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  1. thanks lets hope something happens if not , it has been a good ride! i would love a performance to shut all the haters of the Eurovision one jajaj
  2. But can you give us a little hint if more promo will happen to keep our expectations high ? or we will only have to wait for the tour
  3. I think the performance was ok! only one question. did she sing with the grillz?
  4. nuno i sent you an instagram dm with a link! i cant send private messages in this forum but theres a link running  and gaining views! 

    1. nunoxico


      I really appreciate you taking the time to send me this.

      Official video will be out soon, we are still working on it.

      Thank you!


  5. Swae Lee posted an story saying " the longest flight in the world" .... is he joining?
  6. https://eurovoix.com/2019/05/13/eurovision19-contract-not-yet-signed-with-madonna-for-eurovision-appearance/
  7. I love the song its really commercial . My dream is a simple and artistic video by Mondino... imagine
  8. QUAVO OF MIGOS ANNOUNCES SURPRISE TA SHOW Rapper also slated to perform with Madonna at Eurovision final.
  9. I think it stands for LX = 60 her age, remember when Debi hinted that name in M´s bday in Morocco?
  10. I think LX is the name of the album = 60 her age as Debi hinted in her Morocco bday
  11. LX BITCH as Debi said in her birthday
  12. Will they play the new single ? bbradio1
  13. Maybe the blaze will remix first single ? ...
  14. Attention! M is with Diana Kunst , Rosalia’s video director ... is she planning a new video ? Could this be a visual album ?
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