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  1. Sterling plummets from £1.32 in June 2016 to £1.06 against the Euro today. Looks like parity long before October 31 No Deal. On the other side of No Deal where will Sterling be? And what turmoil awaits the London Stock Market? I predict a recession but of course it wont be declared til after 'Brexit then the blame will be put - wrongly onto EU as has been attempted for the past 3 years
  2. He is clearly a bit of a buffoon, doesn't seem take himself that seriously and doesn't really epitomise the competence you would expect from someone of power, but that's all I really get from him. He doesn't really strike me as someone who is fearlessly radical, dangerous or extreme. I don't really know too much about him, other than he's a conservative with fairly liberal views, as with most right wing politicians here (I suppose you'd get more traditional viewpoints from politicians across the pond). But a lot of more biased articles I've read about him tend to paint him as some mad man... without actually being able to explain why. I just think the UK is so distracted by Brexit, understandably so, that I think it may taint our view of any politician that becomes PM, depending on their stance or their ability to deliver it. To be fair, I've never really spoken too much where I lie politically, I'm fairly left wing, so Boris is generally less than ideal. I'm not a fan of Boris myself (mainly due to his clown like stance and lazy approach) but one thing I am happier about with him compared to May is that he is willing to actually engage with the public. He is definitely not like Trump though, that is obvious.
  3. What surprises me most... is that people are surprised by this. The way the English government is going at this rate, they ought to just put the Queen back in full charge and be done with it. Johnson didn’t expect this. He wanted a narrow remain win, so that he could sweep up the support of the disappointed “leave” voters, as the SNP hoovered up the support of disappointed “yes” voters after their indy referendum. Now Boris is PM, as the British class system has taught him he deserves, but we can at least hope it will wreck him, his party, and the union he actually does profess to like. Thoughts and Prayers to the UK. Glad I moved to Canada tbh
  4. It's literally less than 4 days untill we all get the album, I'd say it's not worth it listening or downloading any 'leak' specially if it's a questionable vinyl rip.
  5. Did the whole thing leak in HQ or are they LQ? If they are LQ I won't bother looking for them and will wait til Friday.
  6. So far, I Don't Search I Find is the only song that has caught my attention... it would sound very much at home amongst the Erotica outtakes... albeit reworked and updated for 2019.
  7. IDSIF will be mashed up with candy shop on the madame x tour, just like erotica did on the mdna tour
  8. IDSIF is amazing. Every track we‘ve known so far beats the song before
  9. Wow, overdramatic much? Albums leak all the time, and no one is protected from it. sadly It’s the nature of the music industry and releases nowadays, nor is it disrespectful to listen to the leak. It's finished material, and 7 days isn't that big of a deal anyway. 
  10. I PRAY that this remix is official, and that it is officially released ASAP. I have been obsessed with 'Future', since the day of its release. I am dying to hear this new remix, in its entirety!
  11. A Prime Minister should earn people's respect. Theresa May presided over an arrogant, divisive and nasty government, implementing her policies of austerity against her own population while fostering a cold place for immigrants, asylum seekers and people of colour, many of them British citizens. All that glowering across the despatch box at The Leader of the Opposition and others has all back fired, never mind a disastrous Brexit. The worst premiership in British history. So, I'm not at all sorry for her and glad to see the back of her, wish she had went sooner though. In other news Boris Johnson is to face a CRIMINAL court accused of misconduct after businessman crowd-funds a private prosecution over his Brexit bus claim that Britain sends the EU £350m every week https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/boris-johnson-trial-brexit-court-lying-prosecution-nhs-vote-leave-a8934451.html He has a case to answer. Let him answer it. This time both allegation and response will be subject to forensic examination. Not judging as that's for great legal minds. As this appears to be a criminal prosecution, the standard of proof will be steep. But if one puts a statement on the side of a bus with claims about savings, then they need to be accurate, and not 'salesman's puff', in other plucked out of the air and without factual foundation. In her ruling today, the judge said she was satisfied that there was a prima facie case for the allegation that there had been an abuse of the public’s trust in a holder of office. She referred to statements provide by Ball’s team from members of the public that addressed the impact that “the apparent lie” had on them. She also cited the contention by Power that “there will seldom be a more serious misconduct allegation against a member of parliament or mayor than to lie repeatedly to the voting public on a national and international platform, in order to win your desired outcome”. While there was no immediate reaction from Johnson, long-term critics of the MP and opponents of Brexit hailed the ruling. The Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davey said: “Given Boris Johnson wants to be the next prime minister of this country, it’s only right that he is held accountable for the lies he told in 2016.”
  12. why is everyone talking about a new single/video for I Rise... I thought it was just a pre-order track?
  13. So going through more of the report, what i basically get out of this is that specificly in terms of hacking and what most would consider colluding with an outside source, mueller couldn't really say it one way or another because of obstruction of justice that they werent able to nail as such...and that a collusion existed but failed and somehow isn't collusion because it didn't succeeded the way the trump administration targeted it. But i still need to go through a lot and re-read stuff because i still don't get some of it. Either way i'm still missing the whole "NO COLLUSION" 100% innocent kind of angle Trump goes with. So far the closest thing is that there is just too much meddling to say for sure.
  14. Seeing a lot of talk about money being raised for the Notre Dame disaster. I get the history behind the Cathedral. BUT. Why can we not raise that sort of money for under privileged, poor, starving, homeless kids and people at home and around the world? How can a building be more important than those in need?
  15. So does anyone think the Muller report tomorrow will actually include any damaging info on Trump? Or is it more likely Barr will have redacted the most harmful information to keep the president safe?
  16. The box set includes Madame X Deluxe 2CD (18 Tracks / Hardcover Book 32 pages) Poster (double sided) 7-inch Picture Disc (I Rise) Standard Cassette (13 Tracks) so yes, you are getting everything
  17. I think it was mentioned that a 32 page photobook would be included with one of the many editions
  18. I don't know what to believe anymore about the covers, and am still waiting for that press release to show up somewhere officially.
  19. Here's a link I found to preorder stuff? https://www.saturn.de/de/search.html?query=madame+x&searchProfile=onlineshop&channel=sedede
  20. I agree. I’m not atheist however I just believe in the possibility of other options besides what we were told. I think once upon a time religion used to be a good thing that enriched the soul but money, power and greed poisoned that long ago
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