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  1. "Now I am a worker i've suffered the way that you do I've been unemployed and i've starved and i've hated it too"
  2. I believe what she's trying to do with this era is evolve and change the publics perception of her. She really seems to be trying to move away from the goofy cotton candy thing and into a more adult image and sound, which is probably smart as she'd never be able to sustain the teen sound/image as she ages.
  3. this is also the same person who has been accused countless times of pressuring underage boys into sending him nudes / seeking out underage boys so who really cares what he thinks lol
  4. and she had a good five years where she actually looked good
  5. her fans can barely make any sense of it! They're really pushing the throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks method this era. she's everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.
  6. agreed i think we're the only ones here though
  7. honestly i dont think shes protected...i think shes literally just not relevant to write about... like no one genuinely cares about her / her surgery / her performances / her tour Katy is relevant and her support for Hillary is most likely hurting her (and because shes relevant people remember her support unlike gags lol)
  8. do you have a link
  9. GAG AT MOST HIGHLY DECORATED! whats that supposed to mean exactly?
  10. oh my GOD i've never seen this. she READ the hell out of her!!
  11. They're two white 'straight' guys with rich parents who make horrible/derivative/mediocre music for mediocre people and people lap it up no matter how harsh the critics are. Just like trump.
  12. The chainsmokers are DEFINITELY the voice of Trump's America.
  13. She definitely looks better in stage photos, but yah genuinely looks inhuman in interviews / im sure in person.
  14. I've never watched anything gaga related on youtube before however after every video I watch it autoplays the audio of the cure right after? Don't know if this is her team's doing but I have a feeling...