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  1. Madonna Beverly Hills House Tour

    did she ever actually own this house? I've always seen it attributed to her by third party sources but
  2. We need another dark hair era

    Always loved her hair a little redder / natural. loved the long hair/middle part she wore in ghosttown/met gala 2015.
  3. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I wouldn't be surprised if she's been writing lyrics/songs/melodys in Portugal and gathering ideas/scheduling time with producers. She did bring her guitars with her and has been posting a lot of covers lately on instagram. Hope she's back in the studio after the holidays.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    been trying to speak this into existence for 3 years. We NEED an Arca-prod album ROL2 is coming
  5. I miss Letterman and Kurt Loder
  6. unpopular opinion but i really miss M's old makeup artist or whoever did her makeup from 2009-2013 this aaron could benefit from a less is more approach, her skin is already so gorgeous it's really not necessary to apply as much as he does. I know a lot of fans really like what he's doing just personal preference.
  7. M shades Cherish

    I thought the point of Cherish was to take the piss out of the kind of idealism she's singing about? wasn't it always ironic? I remember a quote she said about how she wrote it when she was feeling particularly manic and knew the feeling would never last
  8. Collaborations that never happened

    I'm glad she didn't work with any of these people lol. aphex twin could have been interesting. To add to the thread: Kendrick Lamar on RH (busy) and Jay-Z (thought Chance the Rapper would fit better on Iconic)
  9. whats with all the negativity? She looks amazing, her face looks beautiful and the dress is fun and colourful. This is a fluff appearance afterall not an album cover photoshoot.... and for all the moaners going on about her weight she's 5"4 so she's naturally going to show any extra weight on her frame more than most, she's also 60 and hasn't been touring in over a year, she always gets back into shape for her album cycles/tours.