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  1. HQ Photos Thread

    LOVE wish these had have been used in the editorial!
  2. ROL should at least have a 9 (lemonade had 8.5 ffs) LAP review is accurate in my opinion and i'm not mad at the review of the first album either really but bedtime stories really? it should be MINIMUM 7.5 Bedtimes stories has so many beautiful deep cuts and some of her finest songwriting and they focused on fucking human nature and take a bow lol also what was the point of mentioning Erotica as her masterpiece and not being assed with reviewing it ??
  3. Honestly would love to see her write with Rick Nowels again and the production on Arca songs like reverie, desafio is like ROL in 2017.
  4. Can she work with ARCA already
  5. Samantha Urbani

    I remember this! He's a total loon. I believe Live to Tell was the other one I remember him mentioning it! He also followed the Madonna scrapbook twitter! It would be really interesting if they worked together, she worked with Ariel Rechtshaid on the last album so who knows!
  6. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    If this true 2018 can't come soon enough
  7. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    Has her dancing gotten worse? Watched a few clips from last night and it's really bad...I love to take the piss out of the gunt but I don't remember her being so graceless/rhythmless
  8. Madonna RARE

  9. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    My problem with Gaga is she has lacked vision since 2011 there's really nothing there. This new tour is no different. The thing I love about Madonna tours is she always tells a story and takes the audience on a journey, there's an arc...
  10. I love Ariel Pink his last album was amazing and he's a huge M fan despite the controversy. I really don't think he's backtracking. covering everybody
  11. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    You just KNOW she's pining to play Amy in a biopic. god she's so insufferable, always looking for ways to leech off other people's success/talent/fans