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  1. Some fans and forums can get so annoying when she's about to drop an album. There's so much stress that they have built up in their heads that often sets them up for disappointment. They get so worried that the music will not meet their unmeasured and psychotically specific expectations but in the end they will all listen to it obsessively on a loop for months and months. 'I hope it's not too hip hop, I hope it's not too reggaeton, I hope she doesn't play too much guitar...' Well bitches why not stop the whining and be more grateful. She is still alive and well when most of her contemporaries have died. For the first time in years her album has not leaked and we will receive it as it was meant to be delivered. Today the world will meet MADAME X so enjoy the ride! For those of you who cannot let go of the past and who cannot embrace the evolution of an artist, may I suggest The Immaculate Collection... She's always innovating, she's always moving forward, BITCH SHE'S MADONNA!!
  2. I was really hoping the video would be out today. I can wait but it would be better for promotion to release the song and video on the same day.
  3. Kudos to Madonna and her team for no leaks this time around. The anticipation here is unreal and there is a real sense of excitement and anticipation about this new era. Love it. I remember when about 5-10 seconds of Hung Up was leaked on LimeWire two or three days before it’s official release, I had it on constant loop that kept buffering all the while
  4. More news http://news.madonnatribe.com/en/2019/collectors-get-ready-for-madame-x/ While it will come as no surprise to die-hard collectors that Madonna‘s new album will be released in several formats with different covers – some of which have already started circulating on the internet yesterday – there are two little jems planned to make Madame X even more special. The new album will also be released as an incredibly eye-catching limited edition rainbow-coloured picture disc set and on compact cassette. Are you ready for Madame X?
  5. and on Lo Que Siente La Mujer. She needs to more Spanish songs tbh
  6. https://madonnaunderground.com/madame-x-for-the-collectors-market-6-different-editions/?fbclid=IwAR3Y-d9KbKUmEwa0IG4FIPw5TvbRaL0C4H77p156GlkcyeOJNuDzZ1egTOg Through an online pre-order (which has been removed in the meantime) we found out the following formats of Madame X: Madame X – 2LP Madame X – Limited Colour Vinyl Madame X – Standard CD Madame X – Deluxe CD Madame X – Deluxe Box Set Also rumoured is a special edition cassette Stay tuned for pre-orders! Oh god my coins....
  7. Here's a link to pre save it on Spotify https://umusic.digital/kxffrh/
  8. If she pulls an Ariana Grande (who released 7" vinyl and cassette tapes for her singles), I'd DIE keeping my expectations low though because lets face it, her team are incompetent yes men, so we'll probably get a cd single with the song and a tacky remix added on.
  9. Does this look legit? FROM A PAGE ON FAKEBOOK. Hope it's true and we also get a physical release
  10. It's a crying shame that this happened to such a glorious and valuable piece of history. It must be restored, and the cost will be unbelievable. In view of this France will need friendship and support I'm not religious at all, but have seen those scoffing at this tragedy on social media. One word comes to mind for those people. Disgusting, they should think about how long ago the cathedral was built and consider what an achievement it was. No cranes, power tools, modern scaffolding or even decent roads to transport all the materials. All done by physically very hard dangerous work, and highly skilled tradesmen. Atheists, trolls and agnostics should consider what went into actually building this place before sneering at its destruction.
  11. The same teaser M had on her insta we were dying over yesterday. The ‘casual fan hype launch’ as it were. Dan Wooten is championing this release as he did Kylie which should mean some strong, positive UK media.
  12. who cares what time it's over at, all I want to know is did anyone watch it and if so what happened?
  13. did anyone in the UK tune into GMB this morning. Madonna Fan Party have been posting about it saying a surprise is coming... I wonder what it could be
  14. We may not like Assange, but he has done us all a favour. Silence may be golden at times, perhaps when the children are misbehaving, but silence must not be maintained when adults, particularly those in authority, suppress the truth or engineer lies to look like truth. I have in mind the whole Brexit affair from its very beginning to its present phase, and the facts, figures and analysis by government which was withheld from the public with likely intent to deceive. We may not like Assange, he may be a deeply flawed person (but then we may all be), he may well be a narassist (the magistrate should never have called him that), but he informed us about the mischief governments and others intentionally get up to in order to deceive the public. Democracy only works through fair disclosure. Of course, while I acknowledge the contribution Assange has made to uncovering many of the things governments want to hide from us, I did not comment on the legality or the ethics of accessing such information. This is itself a long debate. It is about ethics and expediency. When is it in the public interest for hidden information to be revealed via illegal acts such as hacking? I suspect that there would be a variety of answers depending on whether you are a Home Secretary or a citizen whose safety or human rights might be impacted by non disclosure or secrecy.
  15. After having slept on it for a while, I think Madame X has a really nice ring to it, and looks very theatrical judging by the trailer,
  16. I get Vercase 95 / Something to Remember looks from this
  17. Maybe we saw the album cover months ago without realizing it... Jokes aside I wonder what the actual cover will look like
  18. Love the blouse, I can't be the only one thinking how it looks like a dalmatian Maybe we'll get a dalmatian themed video
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