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  1. At this point, "Come to Brazil" it's a meme now. I post it sometimes on my fave bands' ssnn just to don't break this legendary tradition.
  2. Also, Twenty One Pilots discography is slaying. I love this, they're my favorite band. That and MX being #1 prove that we latinos somos los mejores.
  3. Tbh I've heard that Move Concerts is interested in bringing the tour to the region, but yeah: still too early to talk about it as facts.
  4. David Bowie's videos for The Next Day and Blackstar albums are also good examples. It's psrt of the artists' DNA.
  5. I love the song, but if she's indeed performing this year, I think that Batuka won't be an option (maybe as part of a MX mash-up, idk ).
  6. I think that they're just refering to the video being already made. In my head, I have this map of how things are going to be for the next months: 1. Faz Gostoso MV right before the tour starts (in support of the announce of the rumored SA leg of the tour, if it happens). 2. Batuka MV in the midst of the tour, maybe before the European leg begins (kinda at the end of the year or begging of the next one). Idk, this is my theory. I'm here to be proven wrong, haha.
  7. Surprise, bitches. http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums-week27-2019.htm I bet you thought you've seen the last of her. 2 / - week 2 Madonna - Madame X Interscope - 56.000 / 272.000 Still a Top 10.
  8. This has made me very emotional for some reason. I love her, she means so much for me. Seeing her in this intimacy it's just... ugh! My Queen.
  9. That's because your heart's not open. (Sorry, I had to do it)
  10. Are there really people crying for the lack of interviews and TV performances in a thread LITERALLY ABOUT THE NEXT INTERVIEW AND TV PERFORMANCE? Ugh.
  11. Nothing's ever a coincidence with this woman.
  12. I've read that the guy was literally posting videos on Snapchat dancing to Borderline and Into The Groove. Ugh, why are people so dramatic?
  13. Maybe it's true compared to the amount of performances from Rebel Heart, but let's get this right: it's not like is she's refusing or anything. Rehearsals for Pride began with the workshop, and that was very interesting. There isn't any major televised awards in which she could perform (except MTV series & movies awards, but we don't talk about that). We could be in for a threat in the coming weeks. I mean, we're just 3 days post-album release, so let's just wait and see.
  14. Bought tickets for London, how do I redeem the digital copy of the album?
  15. Oh man, I've heard the snippet before it was deleted. I feel bad, but my punishment is the anxiety of knowing that I won't be able to hear that masterpiece again until next Friday.
  16. Ok friends, I'm about to cry right now: this is the song that started it all, a whole year ago. And we're finally getting it!
  17. Most excited to hear: 1. God Control 2. Dark Ballet 3. I Don't Search, I Find 4. Extreme Occident Most curious to hear: - Killers Who Are Partying
  18. The new edition can be ordered online now, but idk if it includes the review. However, they're an independent publication, so I doubt that they're counted on Metacritic.
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