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  1. Yah, the only way a biopic could work is if she was directly involved, I'm wondering if perhaps she planned to one day tell her own story by directing/writing a film about herself hence her reaction
  2. I suspect that they did reach out to her and she was not interested in working with them /did not want it made with their team / script whatever the case, and they went ahead with it anyway without her approval hence all of the snake emojis. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out..they can't not put out a statement now with her bashing it the way she has lol.
  3. Brett Ratners really close friends with Mariah and Courtney Love lmao he also worked with gaga recently (yikes)
  4. I have a feeling this movies not going to happen...shes PISSED. They'd be foolish to go ahead with it when she's come out against it so strongly...I mean it's already a PR disaster, it hasn't even been made yet and Madonna's already bashing it publicly (and there's no way in hell her music is going to be in it)
  5. I think at a certain point a celebrity can become so larger than life that no matter the actor/how good the script etc. no one can convincingly capture their likeness because that likeness is so embedded into the culture/our minds. I've always found this with Marilyn Monroe, her iconography is so widespread that no one can capture it convincingly. I think the same can definitely be said about Michael Jackson and Madonna. I genuinely cannot picture anyone playing her.
  6. I really wish her vision of a Quentin Tarantino directed gang Bang video had panned out. I'd also love to see Steven Klein direct a music video for her (I've been saying the same thing for years lol) I would have loved to hear her vision for Teardrop by Massive Attack even though I love the cocteau twins version I wish she'd done another video with Chris Cunningham (I suppose it's not too late but I don't see it happening) I wish she had have worked with Aphex Twin during the ROL period too (The period between Bedtime Stories to ROL is so interesting to me, and her experimentations with that sound ie. massive attack, bjork) I wish she had have worked with Robert Mapplethorpe as well, I remember her saying he desperately wanted to shoot her in the early 80s (before she made it big?) and she was scared of him / his energy lol
  7. Was recently in Holland and you would not believe all of the fake Madonna records they had wish I would have taken pics. One had a picture from the L'uomo vogue shoot as the cover and one was a "Rebel Heart Tour Live" vinyl
  8. oh my GOD i've never seen this. she READ the hell out of her!!
  9. They're two white 'straight' guys with rich parents who make horrible/derivative/mediocre music for mediocre people and people lap it up no matter how harsh the critics are. Just like trump.
  10. This is so true. What are they thinking making a movie about her with none of her music? This is straight to Lifetime lmao.
  11. The chainsmokers are DEFINITELY the voice of Trump's America.
  12. I never supported it to start with lmao. Brett Ratners working on it FFS. Anyways only she can tell her story, I'd take her words as a premonition, we're getting a memoir. She's spoken about wanting to write a memoir about her early days in the past, and I know she was a big fan of "Just Kids" / Patti Smith.
  13. that makes me so sad. I LOVE Sade (well up to Love Deluxe didnt much like her last two) I'm genuinely surprised she would have gone out of her way to talk about Madonna! I've always thought the flamenco breakdown in Deeper and Deeper sounded very Sade
  14. what has Sade said about Madonna?!!!!! oh no