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  1. I am always stunned by the nerve of some people who think we are going to fund their non-essential needs. The most tragic thing is that there are people who will give them money. πŸ™„
  2. The reductive Trump of Pop

    The title track is such a great and underrated song.
  3. The reductive Trump of Pop

    This song is still fantastic. Thank you Prince!
  4. Poor Katy! 1 year ago, SJW decided to destroy her (we still don’t know why) and will not stop until they have succeeded. Pathetic. πŸ™„
  5. Like many, Taylor has forgotten the important rule when you want to rip off or "pay tribute" to someone else's work that involves being as good or better than the original work. Kenzo's ad was fantastic and made a great use of contrasts, Taylor's clip does not take full advantage of the opposition of the environment and the behavior of the protagonist. In addition, Taylor is unable to give a physical performance even if we see that she tried to give her best. She is one of those people who can not move.
  6. YASSSS! It is absolutely necessary to spread the idea on social media.
  7. Britney's career is the best example of the changing of the business model. Initially, Britney had the whole package needed to create a popstar: charisma, charm, talent in dance, a limited but enjoyable voice, calibrated stage performances. After her depression, which coincided with the emergence of social media, Britney was used by her production company in the limit it was necessary to sell their product. Britney was now without presence, without charisma, robotic, unable to sing without computer assistance. They continue to make money with the empty shell formerly known as Britney for over a decade. People can not be interested in intellectual and artistic property because they spend their time being indignant for false reasons. There is no longer any difference between a worthy or unworthy reason to spend energy denouncing a situation. When you are used to not paying for an artistic product, you can not understand the importance of respecting artists and their works.
  8. It also explains the lack of sophistication of today's popstars. Previously, to be successful, a popstar had to have basic knowledge in singing, dancing, possessing a certain charisma and being able to offer a scenic performance. Now because your number of followers on Twitter or the number of clicks your video gets determines your popularity, record companies do not invest in the development of the artist but only in selling it on social media platforms.
  9. Blame social media and reality TV. When you're a star now because you're filming nonsense in your basement or filming your family baffles around a salad, it shows that the average audience is no longer interested in fine and quality celebrities . Even the President of the United States is a cheap product of reality TV. Each year that passes, the bar is put lower.
  10. It's always sad to see this moment when an aging popstar is only offered songs rejected by everyone on the part of songwriters who do not want to waste their best material on someone who does not earn money anymore. If it's the best she's been offered, imagine how the worst songs sounded. It was already apparent on KMO, but there were still 3 or 4 average-good songs overall. This time, I do not even think there will be so many.
  11. Stop Me From Falling... It was not possible to have a single title more appropriate and embarrassing at the same time. And, Kylie, to answer your request, I do not think anything can stop the fall.
  12. Paula obliterates todays pop princesses in 2 mins.

    In light of the atrocious performance of most of today's pop princesses, this performance, which killed a career, does not seem so bad anymore.