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  1. what exactly would she perform? do the oscars usually have performers who havent been nominated for anything?
  2. this ^ not my favourites but they'll be remembered as her signatures
  3. I think for me I became a fan after seeing a countdown type video playlist on MTV or VH1 when I was younger, I'd heard of her here and there before then but never had a clear image. These are the ones I distinctively remember watching that hooked me. I was obsessed with Cherish and Like A Prayer as well as the wig scene in OYH.
  4. Agreed but oh well ! He's definitely in my top 3. I love a lot of Mert and Marcus' work with M but they rarely capture her essence the way someone like Klein does, all of his photos still look like M.
  5. Still remember when this dropped I was on holiday and it was all I could think about when I was out sightseeing
  6. I've always wanted to see a Klein x Madonna music video too. They've made such stunning films ie. Secret Project, The Beast Within The videos he's done for other people have been so referential of Madonna as well... Alejandro for Gaga (Vogue, LAP, Xstatic), Opulence for Brooke Candy (Deeper and Deeper)
  7. To be honest whenever I see someone say she should be adopting "american children" I can't help but think what they really mean by "american" is white... sad miserable people
  8. lol shes clearly just using her name to promote her new show but do you girl i guess
  9. I don't understand how anyone could be anything but happy about ANY loving and capable person adopting a child. After the outcry during her adoption of David i'm sure she was well aware and more than ready for the outcry this time however.
  10. the daily mail was banned from my university's campus in London and we werent allowed to source information from it for the same resons
  11. this seems really private how did this get out?
  12. I'd never heard of her before but the author, Andrea Peyser seems to be piers-morgan level obsessed with M. A quick google search reveals she once compared Madonna's adoption of David "akin to slavery" as well as writing a similar op-ed last year entitled "Madonna is the world's worst celebrity parent" the woman's deranged
  13. Madonna definitely thought she was sitting beside Kim K (in my mind)