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  1. I will never understand how people can deceive themselves into believing that the words Religion, Progressive and Tolerance can exist in the same sentence. I will say it again and again: religion is the worst cancer on earth.
  2. I never really used Tumblr, so I did not know it was the first destination for gay porn. Too late.
  3. Let’s predict the next stupidity: Gone With The Wind will probably be banned from broadcasting since Rhett does not wait for Scarlet's consent several times. More, Scarlet hits Prissy. We’re doom.
  4. Martin B.

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    It's been way too long since I listened to the album to remind me of it, but it seems to me that it was pretty mediocre as a whole and that it explained why their success stop so abruptly. But I remember that my 9-y.o.-self was not impressed.
  5. Martin B.

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    It was such a bad song. War, war is stupid and people are stupidAnd love means nothing in some strange quartersWar, war is stupid and people are stupidAnd I heard them banging on hearts and fingersWar
  6. Martin B.

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    This is the second album she recorded when she was 13 years old. No chance that this record went to Australia!
  7. Martin B.

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    My first albums : :
  8. I stopped buying physical formats in 2008. The only CDs I have bought since are those of Madonna ( that I bought months after their release when they are on sale) who have never been listened to since I had already bought them in digital format at their released. Since then, I buy in digital format only Quebec artists, Madonna and a few international artists that I want to encourage. I've been a subscriber to Apple Music for a few years and I switched to a Spotify premium subscription last spring because I prefer their playlist. I write these lines looking at my libraries full of CDs and DVDs that are dusty and that I can not get rid of but will probably never been played again. They are the memory of the 90's when buying music and movies were my favorite activity. Today, although I recognize that the sound quality is better, the physical format seems to me so little flexible and not adapt anymore to my way of consuming music. Despite all its flaws, streaming offers so much choice and accessibility.
  9. It's so ridiculous and cliché-ridden! I'm surprised that one of the chips is not in the form of avocado. The game probably includes a card: go straight to jail and self-victimized for the next 3 rounds shouting Yass each time you roll the dice.