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  1. mynameisdita


    I'd love if he produced Madonnas next album his sound with hers and patrick leonards lyrical contributions would be The production on Desafio is like ROL in 2017
  2. mynameisdita

    Grace Jones thread

    Loved the track she did for the hunger games soundtrack a few years ago
  3. mynameisdita

    Grace Jones thread

    been waiting for what feels like forever for this album! Remember reading a few years ago she was working with Dev Hynes/Blood Orange and Dave Okumu (Jessie Ware)
  4. mynameisdita

    Perfume Genius: fantastic new song "Slip Away"

    LOVE perfume genius
  5. the daily mail was banned from my university's campus in London and we werent allowed to source information from it for the same resons
  6. mynameisdita

    Solange A Seat at the Table

    Solange is the better sister
  7. mynameisdita

    Blood Orange

    I really like his new album. He's a big fan of Madonna too, he's tweeted about her being an inspiration/wanting to work on an album with her a lot!