charts were behind her since no artist of this age and older is able to sell albums. This reality, combined with the fact that the physical medium slowly agonized, led me to accept that a new part of her career began where sales should no longer count in the factors of appreciation. At that time, my only requirement was that she continue to produce quality albums despite low sales. MDNA made me fear the worst but Rebel Heart reassured me. BTW, all my life, I listened to artists who never had a gold certification of their career. So the level of sales is not a very important element for me.
  11. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    👍 This woman never sounds sincere. Never. All her stances invariably resonate as opportunities to attract attention and use the event to her own benefits. She never has anything to bring to the debate. She only makes a series of hollow slogans which she does not apply in her own life. Fake, fake, fake!
  12. Ke$ha

    This is the best song on the album. when the Dap-Kings accompanies you, it's hard to miss the target.
  13. Ke$ha

    As expected, it is her best album so far, but critics are showing an excessive indulgence due to the events surrounding this album. Anyone would release the same album, we would not hear about it. 3/5